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  • Terry has his balloon stolen from him. Does he cry about it? NOPE!
    Bruce: I'm so proud of him.
  • Superman gets a moment here. While attending Tim's Christmas play, he realizes that Batman is bringing company. He perfectly organizes the League to take care of the supervillains, the crowd, and the debris.
  • Tim gets a shining moment at the climax of the "Mr. Bat-Mom" storyline, when he calls out Dick and Jason for the pranks they've pulled. Jason scoffs that Tim can't prove any of it...but Tim proves otherwise.
  • Tim's AWESOME ownage of the Meta's in Rivalry. Sure he got distracted and showed mercy at the wrong time with Green Arrow's daughter... but, he did amazing.
    • Jason gets a special mention, as he was the reason Mia lost. And he also stopped Speedy/Roy from cutting his dad's grapple pistol.
  • This line from Lois Lane... "I may be human, but I'm deadlier than Kryptonite!"
  • Jason can sum up his in one word: RAWR! It impresses Coach Tommy Monaghan and boosts Jason's confidence where he feels he can take on his "meta" classmates (who are cowering behind the Coach).
  • Dick runs all the way across town to see his crush Barbara Gordon, then runs all the way back to catch the Batmobile in time, within a few minutes.
  • In 'Crime And Punishment', Jason has put a plan into operation to take a picture of Batman with bunny ears, which needed a great deal of prep time for everything to line up (the burning roast rendering Alfred unable to take the picture, framing Tim for taking Batman's camera phone, and feeding Terry pineapple to speed up his digestion). Batman grounds him anyway because Jason ALWAYS tempts Tim to do something against the rules, there was cake batter on Jason's gloves which meant he'd been in the kitchen right before informing Alfred about the burning roast... and Batman just asked Terry who gave him pineapple.
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  • Iris Allen gets two in one strip—she intimidates Batman and makes Jason sit and behave!

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