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Dominic Deegan

Donovan is Elan from The Order of the Stick.
It was suggested on the Order of the Stick page that Elan is a Deegan. Donovan is a blond bard (well, before he went gray), and handy with a sword, as Elan is after he Took a Level in Badass. Furthermore, the red-haired Oracle Hunter is Donovan's daughter. Obviously her mother was Haley, who will join the Blinders in an effort to steal money from them but balk at the mass suicide. She and Elan will break up before he knows she's pregnant, and he'll move to Callan, change his name, and take up with Miranda.
  • That last point was probably Jossed by the 2/26/08, which revealed that the Oracle Hunter was Luna's sister, not Dominic's. it is still possible that she's Donovan's daughter, but if she is, that would most definitely be even more squick-inducing than the whole "Dominic vs. the Virus" storyarc
    • How so? If she's related to both, it doesn't mean Dom and Luna are related to each other. The fact that she's a sociopath who tried to kill Dom (twice) would aso tend to put a dampener on any feelings of familial love. At worst, it's like two step-sibs who hook up during adulthood.
It has been suggested that the verse of Dominic Deegan (also known as Dominion) is a future earth after a nuclear war and that magic and humanoids present is due to horrible mutation.
  • Uh...where?
    • Right there, of course.
    • The old snark-tastic Dominic Deegan thread in the Giant in the Playgroud forums; I saw it, but I don't remember which of the OVER 9000 posts in the thread has it.
We've seen Light and Law and Chaos and Darkness, will there be a Light and Chaos and Dark and Law?
  • Seriously, it might be something to shake things up.

Celesto is also the Champion of Destruction
  • At least in his most recent battle with the Infernomancer, he's living up to his Fan Nickname of "Collateral Damage Man". And his default plan is "throw chaos at something until it explodes".
    • Destruction is a subsection of chaos. So... yes, he is the "Champion of Destruction," as well as the Champion of Anarchy, and any other ideal related to chaos.
      • Not necessarily. When we're introduced to the planes, it's stated that the Chaos and Destruction are separate planes. Considering the circumstances under which Celesto became a Champion however (And more importantly, what the cause he was championing was trying to achieve), it seems likely that he was also a champion of destruction anyway.

Rilian was in love with Leaflette, the Sylvan Oracle.
It certainly seemed so to this troper, but that may jes' be him.
  • This troper didn't see it as romantic love, but he definitely loved her.

The "Demon of Chaos" is the ultimate Big Bad

Well, think about it this way. When Gregory tried to fight Caylin Bren, Caylin was immune to white magic (most infernomancers are weak to it). Caylin then says something about chaos gets stronger from chaos. Fast forward to the War in Hell story arc. Notice who was nowhere to be found? Caylin Bren and the Demon of Chaos. Now, we know that not all the demon lords died because Karnak later claims to have "sealed the powers" of the surviving demon lords, presumably using his own power combined with that of the three he killed (Toxxel, Sirrilith, Ba'aleth). But like Caylin said... rules don't really apply to Chaos.


Oh, remember when Donovan predicted that "that loony" might somehow be saved? Yeah, Mookie likes his foreshadowing.

  • Now that you mention it, it does seem odd that the Demon of Chaos didn't show up when the entire cult devoted to him popped into Hell. Presumably, he would have had the best claim to their souls.

A hitherto unseen "Demon of Puns" is the ultimate Big Bad
And it's been possessing ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING to further whatever it is it's trying to do.

Nimmel is a better werewolf than most werewolves because werewolves suck at being werewolves
Their ideals are based on things werewolves have a really difficult time with (compassion, restraint, and even loyalty at times). That's why they're so isolationist. Restraint and compassion are things that come a lot more easily to other populations. So when just about every foreigner that isn't a caricature shows them how much better they are at being compassionate, restrained and loyal, they flip out and murder them. Only a select few are able to avoid this, when under the protection of powerful individuals.
  • I mean, Milov here once, upon finding out is girlfriend was cheating on him, flipped out, destroyed a house, damn near murdered his friend Dominic who only helped him find this out, and slashed the throat of (an illusionary) Jayden. Loyalty, compassion, restraint are not things that come by easily.
    • They're not things that always come easy for normal humans either.
      • Yeah, but there's a difference between living these ideals because they're ideals worth living up to, and living up to these ideals because you're not actively trying to be a complete asshat.
    • Wait... so you're complaining that Mookie subverts "Planet of hats" for his werewolves?
      • No, I'm complaining that there is even the claim that a hat is on the table. It gets to be a really big sense of Informed Ability, the same way a character is referred to as being nice when every scene they're in, they are insulting someone.
      • Wait, check that, I'm complaining because many of these werewolf cultural ideals are only introduced when Milov is telling Nimmel how awesome he is, which is made even more aggravating on the back of an arc in which almost every werewolf is shamelessly picking on the most disenfranchised members of their society and attacking each other with minimal provocation (while the ideal that wasn't just introduced still had people shamelessly trying to drive wedges between friends and a bit more shamefully abandoning friends for poon potential). So, unless this is a setup for Milov to get some serious egg on his face, or at least a way for Nimmel to realize how distasteful his reasons for going to Coldfire, I'm feeling a bit miffed, so I snark.
  • Look how many Americans actually live up to the American cultural ideal of the self-made man (or woman), and how many people in general actually behave in an honorable, fair, honest way all the time: just because a people have cultural ideas doesn't mean the majority are going to live up to it, especially college students, regardless of nationality or species.

Rilian is one of the two mages whose epic duel created the Wild Edge Territories and sundered the world.
In this strip he mentions that he had a "bad experience" there "a few years ago". And it seems like something that fits his character.
  • That certainly seems plausible, and may be true, but the explanation might not be a direct reference to anything. Rilian's disguise is magical in nature, and he explains in the next breath that the Wild Edge Territories screw with magic. His "bad experience" excuse could just be a Hand Wave to protect his disguise from warping or disappearing altogether.

Gregory's nightmares have nothing to do with the Blight.
Link. Even without his white magic, it makes no sense for Blight nightmares to be affecting Gregory now. All the Blight was removed, and quite a long time ago, too. Rather, the nightmares come from something which the Beast left on him - an effect similar to the Blight, but based on Eldritch Abomination stuff instead of dark magic. It is this "Cthulhu-Blight" which is keeping Gregory's white magic from returning. Later on, the Cthulhu-Blight will be removed, and Gregory will be back to his white-magic-wielding self.

Karnak is Jacob's real father.
  • Karnak is the only male who could have had relations with Miranda besides Donovan. He had black hair as a human and neither Miranda nor Donovan have black hair, but Jacob always has had black hair. The gene for black hair is the most dominant trait of all hair colors. Ergo, if you have black hair, at least one of your parents HAD TO have had black hair. In addition: both are Jacob was until recently power-hungry and don't care who gets hurt on their way to getting it; both hate Donovan's puns and react to them the same way; and Miranda's insistence on scanning to make sure Donovan didn't have children with anyone else seems like 'the lady doth protest to much.'
    • Funny enough, I had actually had this first guess the first time Dominic saw that vision of Karnak embracing Miranda.
    • Not necessarily, since Miranda's mother has black and white hair in exactly the same pattern as Jacob's, although the point about black hair being genetic is a good one.
    • Also note that Miranda is always the one who specifically says "you're my son" when talking to him, and Donovan is always referring to Jacob by name or reference, and does not refer to Jacob as his son.
    • Jacob is the only one of his brothers with absolutely no degree of Second Sight.

The 'viewers' are Seers
Basically, the whole comic is one big vision/scry on the tale of Dominic Deegan, and we are the seers viewing the past. How none of the other seers have detected this? There's probably some punny explanation out there somewhere.

Chance Masters is Celesto's son.
There is a resemblance and Celesto had a past meeting with Chance's parents. Celesto could have wooed Chance's mother and Chance got born. If the beast is after Celesto then he could go after Chance. Chance's parents might have felt embarrassed at the scandal and didn't want anyone to know. So, they keep all seers away.

The Beast is actually Zalgo
Celesto's eyes become black bleeding holes whenever the Beast gets involved. Coincidence?

Dominic will get a working leg replacement through necromancy.
Back when Dominic had his vision of suffering from Mindbreak, you can see that instead of a metal prosthetic leg like the ones he's been using, he looks like he has a patchwork leg of flesh, not unlike Quilt. Given Dominic's desire to make amends with Jacob at that point, and his later actions of attempting to understand the better side of necromancy through Brian, not to mention his improved opinion on Rilian, I get the feeling that necromancy will at some point give Dominic a new working leg. And with Jacob's enlightenment at Maltak... the two brothers might have a reconciliation and Jacob might be the one who gives Dominic this replacement.

Why Szark married Amelia.
She enchanted him, his denial about being gay made it easier then normal. He wanted to be attracted to her

Szark is bisexual, not gay.
He has convinced himself he is gay in order to distance himself from the murderer he used to be. This is also why he feels the need to constantly mention the fact he is gay.


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