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Heartwarming / Doki Doki Literature Girls

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This page contains unmarked spoilers. You Have Been Warned!
"I just want you to know that in every waking moment of my existence, my heart beats because of you."

While some of its moments are ham-fisted, they none the less fit.

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  • Natsuki and Yuri each writing each other poems that were declarations of love for each other. The entire Natsuri story arc would qualify due to several moments that develop the bond the girls had, but the confession takes the cake.

  • Sayori and Monika slowly falling in love with each other. Despite the hostility that Sayori felt towards Monika in the beginning, Sayori comes to forgive Monika which gradually leads to her developing feelings for her. As for Monika, she is completely taken aback towards the aspect of falling for Sayori namely because she felt that she didn't deserve it for what she had done. Then comes time to celebrate the new year, and Sayori breaks down, professing her love for Monika. Even when she notes that she could only offer someone like Monika love, Monika immediately responds by kissing her.

     Natsuki's Despair 
  • Natsuki demands proof that she has free will. Monika says the proof is right behind her.
    You and Yuri were the first to start dating, breaking the destiny previously set for us by the writer of the game. Your love... is the proof for all of us that there's still hope to be found in the Literature Club.

  • Sayori bonding with Ako. She compliments Ako's drawings of flowers and a cat, and encourages her to expand her abilities despite her limitations by drawing her. Afterwards, she convinces Ako to leave the library, causing her to go from a flat character NPC to a background character.

  • Despite everything that she had done, Anthy is granted a second chance when Monika takes pity on her upon realizing that Anthy was in the same position of having her life be predetermined for her which was what she and the other girls were fighting against.


  • Natsuki explains briefly that before she had fallen in love with Yuri, she made the same blend of tea that Yuri typically would as if to subconsciously say that she missed her.