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Tear Jerker / The Gamer

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  • Chapter 10: Seeing Sun-Il bed-ridden from his injuries after he confronted Sung-Gon. He was initially predicted to take a month to recover, Thankfully, Jee-Han's Gamer ability was able to cure him pretty much instantly.
  • Chapter 33: Sung-Ah's condition resulted in her being severely depressed and her father's efforts to help her only made her think she was a burden on him, and due to that, she was willing to accept being chopped up for materials and sold off.
  • Chapter 109: Yoo-Jin breaks down in tears over what she experienced when she was dragged back into the Great Labyrinth without Jee-Han to save her. She experienced dying before waking up and she couldn't even dismiss it as a nightmare because she knows it's all real.
  • Chapter 127: Though at first she seems to have recovered, all the trauma from everything that happened to her caught right back up with Yoo-Jin, and she once again breaks down crying, begging Jee-Han to help her overcome it.
  • Chapter 196: The Church of Masks have conquered and brainwashed every member of the Yunhonmoon guild besides Shi-Yun, meaning she has essentially lost her family.
  • Chapter 209: Despite their attempts to save Shi-Yun's family, the first one they saved, Yoohwa, wasn't appreciative, and in fact doesn't like that she lost her connection with the Church of Masks. Yoohwa, Shi-Yun and Jee-Han have a long talk, but ultimately, Shi-Yun saw with her own eyes that there was no saving her family the moment the masks were put on them.
  • Chapter 217: Shi-Yun talks with her Guild Master, her own mother, and her mother only reaffirms that none of them have any intention of leaving the Church of Masks, nor do they want to be saved, further worsening Shi-Yun's relationship with her own family.
  • Chapter 220: Shi-Yun's misfortune continues. She could only watch as Jee-Han permanently steals away her family members' abilities, and in spite of both the necessity and her falling out with her family, she finds it incredibly difficult to watch.