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  • In general, the certain timing of when Jee-Han develops or levels up certain skills:
    • Detect Bloodlust. With a name like that, you'd think it would only show up in serious situations, but it first showed up in a comedic Boyfriend-Blocking Dad moment and kept gaining levels. After that, it kept showing up everytime a member of his Unwanted Harem goes Clingy Jealous Girl.
    • Physical Endurance has a tendency to level up when Jee-Han is suffering Amusing Injuries.
  • The first time anyone that isn't Jee-Han gets a game pop-up due to Jee-Han's ability, they are guaranteed to get a Face Fault.
  • Every time Jee-Han becomes self-absorbed is just so over-the-top you can't really call him out for it because it's just so entertaining, especially in how other characters and even he himself react to his self-absorbedness.
  • Every time someone complains about how unfair and overpowered Jee-Han's Gamer ability is, especially when it's his own best friend.
    Sun-Il: That's so OP! C-Call the GM! You need to get nerfed! This game is crap.
  • Every time Fool's Act (later called Douchery), shows up, it is always a funny event, as the pose Jee-Han makes is just that stupid and all of his enemies are always rendered stunned with bafflement.
  • Chapter 10:
    • To recover HP, Jee-Han takes food from his inventory and wolfs it down. Sae-Young could do nothing but stare in bafflement.
    • Han Jee-Han needs to prove to Poong Sae-Young that he's the real deal and not an impostor, so what does he do? He reveals she wears black silk lace panties which he knows from entering into her room without permission once. She reacts by hitting him for saying it out loud, but at least she knows he's not an impostor. Doesn't stop her from inflicting more retribution on poor Jee-Han for mentioning the panties.
    • When Han Jee-Han explains to Poong Sae-Young that his ability is The Gamer and explains he probably got it because he was a game addict, she could only laugh at how appropriate it was.
  • Chapter 13: We are introduced to Sun-Il's and Sae-Young's grandfather, Seon-oh Shin, the head of their household, and he isn't Jee-Han's biggest fan because he introduced Sun-Il to videogames.
  • Chapter 15: Han Jee-Han develops the craft skill during Art Class and the first thing he makes, Some Clay Slime, left much to be desired. Here's the description from its description box.
    Description: Poorly made clay slime by novice crafter Han Jee-Han, the Gamer. Its artistic value is non-existent, and is an insult to art.
    Han Jee-Han: What's with this description...?
  • Chapter 16: In spite of her earlier declaration that she'll remember him, when they talk again in this chapter, Shi-Yun didn't remember their first encounter and had to be prompted by Jee-Han to recall it at all.
  • Chapter 17: Shi-Yun gives a potent Death Glare to Sung-Gong. Unfortunately for Jee-Han, he's also in her line-of-sight and felt every bit of it in spite of being collateral damage.
  • Chapter 20: After defeating the boss zombie, it drops money. Jee-Han points out that when you think about it, it's actually weirder that the other zombies weren't dropping money.
  • Chapter 21: In the omake, Jee-Han's life turns into a game, but instead of an RPG, it's a dating sim. Epic Fails and Ho Yay was aplenty.
  • Chapter 22: Jee-Han tries to create some Evasion and Escape skills but the skill he ends up creating? Fool's Act:
    Description: Words that make the enemy doubt the mental state of the user. It could possibly confuse the target.
  • Chapter 24:
    • Jee-Han uses his Observe skill on random items, with the resulting descriptions being as if his own power is insulting him.
    Pebble description: A pebble found on the side of the road. A rock. What business do you have with it?
    Wrapper description: A hamburger wrapper some idiot threw on the ground. Dirty. Again, what business do you have with it?
    Jee-Han: This thing... It's gone nuts since I leveled it up.
    • Jee-Han becomes frustrated at his own ability when he discovers that the reason he keeps entering dungeons is because his settings had Auto-Enter on.
  • Chapter 25: Of all the things his Gamer ability can't do, it can't auto pick-up dropped items, a fact Jee-Han complains about.
  • Chapter 27: Jee-Han is so lost in his thoughts that he doesn't notice the guy trying to catch his attention up until the point he outrights place a hand on Jee-Han's shoulder.
  • Chapter 36: Jee-Han makes an incredible face when he realises he can't fast learn a magic book because it doesn't teach skills, only the theory.
  • Chapter 43: Shi-Yun offers to pay Jee-Han back with her body. She meant being a bodyguard, but Jee-Han and eventually Shi-Yun realise what it could mean. To cover her own embarrassment, she accuses Jee-Han of being a pervert and everything Jee-Han says to defend himself only results in her coming up with worse things. Amazingly, she was also blushing throughout the whole exchange.
  • Chapter 47: Sae-Young sees her quantified stats for the first time, and notices her intelligence stat is not as high as the others. She hates any implication that she's stupid and violently reacts to Jee-Han and Sun-Il doing it.
  • Chapter 51. All of it:
    • Jee-Han goes out on a date with Sung-Ah, and she clings to his arm because she thinks that's what you do on dates. Where'd she learn that? "The internet. The sea of knowledge."
    • While they're walking around town, Jee-Han gets a pop-up. He's learned the skill "Detect Bloodthirst" because of the massive amounts of bloodlust directed in his direction. It turns out Sung-Gon has been following them the entire time. And as soon as he realizes that, Jee-Han earns another level. By the end of the date, the skill has gone up several levels.
  • Chapter 52: Jee-Han comes up with the brilliant plan of multi-tasking. He studies while having Gnome beat him up to level up his Physical Endurance.
  • Chapter 64: Lolikiano explains the ranking system for magic users and proudly proclaims that her rank is mage. At Jee-Han's underwhelming reaction, she gets mad and says that it's supposed to be an impressive rank.
  • Chapter 71: When Jee-Han offers to heal her injured guild members, Shi-Yun insists on paying him back, even offering to go on a date with him since she thinks he likes dating. Jee-Han was so flustered by that response.
  • Chapter 72: The fact that Hell's got an internet connection via ripping a hole in reality.
  • Chapter 73: Kwon Shi-Yun stoically denying any bloodlust she was giving off in spite of all of Jee-Han's alerts to the contrary.
  • Chapter 82: As it turns out, Shi-Yun misunderstood what a date is. She assumed it was just a meeting between a boy and a girl, completely unaware of the intimacy involved in a date.
  • Chapter 84: Shi-Yun once again goes Clingy Jealous Girl towards Jee-Han after Lolikiano kissed him, and instead of settling for a Death Glare, outright kicks Jee-Han over it.
  • Chapter 87: Lolikiano justifies having Jee-Han massage her by claiming it's an unwritten rule that all students give their masters massages. Jee-Han of course calls her out.
  • Chapter 93: Hwan Sung-Ah's chat with Han Jee Han after their date at the Internet Café.
    Jee-Han: Um, by the way.
    Sung-Ah: What?
    Jee-Han: Is this... you repaying me?
    Sung-Ah: Yeah.
    Jee-Han: I see.
    Sung-Ah: Why? Did you expect something else?
    Jee-Han: (Flustered) N-No. I didn't expect anything. Nothing at all.
    Sung-Ah: I don't think that's true.
    Jee-Han: What do you mean? It's true. I'm telling you the truth.
    Sung-Ah: I'll ask Dad about what guys expect in this situation.
    Jee-Han: (Frantic) Don't do that! Are you trying to get me killed?!
  • Chapter 94: Sun-Il gets worried when Jee-Han mentions the Great Labyrinth but Jee-Han assures him he didn't go inside. Sun-Il then asks what was it like and Jee-Han answers with detailed information on the monsters he encountered. He then goes Oh, Crap! as he realises he gave information he couldn't have known if he didn't go inside and Sun-Il is predictably pissed off at his friend.
  • Chapter 95: Han Jee-Han manages to heal one of Kwon Shi-Yun's clan's people from the damage caused by Hwan Sung-Gon, and Shi-Yun again offers to do anything he asks (a Call-Back to when he healed her). This time, she immediately realizes what she is saying. Then, she asks again.
  • Chapter 100: Lolikiano manages to trick Jee-Han into admitting he has a Porn Stash.
  • Chapter 101: Sae-Young tells Jee-Han that the best way to get stronger is to get experience from getting the crap beaten out of him. She then proceeds to do so to poor Jee-Han. His Physical Endurance ability of course levels up once more.
  • Chapter 110: Yoo-Jin gets fed up of Jee-Han always calling her Prez and manages to pull an epic Nightmare Face on him to get him to call her by her actual name.
  • Chapter 119: "Fool's Act" makes an appearance in battle, and the effect it has is just as expected, with Jee-Han's opponent actually becoming confused.
  • Chapter 120: Jee-Han is disappointed when he learns that he only needs to sign a contract to join the Cheon Bu Clan and not go through a fancier, and more importantly, cooler ceremony. Sun-Il points out that it's the wrong century for that since it's the modern era and all.
  • Chapter 128:
    • This chapter should be called "The Gamer: Hilarity Ensues." Not only does it start with Kwon Shin Yun making her appearance via Jee-Han detecting bloodlust because of her she was mad that Jee-Han was out with Yoo Jin, she also thought the class president's name really is "Class President," and the situation simply rapidly goes downhill from there. The end has Kwon Shin Yun accuse Jee-Han of being a "player" who kisses girls nonchallantly, making Kim Yoo Jin, of all people, give off murderous intent, and a battle aura that allows her to start crushing a table with her bare hands.
    • Regarding Jee-Han detecting bloodlust in this chapter, at first he thought it was an enemy, but when he realises it was Shi-Yun, he actually looks more horrified!
  • Chapter 129:
    • Jee-Han's misfortune continues, in that even after he explains the situation, Yoo-Jin and Shi-Yun remain unamused. The two girls actually become more friendly with each other over it!
    • At the amusement park, Shi-Yun insists on holding on to Jee-Han's arm, saying that it's what couples do. Jee-Han protested that they weren't a couple, but Shi-Yun said that it was her way of paying him back for all the help he gave her clan. And when she thinks Jee-Han wants more, she's fine with it, to Jee-Han's shock. The punchline? Even Yoo-Jin gets in on it and clings to Jee-Han's other arm.
  • Chapter 130: For once, Jee-Han indulges in his girl situation and manages to convince Shi-Yun to put on bunny ears! He claims it's a rule that first-time visitors wears them. They look good on her, and despite her initial complaint, she enjoyed her day overall.
  • Chapter 132: A bunch of noob players mouth of to Jee-han unaware of how much more powerful he is than them. He quickly puts them in their place.
  • Chapter 133: Yoo-Jin finds herself being carried by Shi-Yun bridal style to her embarrassment.
  • Chapter 139: Jee-Han sings a brief song while going to pick up items from the boss-drops. Shi-Yun tells him, with a straight face, that it's a stupid song.
  • Chapter 140: Sun-Il acts like a jilted lover when he realises Jee-Han was hanging out with Shi-Yun. Shi-Yun then demands whether Jee-Han needs Sun-Il's permission to hang out with her, with the whole thing looking like a love triangle.
  • Chapter 150:
    • Yoo-Jin rushes to embrace Jee-Han when she sees that he came to rescue her. Unfortunately, she forgot she had her shield up, and accidentally crashed her shield into him.
    • Upon seeing Jee-Han and Yoo-Jin share a moment, Sun-Il takes the opportunity to rub it in to a literally burning with anger Shi-Yun.
    • Hwan Sung Gong notices the Belligerent Sexual Tension between Jee Han and Kwon Shi-Yun as well as Kim Yoo Jin clinging to him crying Tears of Joy for coming to her rescue. Does he get angry and give off bloodlust because Jee Han has an Unwanted Harem? NO! He goes from being an Boyfriend-Blocking Dad to an Openminded Parent, not only calling Jee Han a lucky man, but says he's happy for his daughter, telling Jee Han to keep up the good work!
  • Chapter 151: Anticlimax doesn't even begin to cover it. After chapters of Jee-Han and his companions gearing up to fight for their and Yoo-Jin's survival, the Company (which has become a God), after a quite solid argument made by Jee-Han, lets her go with no complaint.
  • Chapter 168:
    • Jee-Han learns Loli can drive. Unfortunately for him, she Drives Like Crazy.
    • Loli intentionally leaves Sae-Young behind even though she was supposed to come with them.
  • Chapter 171: Jee-Han learns about King Munmu's territory, and is disappointed by the lack of mystique the place has, with there being perfectly normal modern amenities, a ticket system to see King Munmu himself, and the fact Munmu is a game geek.
  • Chapter 208: Jee-Han, of all people, upon hearing that any member of the Church of Masks could use each other's skills as well as the originating member, says it's unfair. He is promptly called out on it by the cultist who explained that and even Shi-Yun could only give him a look.
  • Chapter 211: Even the Church of Masks' stoic members can't help looking worried and confused when Jee-Han's powers turns their assault on his house, into a Tower Defense game. Even Jee-Han's surprised at first, as he didn't know his powers could do that... then that surprise turns into glee. Hell, even Shi-Yun is visibly surprised by this turn of events.
  • Chapter 229: Sae-Young is not pleased that Jee-Han is having stuff delivered to her house, and even less so when Jee-Han's first reaction is being glad his orders arrived quickly instead of apologising.
  • Chapter 230: Jee-Han refuses Ma-Hyun's offer in style, stunning the latter. He even says he likes saying "no".
  • Chapter 236: Might as well be called "Bully Jee Han." First Jee Han answers the door to see A wild Sung Ah appears, then Sung-Ah and Kwon-Shi-Yun actually bond over dissing Jee Han because Jee Han didn't think it would be a good idea to ask Sung-Ah for help in fighting The Church of Masks...
  • Chapter 242: Jee-Han's new "real time strategy" mode is so hilariously broken that even he is shocked speechless. It's basically a Pay To Win game using money and mana, both of which he has in spades.
  • Chapter 246: The Totem Pole Demon's death, where it makes a comical expression when it realises what happened.
  • Chapter 282: Jee-Han's personal hell if he ever gets sentenced to hell is video games crashing while he's playing!