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Being a story about some Kid Heroes and an adult going on a heroic quest, Cucumber Quest is bound to have some awesome moments.

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    Chapter 1 
  • The Chapter 1 interlude has a moment for the Nightmare Knight, who stops the BLT trio from harassing Princess Parfait and scaring Tomato for daring to give him lip. Despite Nightmare Knight's later claims that it was because Parfait's screaming was getting on his nerves, it's clear that even he was disgusted by Tomato's jerkassery.

    Chapter 2 
  • When the Nightmare Knight comes face to face with Cucumber and Nautilus, a bit of verbal back-and-forth ensues and results in Nautilus declaring that, if they work together, they will have the power to defeat him for good. The Nightmare Knight responds to this by pulling out a miniature sun and holding it like it's just one of his weaker attacks.
    Nightmare Knight: Amusing. In that case, show me this 'power' of yours.
  • Nautilus absolutely chewing out Legato and telling him exactly how he pathetic he is.
    • And after Legato breaks down and reveals himself to be the nerdy Panpipe, Lute punishes the person who started the whole situation: Her own son, Mandolin, who had been bullying students behind his mother's back and caused Panpipe to turn into Legato. Lute scolded Mandolin and made him apologize to Panpipe, with a long talk waiting for him once they get home.
  • Noisemaster. Not only is the man Obfuscating Stupidity around the Nightmare Knight, but he takes the opportunity to trick Almond into triggering Mutemaster into action and get Princess Piano to give his Noiseblaster a full charge after having her witness Nautilus (almost) get killed. When he says that he doesn't want to play around anymore, he means it.
  • Nightmare Knight secretly saving the day in the end by erecting a purple barrier that completely neutralizes a beam from a fully-charged Noiseblaster.
  • In the Chapter 2 interlude, Nautilus saves everyone from crashing into the sun by using her order-a-pizza-anywhere-but-only-if-nobody's-in-the-mood-for-it spell to have the delivery guys parachute them out.

    Chapter 3 
  • Rosemaster's sheer determination to win at least once. Just look at her eyes when she states her goal.
  • Commander Caboodle saves Nautilus with a clever fake-out - fooling Rosemaster by calling out an attack, but his real intent was to dodge her vines and save the trapped Nautilus. It works.
  • A meta example regarding the Guardener's true face. He's a photo-realistic rabbit in a hand-painted webcomic of cartoonish bunnies. The kicker? He's not 'shopped. He is also hand-painted by Gigi to look like an actual rabbit.
    Gigi: this panel is definitely the most explicit example of "suffering for my craft" i've experienced working on cucumber quest
  • With one spell, Peridot destroys Rosemaster's vines, ending a kingdom-wide Mass Hypnosis.
  • Rosemaster using the Hocus Crocus to beat Glitchmaster, and the One-Winged Angel that is the result.
  • After being humiliated for his cowardly nature much of Chapter 3 and falling into despair, Carrot is given the sweet Love Letter he lost previously by the Roselings, and learns how much his beloved Princess Parfait still loves him and believes in him despite his faults. By the time he comes back to fight Rosemaster and the Brainwashed and Crazy Almond, Carrot has finally leveled up, turning into a courageous knight with a new set of armor and the ability to wield magic, all thanks to The Power of Love.
    Rosemaster: Back so soon? And here I thought you'd run away again.
    Carrot: No, Rosemaster. Never again.
    • He then proceeds to show off how far he's come: With his magical bow, Carrot shoots an arrow that turns into rope and restrains the Brainwashed and Crazy Almond, frees himself with a magical shockwave after Rosemaster tries trapping him in branches and vines, and defeats Rosemaster by shooting an arrow straight into her heart. It's a nice change from the cowardly knight who could barely fight with a carrot spear and runs away at the first sign of danger.

    Chapter 4 

    Chapter 5 
  • Quakemaster finally appears in this chapter and everything from his design to his personality creates a truly badass villain for the chapter. At the time of his reveal, also, it had been about three years since a Disaster Master had been introduced (not including Besty). Needless to say, Quakemaster was worth the wait and was met with much praise and excitement from fans.


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