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  • Chapter 4: Jee-Han defeats his first monster and literally levels up. Keep in mind that at this point, he still has no idea what the Abyss is, or even that there's a whole hidden world.
  • Chapter 7: The still inexperienced Jee-Han manages to defeat a large amount of zombies on his own.
  • Chapter 11: Jee-Han learns Yun-Hon Recovery easily and with it, speeds up Sun-Il's healing. This was so remarkable that Sun-Il's grandfather asked for Jee-Han to visit again just to see his Gamer ability with his own eyes.
  • Chapter 19: By working together, Jee-Han and Sun-Il managed to defeat the boss monster Legion Zombie, with Jee-Han even managing to create a new skill.
  • Chapter 25: The zombies that once terrified Jee-Han is now being mowed down by him, a mark of how quickly he's getting stronger. He even manages to defeat the Legion Zombie on his own!
  • Chapter 34: The Witch of Slaughter lives up to her name when she and her bodyguard easily defeated and killed the two hostiles that forced Jee-Han and Sung-Ah to run.
  • Chapter 38: Sun-Il is training himself by lifting his entire body, on one finger.
  • Chapter 40: In a repeat of how they defeated the Legion Zombie, by working together, Jee-Han and Sun-Il managed to defeat the boss monster Ogre with Two Heads.
  • Chapters 45 and 46: Sae-Young simply mows down the ogres and she does it with such impressiveness that Jee-Han is just blown away in amazement.
  • Chapter 57: In one strong attack, Jee-Han defeats the group of golems he encountered when he was forced to enter the dungeon.
  • Chapter 61: Jee-Han executes a clever plan to take out not one, but two high-powered golems directly controlled by members of Black Rock.
  • Chapter 64: With Jee-Han distracting Black Rock and giving Horutipia the time to prepare a powerful spell as well as give Lolikiano an opening, the three were able to defeat the group of golem users that was giving them a lot of trouble.
  • Chapter 76: On the bag guys end, Chel-Soo successfully beaten a demon god. Zagan, the demon god in question, may have had their power limited, but still, that was impressive since even while limited, the demon gods are strong.
  • Chapter 84: Though his contribution was relatively minor, Jee-Han still played a pivotal role in turning the tables on The Company. While The Company were focused on Sung-Gong, he took Lolikiano and Horutipia out of the circle weakening them and healed them. He also had Gnome destabilise the Pillars and take them down, removing their influence and letting him fully heal Sung-Gong's injuries, which Sung-Gong stated would have taken a year to recover otherwise. With Sung-Gong back at full strength, he managed to defeat the weakened President/Chairman who used up a lot of resources to put Sung-Gong in a losing situation and could no longer spare more.
  • Chapters 89 to 92: The fruits of his training with Lolikiano shows as he mows down monster after monster and even easily beats the first floor boss monster of the Great Labyrinth.
  • Chapter 106: Yoo-Jin managed to increase her intellect to incredibly high levels without the Gamer ability. It was enough for Jee-Han to help her learn powerful spells for her low level.
  • Chapter 108: With Jee-Han's help, Yoo-Jin was able to become strong enough to defeat the Two-Headed Ogre on her own.
  • Chapter 119: Jee-Han uses Fool's Act in battle, and it works, successfully stunning and dumbfounding his opponent long enough for him to land the finishing blow.
  • Chapter 148: Some of Arc Company's godly powers are revealed, in that he managed to reduce the overall power of the Hahoe masked troops, making it much easier for Grand Labyrinth players to take them down and gain experience.
  • Chapter 149: Yoo-Jin succeeds in taking on the giant Hahoe troops on her own. Even with the troops being limited, that's impressive for her.
  • Chapter 151: Jee-Han and his group were facing the god Arc Company. The god was going to kill them for interfering with his godly actions. By all appearances, it looks like they won't make it out, but then, Jee-Han uses Arc Company's godhood status against him. Arc Company is the god of reward, revolution and pleasure. Jee-Han argues that his group should be rewarded for their efforts in saving Yoo-Jin and that besides that, they have no intention of fighting Arc Company or interfering with his actions. Amazingly, Arc Company was successfully convinced by that reasoning, and as the god of reward, rewards them by severing Yoo-Jin's link to the Grand Labyrinth, and leaving them peacefully.
  • Chapter 189: In less than a chapter, Jee-Han utterly defeats the people trying to attack him, showing that though he no longer has the Harem King's protection, perhaps he no longer needs it.
  • Chapter 193: Right before the Church of Masks cultists can put the mask on Shi-Yun, Jee-Han interrupts the cultists and prevents it.
  • Chapter 219: Jee-Han lays a trap for his magic-swordsman opponent, and combined with Douchery, manages to defeat him.
  • Chapter 220: With her power boost, Shi-Yun manages to defeat her own Guild Master and mother in combat, in spite of her mother's own boosted power.
  • Chapter 224: One for the villains. Taking advantage of Jee-Han's unwillingness to let anyone die on his watch, Yoohwa manages to bait Jee-Han into saving her so she could get close enough to create a mask directly on his face.
  • Chapter 228: Jee-Han manages to beat Yoohwa in her own domain, draining her powers and dodging every attack, before escaping from the mental scape. Though the ultimate war isn't over, Jee-Han won that round right after Yoohwa won the previous one.
  • Chapter 234: The grand finale of Jee-Han's conflict with Yoohwa of the Church of Masks. Once again, Yoohwa forces him into the mental scape, but Jee-Han was prepared for that. Not only did he have spells that affect the mental state, which affected Yoohwa even more considering where they are, he uses a spell he spent a fortune preparing, a spell which Lolikiano claims that if he uses successfully, will earn him the title of Grand Sorcerer, Forced Contract of Subordination, making Yoohwa his servant and through her, placing the Church of Masks under his control.
  • Chapter 241: The Chunbumoon Guild reassesses their relationship with Jee-Han, and decided to cancel his employment contract. Instead, they form an alliance with him, formally recognizing him as his own independent faction in the Abyss. Jee-Han really came a long way from the guy who was held hostage by a slime monster.
  • Chapter 247: A member of the Omniscient Council of Vagueness is finally shown taking direct action, and it is incredible. Fan Rui the Lord of Chaos more than lives up to his name and single-handedly causes a Korean-wide crisis by creating scrap after scrap that devour each other to become more powerful demons, forcing every notable force in the Korean Abyss to work overtime just to barely keep it contained. And all that is with the Divine Dragon King Munmu using his godly powers to limit the appearances of such monsters in the first place.
  • Chapter 274: Fan Rui's associates show they are equally dangerous. The Seeker of Truth and the Follower of Darkness performed the Beyond the Impossible feat of finding and accessing the Divine Birch Tree's realm without the Three Heavenly Artifacts through their mastery of spatial magic. Something which Seonil says is definitely beyond the Chunbumoon's capabilities, and possibly beyond the Dan Ui Guild (one of the nine most powerful organizations in the world).
  • Chapter 331: The leaders of Dan Ui decide on two things. One, they're declaring war on Geumodo for their role in going after the Divine Birch Tree. Two, they're allying with Jee-Han. Furthermore, they expect his manufacturing ability to soon be on par with Golden Circle (another Ninth Gate faction and world leader in manufacturing). Jee-Han has hit the big-time.