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  • The strips where Doc and Roger kick zombie ass
  • The following year, the fire department gets in on the action. Props go to the chief, who takes on the zombies armed with only a fire axe. BAD. ASS
  • Everyone vs. Larry and Daryl. Either Larry or Daryl (it's hard to tell) takes out the entire opposing team. With a paint grenade. Best fourty bucks he ever spend indeed.
  • At one point, Roger gets chased by a couple of ~10' tall robots into the store, and he fights back with his own partial power suit tech in a way that evinces Iron Man. He has to flee through the main store, where Jinx is sleeping through the loud noises made by Roger and the robots, even as the robots pass by. When Roger gets to the elevator and barely escapes it being blown to bits at the bottom, he faces a robot that followed him down the shaft, unable to defend himself. Suddenly, a big red fist punches the side of the robot head, and once they turn around, who should be visible in the cockpit of Doc's power armor but Jinx. The kid faked sleeping, then somehow located Doc's power armor, piloted it down the shaft, and saved Roger in the span of maybe a minute. And he's grinning. For God's sake, someone needs to start actually paying the poor kid!
    • Even after he's knocked senseless and the suit damaged, Jinx gets back up and starts wailing on the robots later with the suit's dismembered arm. This inadvertantely saving Roger's skin a second time by distracting the bots from melting through the door to the lab Roger is in. While relating this to Doc the next morning, Roger asks if they do pay Jinx. When Doc replies that they do give the kid a small salary under the table, Roger tells him to quadruple it.
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