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A prime example of ONE's subversive comedy style

It's a work by ONE — naturally it's gonna have some comedic bits to it.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • From Mob's first fight with Dimple: the latter's silent "Oh, Crap!" expression after slamming into Mob's barrier at full force, only to find both of his arms blown clean off afterwards.
  • Teruki gets his head shaved while fighting Mob. It's punctuated with "Top of Teru's head: 0%".
  • Most of Reigen's con work is a joy to watch in the first episode, especially as he casually insults and jerks around a couple of Gonk clients.
    • They reappear when Reigen is exposed as a scam, the man wishing to sue him... And her asking why, as Reigen did help them.
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  • Reigen "uncursing" photos... with the power of Photoshop. And erasing the client's eyebrows in the process.
  • In a tense moment, Mob is just about to give in to the corruption of an incredibly powerful evil spirit. He's got another student pinned up against the wall in a chokehold, when Dimple comes to the rescue... by appearing out of the guys nose with a casual "Hey."
    • Moments later, Dimple starts yelling at him, trying to get him to remember the real world, and brings up the Body Improvement Club and the training Mob has been doing with them. This causes Mob to imagine himself as a giant hulk of a man with huge muscles.
  • A Bonus story in Chapter 24 features Reigen trying to clear up a cursed image of a face that appears on a client's wall. His efforts include standard cleaner (doesn't work), painting over it (the face just shows through in a complementary color), turning the wall into a Modern Art painting (the face just shows through in black), and eventually gets rid of it by removing that chunk of the wall and turning it backwards. The next day, a client one room over from the first reports a face-shaped stain on their wall. Reigen just sends Mob to take care of it.
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  • An omake at the end of Chapter 90 shows Claw leader Touichirou Suzuki giving a speech in preparation for Claw getting ready to start their World Domination Plot. He postpones it due to a subordinate telling him that the One-Punch Man Anime just started airing.
  • Claw Super 5 member Shimazaki has mopped the floor with Teru, Ritsu, Shou's comrades, and the former Scars after activating his Mind's Eye, which allows him to see the auras of Espers. How is he defeated? Mob comes over to the scene, distracting him from Reigen, who just casually walks up to him and pummels him with "Justifiable Self-Defense Rush". What kills it is how said move is described by the narration:
    We don't even know if this qualifies as justifiable. He's yelling it anyway, and that counts.
    • After getting pummeled by the fox man, along with hearing Muraki refer to him as The Great Master, Shimazaki instantly believes that Reigen is a powerful esper who was able to hide his aura before attacking him.
  • Mob's 100% Full-of-himself. He doesn't get any more powerful. He just gets a butt chin.
  • All of the "Bug" Omake pages late in the manga save for the one accompanying Chapter 96.3:
    • In the first one, Ritsu claims his psychic powers now make him someone who can defend himself... only for him to call Mob for help upon seeing the titular beetle.
    • The next one features Teru meditating and training his psychic powers in the woods. Then the beetle lands on his shoulder and he decides to not come back to those woods.
    • Finally, Reigen's doesn't even show the bug. He's just typing away at his computer, pausing worriedly the first time he hears a skittering sound, and when he hears it again, he closes up shop for the rest of the day.
  • Mob and Reigen having to enter a girls high school in drag to meet with a client. Reigen gets found out by security almost instantly but commits to the scheme by acting like a teenage girl.
    • And Mob being upset that he himself wasn't found out.
  • "Say old man, have you ever been tortured before?"
  • A bonus story about a couple of con artists trying to get Mob to pay them several million yen after breaking an "expensive" pot... only for Reigen to come in and start messing with them, made even better in the anime with the way his movements are exaggerated.
  • While a little bit meta. #RedrawReigen is pure gold.
  • When the Claw division leader goes into a rant (Without the gasmask), the art of his face shifts to the point that he looks like a baby... which is fitting, given that his rant is so childish as to be infantile.
  • Tome Kurata and the rest of the Telepathy Club members' rather desperate attempt to get a fifth member to keep from being shut down by the Student Council. Tome claims that the group's ambition is to work together to improve their telepathy, but the truth is they only use the club as a cover to eat junk food and play video games. When Tome attempts to recruit Mob, she does a really pathetic attempt to come off as a Genki Girl.
  • One series of omakes have Reigen treating Mob, Ritsu, and Teruki to dinner, mostly so he comment on the food in loving detail and tell them how meat is supposed to be prepared and eaten, much to the kids' annoyance. Eventually, Mob decides to humor Reigen by saying he really likes to talk about meat... but then burns his tongue and, grimacing in pain, lisps so badly his words come out as "Shut up and eat." Ritsu is stunned. Teru, amused. As for Reigen...
    Reigen cooked his meat in silence.
    • This is followed by Ritsu stealing meat from Reigen under the excuse that it's for Mob, who does all the heavy lifting in their exorcism work. Teru then goes and orders a lot of expensive food while Reigen just sits there, humiliated by a couple of kids.
  • Lord Psycho Helmet powers a giant broccoli that threatens to destroy Spice City, converts the entire population to his cult, turns Mob's allies against him, argues that Mob's crush on Tsubomi is hopeless, almost nukes Mob... but what finally drives the boy over the edge is, of all things... being mocked for that dumb monkey shirt Teru gave him.
    • The Omake for the following chapter is a panicked/unnerved Dimple fighting an army of giant monkeys based off the design from Mob's shirt. Even his God Dimple form is no match for their gonk-y might.
    • The Omake for the chapter after that shows what Mob riding piggyback on Dimple would look like to an outsider, with him just floating awkwardly past an alarmed Tome.
  • When Mob gets challenged to a milk-drinking competition by Dimple, Mezato is internally asking why the hell Mob agreed to go along with the competition. To which the narrator plainly states "Mob loves milk" complete with an image of a smiling Mob standing beside a pastel cow.
  • Dimple intervenes on behalf of Mob during the fight against Teruki and gets defeated easily by the other kid, Mob calls out for him and there's even a montage of the moments he spent with the spirit. Heartwarming, right? Well, it would have been if it weren't because most of the memories were either of Dimple trying to manipulate Mob into using his powers or letting the spirit possess him and, in general, being a pervert about the girls at the school.
    • It's even doubly funny when, after the montage ends, Teruki asks Mob if he was shocked that he got rid of Dimple so easily, with Mob just plainly answering that no, he wasn't and then it cuts to Mob's meter showing that it had neither decreased nor increased in the slightest after witnessing Dimple's disappearance.
  • The Telepathy Club has finally made contact with aliens! Slender limbs, well-developed craniums, smooth skin, huge, glittering eyes...
  • After Mob finishes up Reigen's very fabricated book at the end of the OVA, his friends decide to be editors before sending it to the printer. When Reigen gets a hold of the final copy, he discovers to his horror that they've corrected everything he said. Most of his appearances during the recap shatter into the characters who actually did the work until the Fabrication Level reaches 0%.
    • To make things worse, Mob points out that his crowdfunder had a goal of 2,000,000 yen, but only got 2,500... which is around 23 U.S. dollars. It's then revealed that the 2,500 yen was Reigen's money... he backed his own crowdfunder to try to get the ball rolling.
  • When Mob is walking home from school one day, a couple of bullies approach him and threaten him for his money. To the dismay of Sugimoto (the main bully), he gets humiliated, strangled and squeezed thanks to Dimple, Ritsu and the Body Improvement Club respectively. And each time, he has to be saved by the very person he intended to rob.
    • Rather than using humiliation or intimidation tactics to scare off Sugimoto, Ritsu prefers the direct method of killing the bully via strangulation.
    • The Body Improvement Club members are all bigger and stronger men than Sugimoto. But they don't throw a single punch — instead, they force him to surrender by just surrounding him and crushing him with their physiques.
  • Another omake in Chapter 24 features Reigen taking the case of a family whose laptop became cursed with the screen stuck on an unsettling image. After a night of unsuccessful attempts, Reigen decides that the only solution is to elbow drop the laptop to vanquish the cursed screen. While the parents are furious over his action, the fox man gives a thumbs up to the son who is grateful for his kindness. But then Mob comes in and spoils everything.
    Mob: Huh, did you break it? The one with the porn screen?