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Awesome / Quentyn Quinn, Space Ranger

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  • The three judges brutally deconstructing the prime directive for being racist, hypocritical and downright unethical. Pidorq didn't know what hit him, a gavel to be precise.
    • A while later, the Parodian Transit General, an official responsible for the laws that forced a stowaway to be thrown out into space and forced the pilot to take responsibility for her spacing herself or face conspiracy charges, gets Judge Bob's gavel in his face as well. The other two judges can't call him on his actions this time, however; their gavels went along for the ride. The Empire of the Seven Systems takes no mercy on those who don't deserve it.
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  • As ruthless as Imperial justice can be, the simplicity of the Patoodine justice system is equally awesome. No matter your crime, the punishment is the same: Get launched from a catapult. If you survive the landing, you're free to go. So what do they do when you Mind Rape the ruler of their whole society? Unfortunately for you, they consider a rail gun to be a catapult.
    Quinn: Two words: Lunar. Impact.
  • The title character, when he encountered a planet whose economy was on the verge of collapse due to the machinations of an oligarchy that was intentionally devaluing the currency, gave the locals access to replicator tech and portable fusion generators. The true moment of awesome comes from the citizens: Within short order, the populace was able to pay off all debts by replicating usable commodities, then set up a barter economy where the paper money, and most formerly 'rare' substances were useless. When the oligarchy freaked out (Because a world where goods can literally be made by throwing garbage into a machine meant that all their wealth, both in rare materials and in paper money, was now practically useless), and tried to use a militarized police force to forcibly confiscate the tech, the populace revolted... by using reverse-engineered tech: Fusion Powered Matter Disruptor Rifles, energy weapons no heavier than chemical slugthrowers capable of one-shotting tanks. The oligarchy was suddenly very heavily outgunned. Even Quentyn was surprised, and the old government was overthrown in two years.... though less out of being outgunned than due to simply having no way to pay their soldiers and secret police goon squads.
    • Gets a bit less awesome when you realize it's a bit of an artificial Author Tract (And making fun of...the currency of literally every civilized country on Earth).
  • Quentyn telling off the attempted bomber (after revealing that many of his co-conspirators have been captured already).

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