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This is what happens when you let the adult handle things.

Just like its predecessor, Mob Psycho 100 is filled with awesome moments that will blow your mind.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Any time his explosion meter reaches 100%.
    • At 100% Rage, he hands Dimple his ass.
    • At 100% Sadness, he's able to completely reassemble Black Vinegar Middle School after his ???% mode tears it apart.
    • At 100% Hostility, he completely trounces Koyama from Claw's 7th Branch.
    • At 100% Gratitude, he causes the super empowering mentioned in Reigen's CMOA below.
    • At 100% Courage, he trounces the vengeful spirits controlled by Mogami inside his fantasy world.
    • At 100% Tenacity, he can pinpoint the psychic signature of a specific esper from 20 kilometers away.
    • At 100% Friendship, he injects feelings of friendship directly into Serizawa, helping him break out from the mental conditioning Claw put him through.
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    • The crowning jewel of these 100% emotions is his fight against Claw leader Touichirou Suzuki whereby he cycles through 100% Rage; 100% Ecstasy, where he starts becoming a match for Touichirou; 100% Shame, which causes the clouds to form in a dense barrier around him; 100% Compassion, which lets him see into Touichirou's heart to understand how lonely he is further down than he cares to admit, 100% Sadness where he begins compressing Touichirou between a number of floating buildings, all while keeping up with Touichirou's ever-increasing power output. After that, he gives up on trying to change Touichirou's mind and decides to simply beat him into submission with 100% Resignation, only to switch over to 100% Courage when Touichirou tries to use Mob's body as a missile against the rest of his friends. When Touichirou's 100% Power Output threatens to detonate and destroy Spice City, Mob finally envelopes the two of them in a barrier and with 100% Kindness, absorbs enough of his energy that, while the blast is still gigantic, it's much more contained than it could've been had Touichirou detonated fully.
  • And also those few times he loses control and goes into ???% mode. Although Mob is rightfully afraid of those berserker episodes because it caused him to accidentally harm Ritsu when they were being beaten up by bullies, ???% has been a life-saver to slaughter monsters Mob couldn't beat even at 100% power.
    • Against Teruki, ???% breaks what little convictions he still had by shredding his clothes and absorbing his powers. ???% then sends Teruki and the entire landscape flying towards the sky and spins them into a tornado until Mob wakes up to fix all the damage.
    • During the battle against Mogami, 100% Courage Mob eventually fails to defeat the unending hordes of evil spirits who come after him and is eaten alive. Cue Mob regenerating from the brink in ???% mode and handling all of them in an instant. This scene is what opens the first episode of the anime, featuring ???% erasing each massive creature one by one with barely any effort.
  • Mob almost gets exploited by a pair of con artists, but when he calls Reigen to back him up, Reigen shows off his experience by turning the con artists' tricks on them. It takes a little assistance from a nameless spirit—previously passed on to Reigen from a haunted client—to scare them into submission, but he really shows he has a way with words.
  • Mob's fights the 7th Branch HQ are pretty much all pure Curb Stomps, starting with the rematch against Koyama where Mob wastes no time slamming him around with his psychic powers hard enough to leave craters in the walls.
  • Reigen walks into Claw's base looking for Mob and is mistaken for their boss due to how casually he carries himself walking into their territory. He finds the boy and learns that not only they were threatening him, but they're also childish social rejects out to Take Over the World.
    • In the climactic fight against Scar, he starts with drop-kicking their leader Ishiguro and sucker-punching Muraki without any superpowers. When the tensions build up and Mob's reaching his breaking point, he delivers an encouraging speech that turns this stress into a gratitude. This manifests as Reigen 1000%, and he is strong enough to No-Sell everything that Scar can throw at him. After casually tossing aside everything, he completely roasts Scar's over-reliance on their powers and their delusions of grandeur, causing almost everyone to leave to find a proper job in society.
      Muraki: But Claw only accepts the elite—
      Reigen: But I'M A COMMONER! And I'm much more powerful than any of you will ever be! Now tell me, WHAT DOES THAT MAKE YOU?!
  • Before the Body Improvement Club, Mob came in 294th out of 300 students in last year's race. By the time of his 2nd-year marathon, he managed to get in the mid-70s before passing out, and that's with an injured leg.
  • Teru shows just how far he's come as an Esper by using more than one technique at a time during a fight with a Claw member.
  • The Body Improvement Club defending Mob from Shibata — Musashi, in particular, keeping the brute from stomping on Mob's head by shielding him with his own body. Then Dimple possesses him, fully unleashes Musashi's potential, and shows that muscles enhanced with psychic powers alone are no match for a properly-built and psychically enhanced body.
  • Shimazaki's fight with the rest of the espers starts with him lording over his complete dominance of the fight, but once they figure out one of his weak points, the tides begin turning as he's confronted with the limits of his human abilities. Shimazaki pushes his Aura Vision into overdrive and flips the battle on the espers again, only for Mob to enter the scene, radiating a completely brilliant aura that has Shimazaki psyched for a challenge. But it's Reigen, the one non-esper in the fight, who sneaks up on him and pummels him into the ground, since his absolute lack of psychic abilities makes him invisible to Shimazaki.
  • Touichirou has trounced Mob, but again Reigen comes to the rescue. Despite the sheer power disparity between them, Reigen convinces him to drop his guard by telling him he knows four ways an esper as strong as Touichirou can be defeated. He bluffs Touichirou long enough to let himself casually walk up to him, only to throw a sucker-punch at the last moment.
    "The first power which all espers should be especially cautious about is BRUTE STRENGTH, BITCH!"
  • There's something pretty awesome about how Mob is recognized as the most powerful fighter in Seasoning City AKA "White T Poison" and could trounce every single delinquent in the city with barely a finger flick. But he won't because his desire not to hurt anyone extends to everyone.
  • The Telepathy Club's efforts to finally help their President with her dream, after loafing around in all of their appearances thus far.
  • Most of the supporting cast gets one when ??? finally goes berserk, namely:
    • A random police officer receives a report of the situation and still tries to stop the suspect.
    • Teruki actually keeps up with ??? while trying to calmly talk him down, reminding Mob of all the lessons he'd taught him, then realizing it was finally his time to help Mob the same way he'd been helped before. He's stripped naked, made bald again, and still manages to save all the civilians that ??? had endangered.
    • Koyama and Sakurai try to defend their store, despite having lost to Mob several times before.
    • Toichirou knocks out his bloodthirsty companions and goes to fight Mob alone as part of his 'community service', intending to repay his debt to Mob by trying to calm him down. When he's overwhelmed, Shou steps in to help his dad. Toichirou eventually decides to live without using psychic powers with his son, rather than self destruct.
    • The Body Improvement Club intervene, and one of their members manages to leverage his strength to actually hold ??? up physically for a moment, which he uses to tell Mob that everyone he's affected respects him immensely.
    • Ritsu goes Ritsu 100%, telling Mob that he accepts even his scary side, reasoning out what had caused it, and mistakenly believing that the reason ??? exists is because Mob could never talk to anyone about his problems. He considers sacrificing himself to jerk Mob out of his fugue, but takes a risk by destroying Mob's bouquet instead, destroying ???'s objective and triggering a meltdown.
    • Reigen heads into a tornado by himself to try to reach Mob. Without even knowing for sure that he's in there. Despite some serious injuries, he's able to run across the storm of debris because turns out he's been working out too. ???%, or rather, Shigeo, eventually blasts him away, only for Reigen to appear ahead of him and somehow withstand his power... because Dimple is Back for the Finale and enhancing his abilities.