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  • Emil's first confirmed troll kill is by setting off such a large amount of high explosives that it's strong enough to cause a minor earthquake.
  • Sigrun taking a troll bite for Reynir. Considering that she was not happy about being ordered to babysit the clueless civilian who showed up in what was supposed to be one of their food crates, to the point where she was threatening to use him as a decoy, this shows just how far she'll go to protect the people on her team.
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  • The reveal of Onni's luonto. Owl Be Damned.
    Commenter: Onni isn't having your shit.
  • The spirit of one Christian priest has kept herself from going insane for ninety years through what is implied to be sheer force of will. She's even skilled at taking down rogue spirits, with a few words!
  • Reynir, trying to be useful, scribbles some half-remembered protective runes on pieces of paper to hand out to the team. When actual supernatural danger shows up, the runes just burst into flames (causing a few embarrassing accidents). Not particularly awesome. Until later, when Lalli gets him to draw the same runes really big on the ground outside of the team's defensive perimeter. Creating a magical minefield.
    • Reynir, on Lalli's orders, later scribbles a bunch of runes to see if anyone might protect against ghosts. Not only does one of them work, but it's strong enough to keep the very intelligent and very dangerous Sleipnope away. Sleipnope resorting to You Can't Go Home Again only shows that it actually considers Reynir someone to take seriously.
  • Onni tops his entrance from Chapter 10 in Chapter 13 via summoning a fire bird onto the battlefield. Using Emil's flamethrower as an entrance portal for the thing.
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  • Lalli versus giant. Lalli cuts part of the giant in half before the strain of using magic necessary to do so kicks in.
  • Pastor A's showdown with Sleipnope, where she protects herself with an extremely resistant magical shield and attacks with well-chosen words.
  • Onni saving Lalli in the dreamspace by basically ramming the Swan of Tuonela in mid-air.
  • Emil vs Tankerpede. Gross, but awesome. Also, Emil manages to channel quite a lot more Rambo than anybody would have expected him to at the start of the series.

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