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"I just surfed a Robo-Dracula from the moon, so y'alls can just take it."
Dr. McNinja (The Adventures of Dr. McNinja), flipping off everyone in the area.

Sometimes, when reading a webcomic, you can sense something really cool is about to happen.


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Examples without a page

  • Achewood: During the Great Outdoor Fight arc, Ray tears a dude's face off.
  • In the console-RPG webcomic ADVENTURERS!, the laser-obsessed villain Khrima had his Crowning Moment of Awesome during the third phase of the final battle, where he used an excessively powerful attack that cracked the game disk!
  • From Akimbo Comics, a parable about stories that lift people up.
  • Amazoness: When Ess, the normally shy, bullied, joke-of-a-successor to the Queen ups and rants out loud to the assembled Amazons of Themiskyra that putting The Wholesome Crossdresser on trial for being a male in Amazon lands is inherently unfair since he has been raised as a woman and didn't admit to the truth of his gender out of fear of being caught.
  • Angel Moxie this strip, (bear in mind Grant Kyokasho is an Eyes Always Shut character).
  • Awkward Zombie gives us this. Come on, who doesn't wish you could do that in-game?
  • Every single panel of Axe Cop is made of 100% distilled awesome.
  • Better Days Fisk Black saves his mother from rape ... with a baseball bat.
    • Shiela Black herself gets one when Fisk's teacher accuses her of being a slut. This is the result.
  • City of Reality, Ian Sampson remaking/ adding to about 30 comic pages in chapter 7, and slamming all of the happy endings that could have been into not only the faces of AV and Todo, but into the player as well.
  • Ctrl+Alt+Del:Ethan Ryan McManus and his marriage proposal. Let's not kid ourselves; how many people would go as far as to spell out a marriage proposal to his girlfriend Lilah, by sweeping an arcade game's high scores slots and writing the initials as "LIL" "AH_" "WIL" "YOU" "MAR" "RY_" "ME"? The mind boggles at how much money he had to sink into that machine to pull it off.
    Lucas: Yeah, I'd tell you to flak yourself, but I wouldn't want to put "Towelie McNaked" in there out of a job.
  • Dead of Summer has quite a few, but two especially notable ones are Panther's Fury, where Panther takes out his evil clone with one blow, and the Spinning Bear Driver.
  • DM of the Rings: The DM shows "Aragorn" to Be Careful What You Wish For here.
    • And don't forget "Gimli" showing his experience in roleplaying games here.
    • And Legolas going completely off the rails.
    • "Gimli" tells "Legolas" why the latter sucks.
    • Call it a stretch, but "Aragorn's" take on the final battle feels like it should be worth a mention. It doesn't hurt that he's finally roleplaying... after a fashion. The not-quite-manic expression on his face doesn't hurt.
    Gandalf: We cannot hope to achieve victory through strength of arms... but we can give Frodo a ch-
    Aragorn: Yeah I'm sure you've got a great plan and everything, but I'm the King here. I run stuff now. And I say we're going on the offensive. We're going to take our army and march to Sauron's castle. And then we're going to beat on him until he cries like a little girl.
  • Ever After. One of these happens in the first issue, where Little Red Riding Hood kills an army with a saw, chopping one guard in half at one point (The guard in question had two shields), and as soon as reinforcements arrive, she kills them all, fast.
    • Although when she was going to kill Humpty, she was knocked out by Puss in Boots, she lost a few points. But Mr. Boots himself got some points for managing to knock her out.
  • Friendly Hostility: Leslie Rudd gets several throughout the pirates arcs, including his "who hates their mother more" competition with Collin, and blasting his travelling companions awake with Motorhead and informing them that he had found the pirates pretty much overnight.
    Collin: My mom hasn't spoken to me for three years.
    Leslie: Ha. My mom tried to sell me for two bags of heroin when I was six.
    • And Kitty gets one here
  • Garfield Minus Garfield: The original Garfield creator approving of the edits (as opposed to sending in the lawyers) is one thing; him writing the foreword to a book dedicated to those edits is simply unbelieveable. Even more amazing is said creator joining in on the edits.
  • Get Medieval The bees.
  • From A Girl and Her Fed; Hello Clarice.
  • History:
    • Stephanos:
      • First Step of One Thousand Miles, Stephanos's fight against the archangel, especially this page.
      • Tip of a Quill: winning at chess while somewhat occupied by fighting a rather large flying serpent that has its coils around him, all in mid-air (and he apparently without the ability to fly). "ARGH! QUEEN TO F7!"
    • Zhan.
      • From Chapter 3 - A Deviant Cause Zhan has become a fast fan favourite, and people have been quoting his cry from pages 25 and 26.
      • "And everyone knows, all houses need... WALLS!!!"
  • From How I Killed Your Master: "I had never seen the Five Mantis Fists before."
  • Inherit the Earth Anyone else want to be captain?
  • The titular hero of The Japanese Beetle got his while battling Hypnotron, a seemingly invincible robot well on its way to becoming President and destroying America. Here's how he did it.
  • Jesus Christ: In The Name of The Gun: Everyone knows about the walking on water thing, but did you know that He could also run up a stream of urine in order to backflip-kick kick a Nazi in the face?
  • Keychain of Creation: "It's not just a poem. It's a command code."
  • Last Res0rt has White Noise enjoying one for a few pages in a row after Arikos tries to brainwash him. White not only shrugs off the attempt, he proceeds to tell Arikos that the attempt to brainwash him is exactly WHY he's not being picked as his lieutenant, and then proceeds to insult the remaining candidates in no uncertain terms.
    • And then continued several pages later when Cypress tries to strongarm him into picking Arikos anyway:
    Cypress: "You don't have the option to refuse."
    White Noise: "Sure I do. Watch me."
    • And then White finally picks his lieutenant at random. He picks Qin Xu, who happens to be the only vampire (besides Jigsaw) on the show. Given that he was being told to pick Arikos otherwise, maybe it wasn't as random as it seemed.
  • How did The Mansion of E celebrate its seventh anniversary? By having a character reveal himself to be the local version of Satan and taser a bitch.
  • In the Marvel’s Voices (2022) "Paradox Lost" arc, superhero Speed is now a carer for frail Scatterbrained Senior Martin Preston, formerly the demonically-powered supervillain Master Pandemonium. A magical entity that seems to be an embodiment of death turns up to claim Speed. Preston wanders outside to intercept it, delivers a Curb-Stomp Battle when it won't back off, and deals with the artifact that called it. Speed remains oblivious to all of this.
    Speed: ...Master P? It's cold out here. What are you doing?
    Preston: Oh. There was someone on the lawn. I think. I gave them directions.
  • Mob Ties Never underestimate the power of the wedgie.
  • MS Paint Masterpieces, a webcomic retelling of Mega Man, has a few:
    • Mega Man countering the Time Stopper, then giving Quick Man a Groin Attack while in a Humoungus Mecha.
    • Polka using Reset Mode.
    • Enker revealing he's made from the same material used to make Mets.
      • ...and soon after, Mega Man figuring out how to defeat him; declaring, "I'm gonna kill you to pieces."
    • And then there's Quint...for the plain and simple fact that he's a time-displaced Evil Twin of Mega Man who fights with a nuclear powered pogo stick...and he's easily one of the most threatening characters in the strip.
      • Of course, we've seen excellent use of the pogo stick before when Rock uses it to land a solid hit on Allegro.
    • As of strip #903: Never under any circumstances, lie to Mega Man. Especially after he's copied most of your powers. Unless of course, you want another demonstration of how awesome he is. He decapitated Crash Man, the walking arsenal in quick succession, and is already moving in on Wood Man. Heck, taking on Six Robot Master's at once all by his lonesome is probably good enough.
    • And during the first storyline, Mega Man telling Wily to shut up mid-speech. Totally awesome, especially with his admission that the every single fight he'd been through, he'd been making it up as he went along.
    • Electric Man is made of this.
    • During Allegro's attack against Dr. Light's laboratory Rock fights and defeats him in lab assistant form, because "Mega Man's been gone for a decade. He's not coming back just for you."
  • Piffany disabling an evil cleric in Nodwick. With smily faces. Actually, that needs more emphasis. Piffany, who isn't the sharpest axe in the armory (actually, more of a staff), defeats a priestess of the darker powers by COVERING SAID PRIESTESS IN GOSH-DARNED SMILY FACES.
  • PvP's Brent takes up golfing. Notable for coming on the heels of a major plot event of his own, and quite a reversal from his usual curmudgeonly personality.
  • Real Life Comics: Pretty much every strip in this arc from this one out.
  • Rock, Paper, Cynic has a few of these, however, examining the Author Note of 'The Claus' reveals the message, "Lock your doors. He's coming."
  • RPG World has it's 500th strip, aptly named Conversation Interrupted. It's too cool for words.
  • From Sam & Fuzzy: Through the entire run of the comic, Sam has been utterly incompetent, at one point managing to dislocate his arm merely by waving. Through a series of events too crazy to go into detail on, he became the only person who can become the Ninja Emperor and revive the Ninja Empire. Once Sam created a ruling council, Blankface was planning to kill him and make it look like an accident. And then this comic happened.
  • The most epic "polar" bear ever, brought to you by Spiked Math
  • Starslip: WEAR IT LIKE A HAAAAAT!! Both a Moment of Awesome and a Moment Of Mundane Made Awesome.
    • Also when Katarakis sabotaged the disarming of the Jupiter bomb. To record the discovery of the bomb, and make Deep Time set it off early, he CARVED IT ON HIS CHEST.
    • Take us to Starslip For those who are unfamiliar. The last several years Mennon has been trying to get back to a worldline where he saved Jovia. He abused a stable timeloop to give him more processing time to find the path back. He just let is go so he can save his family and friends and EARN not scheme a way to his love.
    • LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD The spine of the Cosmos, in Context
  • Terinu Teri blows up the Cannon Ship's power core. While he's strapped into it.
    • Rufus, on life support and dying of a virus decimating all Vulpine, snarls in his doctor's face to let him try the cure first, rather than risk an untested vaccine on Melika.
    • Teri again, backstabbing Princess Titalia's personal guard and holding a knife to her throat to get the cure for the above.
  • In This page of Triquetra Cats, a villain's CMoA (taking down M-P in a matter of minutes) is met with one from Vyolette as she morphs into a full demon form
  • Unshelved's Buddy the Book Beaver, library page, gets one in this Unshelved strip. Unless you prefer this one, also awesome.
  • In User Friendly, Pitr shows us EXACTLY how much of a not-really-very-evil-genius he can be by:
    • Cloning Cthulhu.
    • Selling these clones to make millions of dollars.
    • Spending the money on a flight into space.
    • Hijacking the rocket and flying to the moon.
    • Using magnetic powder to turn the moon into an image of his face.
  • Quincy Tinkle gets his Crowning Moment early on in Wigu when explaining why the roly-poly that hospitalized his son does not exist anymore
  • Wondermark: In which Salvation is summoned.
  • The Wotch This comic and the asskicking that ensued after it.
  • The Zombie Hunters: Charlie's single-handed rescue of Katie. As summed up by Sammie: "And FLAK, Charlie! You punch zombies in the FACE! Like, in the face! There should be an award for that!"
  • Terror Island:
    "Any last words before we catapult you, impostor?"
    • When Gunpowder Jackson says he's a good stunt double, he's not kidding. In Strip #169, The Green Grocer attempts to kill Jame with his anti-forcefield cannon, and Gunpowder, who wasn't even in the building before, instantaneously teleports to where Jame was and pushes him out of the way before taking the shot himself and then inexplicably surviving unharmed. He then does the same thing again in the next strip.
    • In strip #300:
    • The writers ought to get one for managing to make a story about two people refusing to buy groceries last so long.
  • In Joe and Monkey, during a particularly dramatic arc involving the kidnapping of Megan, the main character's little sister, by a child killer [and possible rapist], Kleptobot hunts down the kidnapper and rescues the chloroformed Megan. Monkey then drives the kidnapper to insanity. Punctuated by Kleptobot landing on the hood of the kidnapper's car and pulling him out through the windshield.