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Heartwarming / Fuzzy Knights

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  • In Violet's Story, Violet loses her home and Mossfoot invites her to stay with him. While initially expressing concern that Mossfoot's owner will question where the new teddy bear comes from, Violet agrees... Mossfoot had gambled on his scatterbrained Owner not questioning it, but... he begins wondering when the Owner for the first time sees Violet, sitting next to Mossfoot, pauses and then says: "That'll do,Mossfoot. That'll do." Followed by Violet and Mossfoot smiling at one another.
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  • The Little Bear Awakens story, which is available as a free downloadable PDF at the Kenzerco website, starts out as sweet and adorable, then becomes a massive Tear Jerker, before turning into one of the most uplifting and heartwarming stories ever to bear (heh) the Fuzzy Knights name.

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