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  • In 8-Bit Theater, Red Mage claims to be the last of his order. Mind you, Red Mage is a munchkin and seems to think purely in RPG tropes. But is later revealed that he is the last RM because everyone in the order was a munchkin as well (to the point they started to hit each other with spells and swords to calculate "damage points"). Dragoon is also the last of the Dragon Knights, because of both the risky activity of slaughtering dragons, and due to a scheme by the dragon Muffin.
    • Fantastically lampshaded in the epilogue, where Red Mage starts a support group for the last members of secret groups. Red Mage and Dragoon are the only members of the support group Sects Buddies.
    • Red Mage is still incorrect, as we know of at least one other surviving Red Mage, named Barry. The real question is if he genuinely is unaware of the other survivors, is delusional, or if he just made up the whole story for roleplaying XP and his support group is actually a Zany Scheme. Knowing Red Mage, it could be all three simultaneously.
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    • Also "Muffin" attempted to make herself the last Dragon by founding (then disposing of) the Dragoons in order to kill off her rivals—though this didn't work as well as she wanted, what with Bahamut and all the dragons in the revamped Chaos Shrine that the Light Warriors meet.
  • Akumas Comics: Cosmo the Seedrian is rescued from her Heroic Sacrifice by the Undertaker and ends up in the main universe. Unfortunately things go badly and her universe was destroyed, making her the last surviving member of her reality.
  • The alien in Apothecia is proud to be the last of its race.
  • Battlepug: The Kinmundian is The Kinmundian - last of his people, the rest having been wiped out by the Big Bad, Catwulf.note 
  • Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures has several, mostly Cubi.
    • Abel is the last of the Siar Cubi. Clan Siar once numbered in the thousands and was effectively annihilated in the Dragon-Cubi war, reduced down to four members, then one after two changed their clan affiliation and the third committed suicide. By all indications, his father was the last surviving member of Clan Siar until Abel was born, and with the apparent death of Abel's father before the comic began, no sign of him having sired new offspring, and Abel's own apparent disinclination to continue the lineage, he appears to be the last member of Clan Siar.
    • Fa'Lina is a Clan Leader without a clan—hers was also annihilated during the Dragon-Cubi war. Due to Clan Leader genetics, she cannot have children nor can anyone switch their blood affiliation to her clan. Therefore she is the last of her clan as well.
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    • Dan and his mother Destania are the last of Clan Cyra. Cyra's clan used to be far greater in numbers, but was almost completely destroyed during the Dragon-Cubi war, due in no small part to her part in starting it. While Cyra survived, she is also bound by Clan Leader biology and cannot have more children, and Destania seems to have both gone a bit off the deep end as well as stopped having children after her first and only child, Dan. Dan seems to be the last hope Clan Cyra has of continuing to grow, but as it stands they are the second smallest Cubi clan yet identified.
  • Dragon Ball Multiverse:
    • As shown in Chapter 48, in half of the universes Coola happened to be the last living Frost Demon... at least, until he went to Earth. Interestingly, the novelization mentions he's sterile, so he would have been the last Frost Demon even if he hadn't gone there.
    • Gast Carcolh in Universe 7, who's the fused form of all Namekians. He's sterile, and can't produce Dragon Balls, so he wants to win the tournament to find a way to recreate his race.
  • In El Goonish Shive, Pandora's spell destroyed over 99% of all aberrations on the planet, leaving Sirleck as one of the few aberrations left on the planet due to being on the spiritual plane. That is until Magus kills him.
  • In Endstone, Kyri having survived the massacre of her tribe joined the nuns Then they were massacred, leaving her once again the last of her kind.
  • Lothar Hex is one of the last of the Echidnas in Exterminatus Now, and he was apparently grown in a lab. Word of God confirms that they are practically extinct. It's not really a major plot point but it does explain why Yuri doesn't believe he is really an Echidna.
  • In Freefall, it turns out that Doctor Bowman, Florence's creator and indirectly the creator of every robot in the setting, is the last remaining uplifted chimpanzee in existence. That's on purpose, though — he doesn't want anyone else to go what he went through.
  • In Girl Genius Agatha appears to be the last member of the Heterodyne family. Her uncle disappeared some time ago, her older brother was killed and we know nothing of what happened to her father.
    • Agatha's Bond Creature is thought to be the last surviving Wasp Eater — weasel-like creatures designed to destroy The Other's Slaver Wasps and detect anyone infected by them. Baron Wulfenbach had the rest destroyed for as yet unknown reasons.note  As soon as she learns this, Agatha starts taking steps to correct this.
    • Queen Albia of Brittania is the last of a sorority of near-mystical super-sparks who ruled Europa centuries before the events of the current story. Seemingly all but Albia were ambushed and picked off by The Other via Time Travel. It's been shown that Agatha has the potential to achieve such a status, but has rejected it (for now).
  • Guilded Age: Gravedust finds out he is the last remaining Mystic of his people. Their leader killed the rest.
  • Homestuck:
    • Anyone who plays Sburb/Sgrub. Although, they are retroactively clones of themselves and thus products of the game, so the extent to which they can be considered "members of the species" is debatable. By the Credits, humans and trolls are brought back on Earth C through ectobiology, averting this trope in their case.
    • Dirk and Roxy are the last two humans alive in their time period. They can still communicate with Jake and Jane thanks to the series' trademark weird time shenanigans.
    • The Cherubs. Calliope and Caliborn and, as such, Lord English share a body and are as such the only one left.
    • Even before Sgrub, the Extended Zodiac confirms that Karkat was the last of the "Lime Sign Class" trolls (and even then, his blood was not lime due to a mutation) in the troll empire, due to the rest of them being killed at some unknown time before the events of Act 5 Act 1. It is not made clear if the Lime caste was revived along with the other eleven troll castes on Earth C or not.
  • Drake of Hurrocks Fardel is the last dragon in the world. His world is shaped and twisted by the beliefs of the people in it, so he in fact is the only survivor solely because people believe there will always be a single surviving dragon. If he dies, through some method or trick another dragon will be hatched or appear to take his place as last of their kind.
  • In Impure Blood, Roan, growing up, didn't know of any other Half-Human Hybrids with Ancient blood, besides his mother. Apparently there is a full-blooded one out there.
  • Karin-dou 4koma: Mifi is the shaman of a tribe that no longer exists.
  • Only Human, Ely is the last pure human. All other humans have abandoned biological bodies for cybernetic bodies.
  • Koark from Order of Tales is the last Teller in the eponymous Order. This gives him knowledge of many forgotten stories, and motivation to seek the one tale that can save the Order.
  • Although O-Chul is not actually the last of the paladins of the Sapphire Guard in The Order of the Stick, the Monster in the Darkness uses this trope to convince Xykon to not attack the protagonists after the destruction of Girard's Gate, as he recognised them as being friends of O-Chul.
    MitD: Think about it. Which of these sounds like the hero you need to worry about: the last paladin of a conquered city, beaten but never broken, sworn to stop the evil lich who wiped out his holy order - or some random fighter guy you already snuffed once?
  • Subverted twice in Poharex. Poharex thought he was the last dinosaur alive until discovering Mesociam, and the last T-Rex alive until finding out there was a whole population of them on an island in the Oticum Inland Sea.
  • Skin Horse: Unity, the government-made undead bioweapon, is both the first and last of her kind.
    Tip: Wasn't there a UN resolution ensuring that?
    Sweetheart: Yeah, they had this secret tribunal thing. We don't like to talk about it.
  • Sluggy Freelance the author Pete seems to enjoy this trope. Aylee is the last Xenomorph (at least in our dimension), Percy is the last wooly mammoth, Sam is the last vampire of the Lysinda sect vampires (or the first and only member of the Sam Cirkail Mamajama), Lord Grater and Princess Princess are (briefly) the last survivors of the Punyverse, Zhoas is most likely the last of her type of zombie seeing as how the only survivors were slaughtered by Oasis, and Dr Schlock is the only surviving member of a future that no longer exists who knows what the world would have been like had the Deadels won.
  • In Soul Symphony, Carl is the only survivor of a race of magical rabbit-creatures. He also became mutated with new special powers in the process of all his pals dying. Doesn't usually talk about it.
  • Terinu is the last of a genetically engineered Slave Race known as the Ferin, used by their creators as servants and living power plants. But as creator his states upon finding him, "Where there is one, there must be others." Much of the plot of the comic revolves around discovering where Terinu came from to either re-enslave the Ferin or finish the job exterminating them.
  • In The Wotch, the Uricarn Demon killed all the other members of his species. He didn't think it through.
    Uricarn: I enjoy being your bit of controlled chaos. Beats just wandering aimlessly finding cheap thrills like I was doing after exterminating the rest of my kind... Which was kinda stupid in retrospect. Probably should have let myself grow up a bit before making that decision...
  • Wrongside: Amanda is the last living Sapien (human) in the world. The rest were wiped out in a war instigated by her biological father. She was rescued and raised by Fagan, her biological mother's Mammilian lover.
  • Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic: Goria was the last living member of the White-Eye orc clan, having been banished from Black Mountain before the clan was wiped out in a war. This status causes orc queen Maura Bloodhand to insist on marrying Goria to her son and heir, Glon, she was the only available member of her clan. note 
  • Zap!
    • Robot is the last robot with a learning AI and the Elementaros are the last four members of their species. Also, the protagonist and the main antagonist are two of the last three members of their species. Apparently it is GEF policy to kill all but a few members of species who resist incorporation.

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