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  • Taffy dumping Miles' ass after he flat out called her a whore, along with throwing a bowl of punch on him.
    • Not to mention not too long after Miles comes across Minos and sardonically asks him if he'll give him a speech. He gets a punch to the gut instead.
  • Tiare telling Miles exactly what he needs to hear. Are you seeing a pattern?
  • And continuing with that pattern, there's the scene where Alej calls Mora out for her behavior.
  • Early on in the first arc, as Mora is desperately trying to find Minos again she comes across the thugs that nearly raped her earlier. She takes them out without stopping.
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  • In the beginning after Mora used Miles for cheap sex and literally threw him away at the same time she verbally abused him (telling him how mediocre in bed and worthless as a man he was) because Minos was averse to being manipulated by her, he (Minos) calmy tells her how horrible of a person she is and leaves. That had to burn.
  • Bruce, a seldom seen underling of Alejandra, gets a moment during the Building An Empire side comic. Alejandra goes to a bank for a major loan, only to find that her superior at work is there already, so in a panic, she calls Bruce to get in there as her stand in, so she doesn't risk losing her job. Everyone, readers included, expected him to fail horribly. Instead? We get a nice glimpse of some Hidden Depths.
  • Alej calling out her entire board of directors. To elaborate, She's finally gotten the chance to developed on Las Lindas property but halts the project once she finds out that it would bulldoze the grave of the women who raised her. When the board members attempt to try and have her investigated and dismissed, she shuts them all up with the passionate speech and unflinchingly walks out of the room.
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  • "Not today."
  • Alej, fresh off her Heel–Face Turn, effortlessly turns the tables on Vincent and the rest of the Board by expanding on her Gr8 Juice product in a matter that not only ensures she remains in business, but keeps everyone (Mora's team, the Board, and most of all, herself) satisfied. After years of living off of nothing but petty hatred and jealously, Miss Coldthorne has finally turned her life around for the better.
  • Rachael finally getting to beat the everloving crap out of Miles.
  • Sunny letting two certain slackers know who's boss.
  • Rachael calmly calling out Miles on how he treated Taffy, and "friendzoning" him in the most fabulous way possible while he's throwing yet another fit.

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