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Fridge Brilliance:

  • Many fans were rightfully annoyed that Jae Han didn't kill the Black Rock members who came after him with the Mumble Jumble golems, even when he blasted them with Spiral Energy Bolt, only leaving them buried up to their necks, wearing nothing but masks. Considering that the barrier's going to fall anyway regardless of whatever action he takes, they're going to find themselves buck naked, in public, wearing nothing but masks, and having no way to explain why. Surely a Fate Worse than Death for many, right?

  • Han Jae Han used "Fools Act" in chapter 119, and called it his "sure kill technique." This means he's been leveling it off screen!

  • Hwan Sung-Ah's high Wis foreshadow her status as a black soul. Wis, in the Gamer term, translate to MP regeneration and black soul can connect themselves to the infernal realm, which Hwan Sung-Gon said is akin to having access to almost infinite energy at her disposal. Therefore, her high Wis stat represent her black soul status, since she can regenerate her mana faster than most people in the abyss.(Lolikiano once said to Jee-Han that most people in the abyss can only generate small amount of Mana).

Fridge Horror:

  • In Chapter 8, Shun Il tells Jae Han that an ability for a natural ability user is determined by something important to that person. For Jae Han, he's "The Gamer" because he loves MMOs, but Kwon Shin Yun's ability is Soul-Blaze fist. Not all abilities come about by positive means. Shun Il uses an example where someone who almost drowned gains control over water. What must have happened to Kwon Shin Yun to give her control over fire?
    • Considering she's the member of a clan specializing in those techniques, it's more than likely something she inherited. While it's true that an ability can awaken later in life for a user, it's implied that this isn't always the case, and that members of clans can have innate abilities.
  • While the Abyss is shown delivering small items, like skill books, via drone, (Sun-Il and the Chubumoon use their service as well), the Abyss site offers large things as well, like staves, brooms, and slaves. How does the Abyss deliver slaves?

Fridge Logic:

  • How does The Abyss accept payment? At no point has Jae Han entered a credit card, bank info, or is shown putting cash inside the drone that delivered his purchases.
    • Considering how one would pay for items and services on the deepweb, Bitcoin is a possibility.
    • It may be the case that it's known that there are several ways to store money via abilities (The Company, for example, uses it as a resource, implying it's stored in some supernatural fashion), and The Abyss is capable of detecting those with those kinds of abilities, so it automatically pulls from that storage if it can. Jee-Han doesn't seem to have any actual protection on his inventory, after all.