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  • Every single Comb Rave.
  • DMK's attack has ripped the universe in half. Yes, Fill 'Em With Daylight is so powerful it RIPPED THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE IN TWO.
    Righteous fires of charisma wipe out the brier. The resplendent light of divine PULCHRITUDE consumes your spirit.
    • For more awesomeness, try reading through it while playing epic music in the background using Youtube Repeat.
  • PS: Target the plug.
  • Your allies weigh in on the matter.
  • The very first time they POSE AS A TEAM, starting with PI conjuring guns for them.
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  • The Gambit Schemas.
  • As NB and HD get sucked past the event horizon, NB takes a moment to put on her sunglasses and admire the view. [1] [2] [3]
    Just before you cross the horizon, you catch a glimpse of every future event in the universe all happening at once. What you witness cannot be described by words. A spectacle transcending time and space. If it is true a thousand angels dance on the head of a pin, then so it seems all universal events imagined and real play on the polarized lens of a Hollywood B-list celebrity.
  • Pickle Inspector flipping the ship's wheel around to redirect the Snoop bust and deliver the penultimate blow to DMK, solving the SUDOCUBE again in the process. Once you realize what he's doing, you just want to start cheering him on.
  • The PI temporal clones, under the command of GPI, retroactively creating the universe. (Starting here.)

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