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Tear Jerker / Doki Doki Literature Girls

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This page contains unmarked spoilers. You Have Been Warned!
She isn't okay.

Even as a Slice of Life webcomic where nothing horrific happens, much like its source material, there are moments that pull at the heart strings.

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  • Despite her taking the mile with trying to atone for her actions, Monika still has moments where she is helplessly clingy when it comes to Sayori, so much so, she'd be quick to panic at the thought of Sayori leaving her for someone else. Even when Sayori assures her that she truly loved her, that sense of doubt still lies within Monika, which gives potential red flags of Monika reverting back to her original mindset from the original game.

     Natsuki's Despair 
  • Sayori being terrified for her life when it seemed as though a car from another game was going to mow her and Monika down, forcing Monika to delete the car and killing its passengers.
  • Yuri is scared relentlessly for her girlfriend, so much so, when she demands for Sayori and Monika to stop leaving her in the dark, she is breaking down in tears.
  • Natsuki discovering that everything she knew was a lie. It's one thing to realize that your world is fictional and that she has no free will (or so she thought), but it's a whole other animal to realize that someone you placed all of your trust in was keeping the reality of your world a secret. This culminates in her rashly punching Monika in the face only to feel deeply remorseful for it afterwards.


Major Tearjerking Moments abound

  • Ako's life. Ako was originally a Flat Character who existed only as an extra. When Sayori first met her, she only did two things: spending time in the library and drawing flowers and a cat. Sayori made her desire more out of her limitations, climaxing in her becoming a character. Sadly, Ako is still limited in her knowledge of anything outside her programming, making her even more of an outcast in the story. When Sayori eventually convinces Ako to meet her friends, they either react to her with fear or subconsciously curse her for being "boring". This is especially not helped by the fact that Monika was more than willing to delete her out of fear that she might be a better match for Sayori.
    • Things are made even more worse for Ako when Sayori mentions to her about Monika disliking her because of having to cancel dates she arranged for herself and Sayori. As such, Ako suggests that Sayori spend time with her girlfriend while she meets back up with her in about a week. It is here where the extent of Ako's feelings for Sayori are explored.
  • Everything reaches its boiling point when after Ako tried to kiss Sayori out of miscommunication, Sayori reveals that she was aware of Ako's crush on her, but had opted to be oblivious about it, believing it would all blow over. This culminates in Ako insulting Sayori for leading her on, and Sayori retorts by severing her friendship with her. The strip ends with Ako crying out to Sayori, remorseful for what she had said.
  • We see Monika's deletion from her perspective. She is begging the Player to give her another chance and that she would beat the destiny the game had already predetermined for her. Unfortunately for Monika, the Player has none of it and deletes her. We then are treated to the pretty display of Monika slowly breaking apart due to the Player's actions. She is screaming and crying in agony as blood pools from her palms only adding onto the notion that deletion is a slow, and painful experience. Even though she is notably spiteful of Ako, it does provide some understanding on why she was so quick to believe that she was a threat.

     The Perfect Yuri Arc 
  • Yuri realizes that Monika had made it to where they wouldn't physically age so that they could handle all of their issues before moving onward. While Monika had good intentions behind her actions, this is again one of the many instances where she makes crucial decisions for her friends without their approval. Yuri is at first horrified by this revelation and confronts Monika, sobbing that she wanted to be free to die for her life to have meaning. Despite all of the reassurances that Natsuki had tried to make for the two of them, Yuri is at the far end of the Despair Event Horizon, which could only end terribly for not only her, but her friends as well.
  • Sayori eventually tells Ako the truth about their world, and while Ako is at first horrified by the revelation, she becomes delighted the more she learned about the game. It then goes from heartwarming to heartbreaking due to Ako believing that it meant that she was originally meant to be a secret character to be unlocked in the visual novel. Sayori can only subconsciously blame herself for leading a blissfully unaware Ako on like that.

  • A bit of information is given on Anthy. Apparently as a "Professional," she became the way she is because she was deliberately trying to discard her emotions. This could possibly mean that she was enjoying her time with the girls, but is now being compelled to forget those moments for her nefarious purposes, The last we see of her is a Single Tear being shed.
  • Apparently Anthy reveals that the Slasher Smile she has is permanent.
  • Despite her actions, Anthy is nothing more than one of the many victims of the Player/User who was created for the sole purpose of deleting programs that burned through data. Anthy knows that other games and programs she visited were populated by sapient characters much like in DDLC, but because of her programming, she had to kill them, undoubtedly feeling massive guilt from the act.

     The Beach Episode 
  • Ako is naturally upset about realizing that Sayori lied to her about her role in the game.

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