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  • Early on, Dominic is facing a powerful sorceress who has cursed him to have fish fall on his head whenever he smokes. Attempting to cure himself, he sneaks into her castle and discovers her plan to make her daughter Luna commit suicide in order to receive compensation from a visiting knight. She gives a speech basically telling him that he can't stop her, at which point Dominic takes a puff on his pipe, catches his Improvised Weapon before it lands on his head, and smacks her out WITH A FISH. Simple, but oh so satisfying. A Funny Moment, as well.
  • Greg Deegan, at the end of the Battle for Barthis story arc/fund raising concert. When he declares that nothing could make him happier given how well the concert went, his nurse-turned-newly-appointed-mayor of a girlfriend strips down before him, intent on giving him a "proper reward" for his efforts. The last panel of said strip is simply his hand thrust into the air, giving The Horns.
  • After the Blight is ripped from Greg's body, he shows Jacob what he can really do.
  • Szark gets his own moment: "Toupee!" And another here where he disarms someone. FROM BEHIND. Yeah, he's just that awesome.
  • Dominic's is probably the gigantic battle with Celesto, where he loses his leg. Another character from that arc gets one during the War in Hell, when he makes a post-mortem comeback.
    • He has another, arguably greater one, here (warning before clicking it, you'll only get the full effect if you've read the entire Battle for Barthis arc).
  • Luna isn't a character that gets a lot of badass moments, but what few there are, they are VERY awesome. Such as later in her battle against Helixa here, and, in a rare occasion where she admits to her own badassery later on, here.
    • FLEE from my- Illusion.
  • Luna proves she can't and won't give in to her sister Amelia's lies. "Dominic would never abandon me. *Ever*."
    • Also, this. Go Luna.
  • Miranda Deegan shows us that she is NOT someone you want to anger. EVER.
  • Bumper and Stunt get their own awesome moments as well. Coincidentally, both come in the form of killing a Magnificent Bastard. First, Bumper gets a Moment of Awesome in this comic, then much later on, Stunt pulls a badass stunt of his own (no pun intended) in this one.
    • Stunt gets another one here.
  • We get three awesome moments from three different characters in a short amount of time in the "Hello Nurse!" arc. First this one from Gregory, who shows us that it's entirely possible to be badass even when about to get your ass kicked, then we get another one two strips later, courtesy of Rachel and her thing-breaking face. Finally, Pam gets a VERY awesome moment here.
  • Jacob Deegan's original entrance would have qualified in and of itself- an unexpected plot twist that was a great example of The Chessmaster in action. But then he followed it up with a series of continually escalating lessons in Magnificent Bastardry, six times a week, for over a month. During which he:
    • Kills the villains of the story arc and hijacks their evil plans for his own ends, after said plans have succeeded and the villains have attained unholy power.
    • Does this by singlehandedly taking them all on in a fight.
    • Immediately proceeds to take on the good guys as well.
    • Finds new and highly amusing ways to screw with Dominic every step of the way.
    • And literally gets away with it all, achieving every last one of his objectives. Forget Jacob; this was a crowning moment of awesome for the comic itself.
    • Personally, Milov jumping into battle against Jacob after he just slaughtered the villains easily and made him puke by telling how he killed one of the villains is nothing short of badass.
  • While Jacob is impressive, another necromancer has an even better series of moments starting here. If this is the first time you're reading this arc, read it through to the most recent strip. Wait for the revelations to sink in, and then read the whole arc a second time for the full effect. What's really impressive is that this necromancer achieves a series of Awesome Moments without getting involved in any fights or killing anybody or even using any necromancy whatsoever. Is there a trope called Montage of Awesome yet?
    • The awesome is made even greater to this troper because you find out the truth: the 'disguise' is actually the real him. It's a subtle form of awesome, but still.
    • Not only that, but the master plan involved punching Dominic in the balls, which the Snarkdom consider awesome, at least.
  • A couple of CMOAs have come at the expense of Jerk Ass Brett Taggerty:
    • He punches Rachel Hart in the face and breaks his hand. That's not a typo: Brett punched someone, severely broke his hand, and the would-be victim, Rachel Hart, didn't even flinch.
    • Celesto Morgan uses his newfound chaos magic abilities to barge in on Bret while he's in the middle of getting a lap dance, and cranks out enough chaos magic to make his body mutate before exploding in a bloody, disgusting mess. Consistently regarded as one of the best moments in the series by many fans.
    • And Celesto topped himself when he did the same thing to Bret's Smug Snake boss Serk Brakkis right when he's about to pull a Karma Houdini.
  • Dex Garrit is cool enough normally , but after getting back up after sustaining what everyone thought were lethal injuries pushes him into complete Badass territory.
  • What every Hatedom member has imagined himself/herself doing to Dominic at least once. Even Mookie admits that Dominic is being a total prick here and found drawing this event extremely satisfying. It's almost as if Mookie is throwing the Hatedom a bone by showing that a) Dominic can be a real Jerkass, b) he's not always right, and c) not everyone in the comic is willing to put up with his crap.
  • Donovan's first meeting with Serk Brakkis, where in Serk insults his friend's son, both within earshot of Donovan AND while he has his sword readily available.
    Serk: Tell me, does [Szark] need a new pair of pants every time he kills someone?
    (Serk is wide-eyed in surprise at the sound and feel of several sword slashes)
    Donovan: (brandishing sword) You're gonna need a new pair of pants every time you insult my son's friend.
    Serk: (looking to find the initials D.D. slashed into the seat of his pants) How dare you!
  • Dominic has just been stabbed in the stomach with a knife and infected by a Virus that render Seers incapable of using their second sight. What does he do about it? See for yourself.
  • A dragon. A freaking huge dragon. A freaking huge dragon that can talk.
  • Melsheena gets one, giving the Doma chief a Breaking Speech. She follows up by knocking his head clean off with a lightning charged hammer.
    "Now there's the closure I've been looking for."
    • Her Screw Destiny moment at the end of the Maltak Arc. "Fate can kiss my ass" indeed.
  • Spark and Kiya get one here against Neilen where Spark's "Death from Above" joke attack is turned outright nasty, and Kiya decides not to be a Neutral Female. Kiya follows through her attack against Neilen by smashing him to bits.
  • Donovan Deegan reveals that he has been able to speak fluent Orcish for two decades. Strips that have him mangling the Orc language are a helluva lot funnier when you realize that he knows exactly what he's saying.
  • Gregory's subversion of the Sadistic Choice. Also a Crowning Moment of Funny.
  • Karnak. A horde of the damned strike at him. What does he do? Why, he throws a supernova of a soul at them, of course. Epic.
  • Man on his deathbed finding the willpower to keep from dying... 'nuff said.
  • Stunt's battle with Urban Eddie.
  • Miranda Deegan is not an Archmage for nothing. See Mama Bear for what else can happen when she is angry. This is made even more epic when, as you keep reading, you come to realize that all this time something has been holding her magic back.
  • Greg smash.
  • No words can describe this. The result. (Note: The 2nd link is where the F-Bomb was finally dropped in the comic. And it is fully appropriate.)
    • Also, the fact that "My white magic might be gone, but I can still heal those around me. Go Greg.
  • The understated introduction of the alterist's Transgender status was a minor one for the strip as a whole. The world needs more portrayals of trans people of all varieties whose gender status is not their biggest defining characteristic. She's not a major character, but still.
  • Nimmel would like to tell some bullies that he has been accepted to Coldfire Academy on the Winter Archipelago.
  • Dominic curbstomps the Beast. With a teddy bear.
  • Miranda Deegan gives the king the evil eye from two panels away (or a dimension, which, in this comic, can be the exact same thing). What makes it awesome is the fact that he can feel it, even from that distance. If it had been point blank, his head would probably have exploded.
  • He wrote a song about, now he's about to kick evil's ass with it: The Sword of Centuries.
  • Pam not putting up with Deegan's Omniscient Morality Licence.
  • The final arc has so many, but the highlights have to be:
    • Quilt of all people killing the Infernomancer (albeit with Rilian's help), with the end result of him being banished to Hell, powerless, and ending up at Karnak's feet.
    • Jacob learning the true nature of the Blight and bringing balance to it, thus saving Milov, Jayden, Snowsong, and everyone else who survived the destruction of Aberthast Cathedral. Even Rilian was impressed.
    • Luna using the dragon's magic to destroy the Blight-bomb.
    • Miranda tricking the king with her illusion, allowing Donovan to stab him In the Back, followed by Stunt (in Revenge for Bumper) delivering an Off with His Head!. (And then when they're fleeing the Sanctum, impaling said detached Body Horror head by throwing the sword at it.)
    • Dominic exploding the Beast by throwing his mindbreak into the Lost Treasure of Luana while it's in its mouth.
    • Celesto's Big Damn Heroes moment.
    • Dominic stabbing the corrupted-Dominic-clone Beast with its own fang.
    • Celesto's Heroic Sacrifice when the Beast invokes Taking You with Me.