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Heartwarming / The Gamer

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  • In general:
    • All the interactions between Jee-Han and Sun-Il. No matter how much they pick on each other, you can tell they are great friends.
    • Jee-Han and Gnome. He treats her like a little sister, and it is clear that she loves being with him.
  • Chapter 10: Jee-Han goes to visit Sun-Il and gets angry at him for going after Sung-Gon and getting injured in the process. That was the first moment to show that no matter what, these two are friends, in spite of the teasing and the fact Sun-Il kept secrets from Jee-Han.
  • Chapter 24:
    • Jee-Han finds an unconscious girl (Sung-Ah) and helps her. There was no benefit to himself but he still took the time to help her.
    • Because of the above, her father, Sung-Gon, who up until now looked like a villain, gave a heartfelt thanks to Jee-Han, shifting his character from potential enemy to parent willing to do anything for his daughter.
  • Chapter 25: In a hospital, Sung-Gon telling his daughter that no matter what it takes, he'll find a way to cure her.
  • Chapter 32: Jee-Han helps Sung-Ah bond with a stray cat by alleviating her curse enough that the freezing effect doesn't hurt the kitty due to mere proximity.
  • Chapter 45: She may be Put on a Bus, but Jee-Han's mother gives him such a heartfelt departure that in spite of the possibility that she has her own secrets, Jung-Sook really does love her son.
  • Chapter 52: Jee-Han's date with Sung-Ah. He is really nice to her (even through the awkward parts), invites her to have ice-cream (which she has never had due to her illness) and uses his Yeon Hon Recovery technique to make the symptoms recede, telling her that he will do everything he can to finally cure her. First, she is moved to tears, and when he assures her that he truly can do it, she gives him a small smile.
  • Chapter 56: Sung-Ah tells Jee-Han that the stray cat they encountered has now been taken in by her and her dad, and she's eating well.
  • Chapter 66: Seeing how much Sun-Il is worried about him in spite of, or perhaps because of how much he has changed since he entered the Abyss, Jee-Han takes the time to assure him that he is in fact still the famed game addict of their school.
  • Chapter 93: Seeing Sung-Ah in good health after everything she went through, and she smiles when she tells Jee-Han that she isn't cold anymore.
  • Chapter 96: After Kwon Shi-Yun says that she is willing to do anything he asks of her (in payment for healing several people from her clan) Jee-Han reassures her that he is not going to ask anything untoward, in spite of how much it seemed Shi-Yun is willing to let him.
  • Chapter 99: Sun-Il becoming angry at Jee-Han for endangering himself by going into the Great Labyrinth despite him telling Jee-Han not to.
  • Chapter 106: In spite of the fact he doesn't know her that well, after they clear the level, Jee-Han still takes the time to check on Yoo-Jin's wellbeing.
  • Chapter 109: Seeing Yoo-Jin in tears, he comforts her the best he could, even calling himself the game junkie in an attempt to lighten the mood.
  • Chapter 114: Jee-Han follows through on his silent promise to keep his friends safe by dropping everything and going after the people who kidnapped Yoo-Jin right out of her home.
  • Chapter 143: It is revealed that Sung-Ah is training her magical abilities with her father's help. Why? Because she wants to be able to stand next to Jee-Han on her own. And her father explicitly supports her in this aim.
  • Chapter 196: After Shi-Yun lost her family to the Church of Masks, Jee-Han lets her stay at his place to recover from everything that happened.
  • Chapter 198: Despite how much time she spent with him, Shi-Yun still gets confused by Jee-Han's generosity and willingness to help. Jee-Han's answer to her when she asked why is as simple as it gets. They're friends.
  • Chapter 205: Seeing Sung-Ah so happy that she was able to help Jee-Han, even if Jee-Han's plan only required her presence, not actual further effort.
  • Chapter 236: Despite what happened between her and her family, at Jee-Han's attempt to comfort her, Shi-Yun at least manages a smile and good-naturedly calls out his relatively poor-attempt to comfort her.