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  • Axis Powers Hetalia fanfic Gankona, Unnachgiebig, Unità: Italy made both Germany and Japan feel this way over time. They also made Italy feel this way since they were his first friends and accepted him for who is is.
  • A Crown of Stars: After having been pushed beyond her limits Asuka is convinced that nobody could love her, nobody can understand her, nobody can help her with her troubles and she is alone. However, in the first chapter she meets her future counterpart, and her older self tells her she is not alone and she does not need facing her inner demons alone:
    Asuka:"It’s not half as bad as you think, to face it, once you know you are not alone."
  • Advice and Trust:
    • In chapter 1, after having a long talk, Asuka and Shinji realize they are not alone, since they are alike. They are overjoyed.
    • In chapter 4 Asuka declares this triumphantly to Rei
      Asuka:"Well… yeah. I did. But it's a lot harder to blame you for acting that way now that I know you're drugged like this. That's why I reacted so strongly… my step-mother tried something like that with pills when I was younger. I know what it's like. It's not like I think you would kill yourself or something just because Commander Ikari ordered you to or such."
      Rei:"If I was ordered to do so, I would."
      Asuka:"What?! Are you crazy? Why?"
      Rei:"He has raised me for years. He cares for me. If he gave that order, I would trust he had a necessary reason for it. [...] …He is all I have."
      Asuka:"Jesus fuck, Wondergirl! Don't ever do that! Kill yourself just because you were told to?! I mean… Gott! Never! We're soldiers, yeah, and we could die anytime, but never just on someone's say-so! Make it for a reason worth it! Look at baka-Shinji! He didn't jump into a volcano because someone ordered him to! He did it against orders, because he thought I was worth risking his life for!" 'And don't you ever risk yourself like that again, you stupid, brave idiot of mine. I love you so Gottdamn much. My damn martyr baka-Shinji…' "He'd do the same for you, just like he said, and… and so would I! Commander Ikari's not 'all you have'! You're not alone! You, and me, and Shinji, we all look out for each other because there's no one else who can in a battle!"
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    • Later in that chapter Asuka tells Shinji she is not alone anymore thanks to him:
      Asuka:"Would you want to be like Wondergirl? If your father had raised you, you might have ended up like her: a drugged robot ready to die when he orders you to. I… If you had acted l like that, if you'd been raised that way, do you think Misato would have taken you in, that you'd be living here, that we'd… be together? If you acted like her, I'd never have kissed you, and we wouldn't be lying in bed like this right now." She pulled his head down to hers for a kiss. "I like you the way you are, my baka. You're just like me. You can understand me and my pains because you suffered them too. I'm glad you're here and the man you are, Shinji. I was as alone as you, before. And if you weren't here, I still would be."
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    • Shinji said this to Rei in chapter 8 when the latter was suffering from a Benzodiazepine overdose. Complete with a hug from him and Asuka.
    • Rei said this to Ritsuko in chapter 9 when the latter hit rock bottom.
  • The Child of Love:
    • Shinji and Misato try to explain Asuka repeatedly that she is not alone and she doesn’t have to face pregnancy and motherhood alone. After several months their words get through her.
    • In chapter 8 Asuka cries saying she is sick of being alone and she hates it… and Misato reassures her that she is not:
      Misato:"You're not alone, Asuka...I'm here, we're all here for you."
  • Evangelion 303: While Asuka went through a severe breakdown Shinji told her several times she is not alone, nobody is really alone, and he was there for her.
  • Ghosts of Evangelion: Ryuko tells her father Shinji that he is not alone after Asuka's death. Unfortunately it was not enough to cheer him up.
    "Dad, it's okay. I'm here for you. You're… you're not alone, you know?"
  • In the Harry Potter fanfiction In The Black, the first part of The Black Sheep Dog Series, Sirius is feeling pretty low after being scolded by Dumbledore and blackmailed by his father, and because he fought with James, he can't even turn to his best friend for support. That's the moment when Regulus comes to find him with some food and even a hug, reminding Sirius that he's not alone.
  • Scar Tissue:
    • When Rei tells Ritsuko she is hurt and angry and confused because does not know how dealing with her emotions Ritsuko tells her she is not alone:
      Ritsuko:"You can't numb yourself out, Shinji wouldn't want that. As to who you are… [...] You're whoever you want to be. Your essence is still the same, and if you feel confused, or overwhelmed, you can only come to me, or Shinji or Misato, even Maya would be happy to help you. Just… don't bottle it up inside you. You're not alone."
    • In chapter 17, when Asuka is depressed because her troubles with Shinji, her Unit 02 and her nightmares, Misato reminds her that she is not alone:
      "Talk to Ritsu. Whatever you do, Asuka, please remember. You're not alone."
  • In the Touhou fanfic "Girl of the Dusk" by Gensoukoumuten; no one deserves to be alone without love. Not even the darkest Eldritch Abomination. No one.
  • In the Good Omens/Supernatural fic series Arrangements, the author has outright stated that trust and faith are his two main themes. Example lines range from serious reminders that quote the trope name verbatim to things like Bobby's response to Crowley asking if anyone's going to accuse him of betrayal.
    Bobby: [growling] I think what the archangel is trying to say, idjit, is that I just spent fifteen of the most embarrassing minutes of my life telling you I trust you, and he's just spent the past month or so of his telling you the same thing, and I don't even know how long yon angel of yours has been saying it, and that there was quite probably the stupidest damn question we ever heard! Of course we bloody trust you, y'idjit!
  • "Mad Dog's Legacy", a Daria fanfic series, focuses on the growing bond between Daria, Jane, and Quinn in light of Daria being molested when she was a child, Jane being evicted from her house, and Quinn self-medicating to handle the stress of it all. Made especially clear after Quinn's accidental overdose when Quinn declares "I'm going to need both my sisters to help me."
  • Generally a theme of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fanfic— as well as the series itself.
  • In The Bridge, Xenilla gets some strong mental trauma after fighting King Sombra and being subjected to his greatest fear, losing his little brother. It breaks his typically stoic smugness and he locks himself in his chamber. After loyally waiting outside his door to get him to come out, Blade Dancer finally has enough and breaks in to find Xenilla disheveled and broken down. Despite his attempt to scare her off and pitiful following requests to be left alone, she refuses to leave and sticks by him the entire time. Her presence finally helps him get a grip and recover.
  • In Fate Zero Sanity, Berserker and Soul give this to Saber after Rider's What the Hell, Hero? at the Servant banquet, telling her that they will stand by her no matter what and that they would have no one else as their partner. This, along with You Are Not Alone, convinces Saber to truly accept them as friends and allies, which continues on for the remainder of the War.
  • In the ending of Happy Hours of I'm a Marvel... and I'm a DC, Spider-Man is hanging on a ledge trying to reach Lance's head with Batman holding him back. Spider-Man insisted that he had to so he could find out what was being blocked in his memories.
    Spider-Man: Don't you know why I thought you were so cool? It's because of this. You can take anything that comes your way. No family, no powers — it doesn't matter! Nothing gets you down. I thought if I could be more like you, then... I've had to take a lot of crap in my life but this... this is too much. Don't you get it? I'm all alone.
    Batman: No, you're not.
    (Spider-Man slowly gives him his other hand and Batman pulls him up)
  • Thousand Shinji: As Shinji is healing Asuka's mind, he feels how lonely she felt when he was trapped in his Eva, and he tells her that he was always with her, even if she couldn't see him.
    I was always with you in spirit.
  • The Second Try: During an argument in chapter 4, Asuka tells she'll always be alone, and Shinji replies that she doesn't have to be alone because he wants to be there for her.
  • Infinity: After finding out that Preica is still alive, Nanoha reminds Fate that she has friends and a real family that love her and will support her no matter what.
  • In the Miraculous Ladybug fic Spots Off, Marinette is publicly exposed as Ladybug after being caught transforming on Alya's livestream, and is soon on the verge of a breakdown due to fear of the consequences of her screw-up (eg, her friends and family being targeted by Hawkmoth). But when Chat Noir visits her, he repeatedly insists that she doesn't have to go through this alone, eventually getting through to her.
    Chat: (wrapping her up in a tight hug after she bursts into tears) You don’t have to punish yourself for this. Even if it was your fault, which I will personally never believe it was. No one's asking you to handle it alone. (pulls back, presses his forehead to hers and looks her in the eyes) We all want to help you. Do you believe me?
    Marinette: (meets his gaze and sees the unconditional support and love in his eyes) I mean… I guess
    Chat: (laughing quietly) You guess?
    Marinette: (gives him a smile) Fine. I believe you.
    Chat: (returns it) Good. Because you aren’t alone, Marinette. And we can deal with this, together.
  • The PreDespair Kids: Throughout the Hope's Peak Arc, there are rumors that Karma may have been recruited by Ultimate Despair, or at least she's considering joining them. As a result, Rogue and Kyoji both reach out to her, trying to convince her that she's not alone and there are people who care about her. In the end, they succeed.
  • This Bites!: Cross does his level best to hammer this into Robin's head in an attempt to avoid the events of Enies Lobby.
    • He later uses it to snap her out of a Heroic BSoD when the Buster Call begins leveling the island around them.
    • Soundbite does this for Nami while she is experiencing all of Cross' pain courtesy of Kuma to help keep her alive and conscious.
  • Dreaming of Sunshine: When Naruto lets slip his status as a jinchuuriki to Shikako, Skikamaru, and Choji, they reassure him that it doesn't matter to them and that they are still his friends. He has to hold back tears.
    • Naruto also says this to Fuu, for the same reason.
    • Shikako has a very emotional moment after she realizes that Gaara has begun to look into Akatsuki too- she is no longer fighting to change the future alone.
  • Common Sense: Ash realizes that Sabrina isn't actually evil, she's just alone. When he confronts her the second time, he assures her that she doesn't have to be, and promises to be her friend.
  • Kitsune no Ken: Fist of the Fox: Itachi tells Yugito this when she admits to feeling vulnerabile after she and Naruto have been outed by Kira Ay as Kyuushingai members, and that she's been wrestling with that sense of vulnerability ever since the 365 days following the deaths of several of her fellow cops during that period and the covering-up of the true death statistics of that period by her city's mayor and other officials. Itachi tells her that she doesn't have to try being strong all by herself; she's got the rest of them there to help her.
    Yugito: Just to think about think of how I was weak when I should have been's humiliating to the point of misery. My strength isn't all it's cracked up to be.
    Itachi: Then don't be strong alone. Let the rest of us share our strength with you.
  • Fates Collide: Pyrrha Nikos holds back in battle a lot because she is tired of being Lonely at the Top. Vlad Tepes tells her she was at the top of Beacon Academy, but now in Chaldea Academy, there are so many people waiting for her at the top.
  • In A Father's Wrath, when Naruto is at his lowest point due to the above Breaking Speech and lashing out at everyone and everything, all the people he's met and befriended including Kushina appear before him reminding him that he is never alone and gives him the strength and courage to confront Keiji.
  • "You are not alone" quickly becomes the motto of the Alliance of Magical Girls in Battle Fantasia Project.
  • In Hellsister Trilogy, Colossal Boy and Supergirl are about to walk into literal Hell in a desperate bid to stop Mordru, one of the worst enemies of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Colossal Boy notices his partner is upset and frightened so he hurries to remind her she is not alone, now or never.
  • Blood That Flows: In the battle against Garoth, Lina finds herself nearly beaten, when she imagines her old True Companions telling her to not give up, since that was never her style.
  • In Cindy's Story, Ivy reassures Blaze of this when he's suffering from a Heroic BSoD.
  • In Kara Of Rokyn, Kara is depressed and unwilling to go out and face her rival wrestler again until her parents remind her they are there for her.
    Zor-El: I didn't ask if you were scared of her. Do you want to get back in that ring and get back at her? Say it, Kara. I won't say it for you. Do you want to get back in the ring?
    Kara: Yes! Yes, yes, yes, I do! I want to get back at her and show her up and get that stupid belt back, and then give it up. That's what I want, Daddy. That's what I want. But how do I do it? How... do... I...
    Allura: With our help, honey. That's how you do it. With both of us by your side, all the way. But most of all, with you on your side.
  • Fate Kaleid Prisma Taylor: When Opal tries to teach Taylor how to fly, Taylor is too depressed because of being bullied to do so. Opal tells her that she is not alone because Opal will always be with her and believes in her. This cheers Taylor up enough to let her fly.


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