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Nightmare Fuel / The Gamer

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Even though The Gamer is supposed to be taken as a comedic type of read, that doesn't stop it from having its own brand of nightmare fuel that'll make you think twice about it being just a lighthearted comedy.


  • In spite of all the crap Jee-Han witnessed and personally have been through, Sun-Il still says Korea is relatively safe for ability users. Even Jee-Han is shocked by the implications.
  • The Abyss Company and their slave trading. Knowing that there's a business being made by capturing living, breathing people and selling them off for money is quite horrific indeed. Hell, the term "Mana Farm" where the implications of it being you'll be turned into nothing more than a living battery at someone's disposal even made Jee-Han terrified.
  • There is magic that allows people to steal souls. What made it especially personal for Jee-Han is that people knowing about it made one of his friends a more valuable target since she has the Black Soul.
  • Chapter 102: Imagine downloading a cell phone app, say "Minecraft" and doing well, until seemingly some other player keeps ganking you. Then you get what appears as an automated message asking you if you want to get stronger so that it stops. Note that this is common in F2P or "free" games. Instead of a virus or malware, your cell phone, without your knowledge, transports you unarmed into the game, forcing you to fight for your life every night or else suffer horrific death experiences. For Yoo-Jin, Jee Han is there to lend a guiding hand, but what about the thousands of others that Lolikano discovered are also "playing?"
    • Starting in Chapter 113, it's obvious that even being in your own home doesn't guarantee safety. Just ask Yoo-Jin.
  • Yoo Jin shows us exactly why PTSD is a serious condition in chapter 127.
  • Chapter 130: People no longer have to sign up and start playing, the "game" reaches out and grabs them, right off the street.
  • Chapter 131: Not only does the "game" seriously encourage PKing (Player Killing) but if you "party" with someone, you keep on partying with that person, every single night, whether you want to or not.
  • Chapter 134 and 135: In the "game," rape is so common that official forums are made concerning the gaming experience, and the forums specifically warn players about it. Oh, and those "thousands" of players? It's actually millions, world-wide.
  • Chapter 142: It is revealed that the Great Labyrinth "game" exists purely so "The President" can reach out and grab people whenever he wishes, and things get very personal for Jee-Han when Yoo-Jin is kidnapped again and this time, it's right in front of his eyes with no way for him to stop it.
  • Chapter 149: As a result of the Chairman ascending to godhood as Arc Company and their connection to the Grand Labyrinth, all related players now belong to the Abyss and they don't realise it. Luckily for the players, Arc Company is limited by his own divinity in what he can do, and overall, seems relatively benign.
  • The entirety of the Mad Necromancer mini arc, from chapter 160 to 165: The main villain highlights how horrific it is when a clinically diagnosed psychopath gets access to magic powers. Jee Han's ability confirms he's already had 152 victims. What's more, for a bit of Fridge Horror, the description mentions a "sexual desire." We can be sure "Safe, Sane, and Consensual" doesn't apply.
  • Chapter 177: The Church of Masks cult takes on its antagonist role in style, by acting creepily with one specific line that implies a lack of independent individuality:
    Follower: Get up, everyone. Get up, me.
    • The Webtoons translation even ups the creep factor by turning this into an actual incantation: “Awaken we, awaken me”.
  • Chapter 178:
    • Jee-Han's Observation skill reveals that the cult have some sort of Hive Mind connection which allows them to share magic power and abilities, making each individual member stronger. It reminds Jee-Han too much of Arc Company.
    • To combat the cult members, Lolikiano summons a shoggoth.
  • Chapter 183: Jee-Han no longer has the Harem King's protection, and with all the crap he went through when he did have it, what's going to happen to him now?
  • Chapter 184: Jee-Han's tendency to put all his stat points into Intelligence and Wisdom backfired as without a corresponding increase in his physical attributes, his magic is too much for his body to handle. He managed to avert his own death by grinding his physical stats, but he could have died as his HP was permanently decreased until his body could handle his mana.
  • Chapter 192: It doesn't matter how many times the cultists go down, the members of the Church of Masks can keep getting back up as long as there's at least one of them left.
  • Chapter 207: Shi-Yun learns that the specific cultist she and Jee-Han attacked is her own brainwashed guild leader, Jeong Yoohwa. freely acting for the Church of Masks. When questioned, she says she isn't brainwashed or anything like that, but somehow, that makes the cult more terrifying because you have to wonder what the cult did to get her serving the church freely. Jee-Han notices that Yoohwa seems to be in her right mind and is confused, while Shi-Yun refuses to believe a single word. In her own words:
    Yoohwa: I am no longer me. I am now us.
  • Chapter 226: Jee-Han experiences first hand how forcefully recruited cult members end up being freely loyal: Yoohwa's masks causes mental erosion of the victim. As the mental erosion happens, the victim is then bombarded with feelings of loneliness, grief and sadness. We don't see later steps because Jee-Han manages to overcome the beginning steps because of his Gamer's Mind.
  • Chapter 228: The refusal of the Church of Masks cult members is finally explained in the simplest, and yet most unnerving terms possible. It's like an addiction, but far, far, worse. After having their minds weakened, after being bombarded with negative emotions, the Divine Connection then provides a sense of stability and belonging. The sheer high it causes is so great that the victims become hooked and can't bear to be separated again. When Jeong Yoohwa woke up with the mask removed back in Chapter 209, she even looked like she was going through withdrawal. That's why even Shi-Yun's family and guild, as well as every other cultist refuses to leave even though they were forcefully recruited. It's a form of brainwashing that involves More than Mind Control that takes advantages of mental addictions.
  • Chapter 295: Baal. Normally we can understand and comprehend that Jihan needs to level up before taking on a strong opponent. Here he falls under 'Skill Restriction' from his MERE PRESENCE! Baal simply prepping to move proves to be a stronger force than Gaia, the powers of the Gamer failing as we are fully aware of how strong this force is.