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Webcomics know how to make us laugh. Here's some of our favorite moments from the digital printing press.

Webcomics with their own Funny Moments pages:

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  • Kickin' Rad: "A W-Class-WHATNOW?"
  • This strip of Touhou Nekokayou, specifically to the punchline. Even though that CSI: Miami joke has been used before, it was particularly awesome this time because of the shadow of Hisou Tensoku still looming.
    • This exchange from the Create.swf Adventures spinoff:
      Daiyousei: Yeah, you got me there. I have a birth defect — I'm actually intelligent, it's why I'm called Daiyousei.
      Masha: That's a birth defect?
      Daiyousei: It is for a fairy.
  • Dead of Summer has 'A good plan!? I got a freaking WIENERMOBILE!' and 'By the Power of Greyskull!'
  • Pretty much the entirety of the webcomic Shark Attack!. The comic itself consists of a shark attacking someone in a different way each time.
  • In the Fan Webcomic Azumanga Daioh: The Wizard of Oz, Chiyo/Dorthy, Osaka/Scarcrow, Yomi/Tinman and Tomo/"Wildcat" are in sight of the Emerald City. However, the Wicked Yukari of the West put something in the Poppie Field. And it's not sleeping draught. The girl's expressions in the last panel sell it.
  • FreakAngels features this litte exchange.
    • Luke's fourteen-page speech/rant/deranged series of revelations after he comes back from the grave with a gaping hole in his head. He hams it to heaven (with appropriate poses), the others keep interrupting him (to his disgruntlement), it's impossible to ignore the lovingly detailed and gory hole through his fucking head (which he complains about, along his visions beyond death being figures wreathed in glorious light and deific sound who said to him, "Luke, you're still a complete wanker,"), until KK finally gets fed up with his blithering and knocks him out with a chair. Miki draws a penis on his face while he's unconscious. It's all just...wonderfully silly. And well-deserved.
  • String Theory (2009) has some pretty funny moments, but this particular conversation takes the cake.
  • No Need for Bushido: Did you just call me a walrus?
  • Furmentation: The worst is behind you...literally. Cue giant bird snatching up protagonist from behind.
  • How Not To Run A Comic, this strip and its middle panel. There's just something about how utterly ridiculous it is that really tickles the funny bone.
  • 1977: How about a Funny Moment Of Crowning?
  • Casey and Andy. Satan is a good Christian.
  • Registered Weapon is rather like The Adventures of Dr. McNinja as a police procedural. Nonetheless, some moments manage to stand out. The police blotters in particular. Like this one.
  • Unintentionally Pretentious: "You... befouled my talking color detector?!"
  • The last panel of this page of Ye Gods definitely counts.
  • Wizards And Wands:
    • Hedwig has Bilingual Bonus. "Quoi de nuef [sic], homies?"
    • Hermione's plans for her character.
      Hermione: I chose a cat familiar for a +3 bonus to stealth...
      GM: Stealth? What on earth...
      Hermione: It's for my assassinate ability when I dip into ninja levels. Duh.
      GM: ...
      Ron: ...
      GM: Okay. Daniel, when you said this girl player from your old group was good...
      Harry(Daniel): Yes. Perhaps I should have clarified. She's terrifyingly good.
    • Hermione's obsessive attitude towards the Sorting Hat.
      Harry: I suddenly find myself not jealous anymore.
      Hermione: Augh, bad magic hat! I'm gonna make an opposed will save to force it under my control.
      GM: Actually, before you do that, Mcgonagall removes the hat. You have been sorted into house Gryffindor, the house of...
      Hermione: Wait whaaaaat!!? You mean I'm not chosen to recieve the awesome magical hat of Mind Rapeing?
      GM: ... No! The Sorting Hat is not loot!
      Hermione: magic... item... not... loot? WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN
      Hermione: ... One day hat... One day you will be mine.
  • In this RWBY fan-comic, Pyrrha is watching Jaune and Ruby from a distance, wondering why she feels so reluctant to walk up to them. Blake sees this and sneaks up behind Pyrrha; the following conversation ensues.
    Pyrrha: B-Blake? What are you doing here? When did you- How long were you-
    Blake: Being a better stalker than you, apparently.
  • Talonflame is introduced as a new Fire-Flying type, and a fire bird on top of it. Only a certain veteran bird isn't too happy about it...
  • Para Ten: More like Crowning Flashback of Funny really, as the scenes of Paveline's life in her hometown are consistently silly, in contrast to the more somber nature of the main plotline. This page in particular has not one, but two hilarious expressions.
  • Dating a Team Magma Grunt, which is set after the events of Delta Episode in Omega Ruby, has Brendan's wager. If he can take out all of a female Team Aqua Grunt's Pokémon with one Fire/Ground type, she'll have to take back everything she said to the Team Magma Grunt he's dating, and if she wins, she's the new champion. She accepts and sends out her Carvanha. All we see is Brendan pulling out a Master Ball and then... we cut to the sun getting stronger and an old lady complaining about the heat...before we cut back to the battle...and see the massive footprints and stalagmites from where Carvanha is dangling, which were both left by Brendan's Fire/Ground Pokémon: PRIMAL GROUDON. Magma Grunt's face is what sells it. And Brendan seals with with just a deadpan "Looks like I've won." Doubles as a Moment of Awesome and Heartwarming.
  • Mersea:
    • The mermaid meets a cat. [3]
    • "Somewhere, a mermaid rises majestically from the sea…" right in front of a ship. [4]
  • Chainmail Bikini:
  • Sombulus:
  • Pet Foolery:
    • A trio of dogs starts yelling about a passing car, despite the pleas of the cat who lives in the same house. Exasperated, he yells at them to shut up and questions why they have to go ballistic every few minutes when one comes by. Then the dogs get distracted by a neighbor and start yelling his name instead.
    • One raptor in a Jurassic Park-type film advises another on how to deal with the hero properly, which means giving him every opportunity to escape. The raptor in training irritatably trips over a log, announcing it in the process. Then he turns and sees someone else...
      Trainee Raptor: Hey, isn't that the money-hungry villain? Are we allowed to eat him?
    • "Flamingo": A pair of T-Rexes are chased (and one is killed) by a flock of lawn flamingos.
    • "Goldilocks": The fairy tale becomes an anthro-animal horror film.