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Nightmare Fuel / Doki Doki Literature Girls

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This page contains unmarked spoilers. You Have Been Warned!
Monika's face on a bad day.

While certainly not as immensely disturbing as its source material, there are still moments that remind you of what this fan comic was based on.



Natsuki's Despair

  • The Natsuki arc asks the question on what would happen if you were discover that everything you knew about your life was a lie. Natsuki begins to notice several unexplainable events happen during the arc from Monika conjuring cotton candy from seemingly out of nowhere, to Monika being forced to delete a car, ergo killing the passengers within it, when it threatened to run her and Sayori down. The most unnerving moment is when Natsuki is in her bed contemplating on everything that she had experienced as she is floating in space on her bed, as if the entire room disappeared.


The Perfect Yuri

  • Perfect Yuri. The Perfect Yuri is the result of the regular Yuri increasing her stats to a perfect 10. While she looks about the same aside from her hair being tinged blue, Perfect Yuri is a borderline psychopath who nearly drives the OG!Yuri to suicide. After seemingly being repressed, the Perfect Yuri returns a hundred comics later acting as the Mr. Hyde to Yuri's Dr. Jekyll.
    • While she ultimately remains trapped in Yuri's subconscious, the Perfect Yuri still continues the habit of subtly manipulating Yuri for no other reason than for amusement such as tricking her into getting late for school, or she would try to goad her into ending her miserable existence. One must really wonder how many psychological issues that Yuri possesses.


  • While redeemed, Monika still has moments of slowly inching into her old behavior, the most recent example being when Sayori was going to introduce her new friend to them and — fearing for the worst outcome — contemplates deleting Sayori's new friend so that she doesn't leave her. It's that bad that Natsuki herself questions whether she'd have to keep Monika occupied as if reading her mind.
    • The Friendship arc provides us with a POV shot of Monika's deletion. Equally heartbreaking as it is terrifying, Monika begs for the Player to give her another chance, insisting that she would be better next time, only for that to fall on death ears. She screams out in pain and anguish as blood began to pool through her hands, implying that she would be ripped from the inside out as she is ceasing from existence.
  • After some strips of her trying to restrain her feelings for Sayori, Ako invites Sayori to her house for a slumber party. The only catch is that she specifically wants to be alone with her. The way in which she tries to convince Sayori that she'd be "so happy" to attend really makes one wary of her true intentions...
    • Sure enough, Ako confesses her undying love for Sayori and attempts to kiss her.
  • Monika confronts Ako shortly after Sayori returns home crying. This is Monika most likely at her worst. She is immensely peeved off at Ako, and even contemplates deleting her then and there, but she restrains herself by punching Ako instead, coldly telling her that she is fortunate that it as only a punch.


  • The Perfect!Yuri gives a brief description of what a Professional was by explaining that they completely their tasks swiftly and without fail because they knowingly sacrifice their emotions. Which means that Anthy possibly was enjoying her time with the girls — Natsuki in particular — but is now forced to forget it in order to accomplish her sinister task.
  • Monika opens the program file on her computer which causes the entire game to rumble...and she unwittingly peeves Anthy off
  • Imagine this: you're in your home when without warning, the lights go out. You hear rustling somewhere in the house and you decide to investigate it. You are then attacked by some monster and it is such a shock, you barely have time to defend yourself. Worse yet? You had made a bargain with said monster that she would end your life at some point...and you don't even remember making that bargain in the first place. This is the position that Yuri finds herself in with Anthy.
  • So, Monika realizes that she could at last have the normal life she always wanted, and to make it even better? Yuri and Natsuki arrive to the house. Except there's a lot of blood. In fact, there seems to be a major gash in Natsuki's head. And Yuri isn't responding.
  • Anthy bites Monika's arm off.
  • 90% of the game is slowly getting deleted by Anthy.


  • While it is wholly understandable that she would be upset that Monika was holding herself and the other girls in a time loop where they were Not Allowed to Grow Up, the fact that Yuri makes it clear that she wants to die after living her life to the fullest is unsettling as it is heartbreaking.
  • Yuri immediately takes a liking to Error-chan (who had since been given the name Anthy), so much so, that Anthy implicates that Yuri really only let her have tea with her because there was some deep, dark desire that she wanted realized, and she then leaves ominously. The Perfect Yuri is of course no help as she simply states that the recent events promised to be interesting.
  • At a New Year's Eve party the girls throw at the club, Anthy is made a member of the club.

Give up hope. There is nothing left to do. She is not like the rest of you. Don't give her a chance. There's no point in fighting it. Run. RUN. RUN

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