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The Perfect Yuri

  • Natsuki saves Yuri from killing herself whilst under the influence of the Perfect Yuri, by revealing that she was a transgirl, and yet despite that, she didn't care how society perceived her.


  • After becoming suicidal due to her becoming aware of the Time Loop Monika placed her in, Yuri realizes the error of her ways and tells Anthy/Error-chan that if she wanted to kill her, she'd have to fight for it.
  • While Anthy's giving the girls a Hannibal Lecture, Natsuki sneaks behind her and smacks her with a chair.
  • Each of the literature club girls stand up to Anthy as she tried to tear them down by exploiting their flaws.
  • Yuri dares Anthy to eat her but not before reminding her that she would be responsible for killing an innocent girl. This forces Anthy into throwing in the towel.




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