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"You don't raise heroes, you raise sons. And if you treat them like sons, they'll turn out to be heroes, even if it's just in your own eyes."

One of the many qualities of Mob Psycho's charm is its lessons of human kindness and the true power of being a good person.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Mob generally doesn't like hurting people, but what's one of the best ways to get him to reach 100% power? Hurt Ritsu.
    • Or Reigen. Mob hits 100% twice because someone has hurt Reigen in front of him.
  • After Mob's abysmal performance in the Student Council Presidential Election, he gets asked out by a girl, Emi. While he turns her down, the two do hang out until she admits that she asked him out on a dare. Later, when Mob sees her friends mocking a novel she wrote and tearing it to shreds, he calls them out and uses his powers to repair the book. Even Tsubomi seems to admire the sight.
  • Mob refusing to fight Tsuchiya was because his master told him that "guys who go around beating women are the biggest losers in the world". It's touching, and slightly sad, that Reigen had a conversation with Mob explaining why domestic abuse is wrong and encouraging him not to be a guy who hurts women.
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  • When Mob is threatened by bullies for his money, he ends up being rescued by Dimple, Ritsu, and the Body Improvement Club, who use their own tactics to keep the thugs away from their friend/brother. It's a touching scene since it features so many of Mob's friends and loved ones who would go out of their way to protect him. It also doubles as a Crowning Moment of Funny since each of those tactics is worthy of a good laugh.
  • When a group of college kids try to force Reigen, Dimple, and Mob to exorcise the spirits from a haunted house, Mob refuses since they're harmless, and are in fact only looking to spend more time together, since in life they were a happy family of three. When the college students continue to pressure him to exorcise the ghosts, Reigen and Dimple see how uncomfortable this is making Mob. Reigen then turns around and Salt Splashes them, calling an end to the exorcism and taking their payment.
    • The anime adaptation puts a little more focus on Reigen's late realization that spirits are as much a part of Mob's life as other people.
  • Mob's Kirk Summation to Mogami just before 100% Courage has him reflecting on how lucky he is that, even if he does have people who use him, that even they are actually his friends, among the many others that he's made this year. This also fuels his ability to finally exorcise Mogami from Asagiri.
  • Reigen and Mob's relationship. Reigen is a jerk to him at times, and in one arc is so rude to him that Mob refuses to show up for work for quite a long stretch of time. But at the end of the day, they care a lot about each other, with Reigen becoming more of a Benevolent Boss and friend to make up for his earlier harsh treatment of Mob, and expressing his pride in how much Mob has grown up. Mob uses his power anonymously to make the room shake, so the press will believe Reigen is a real psychic and leave him alone, and later expresses that Reigen is the only person he feels comfortable talking to.
    • "I knew it all along... my Master's true identity... he is 'a good person'".
      • The anime makes it even more heartwarming by following it up with a quick montage of Mob's first meeting with Reigen, which then transitions from a younger Mob's look of wonder to Reigen's reaction to Mob's words. Reigen looks like he's on the verge of tears.
    • Their origin story. Mob initially seeks Reigen out after misunderstanding a woman saying that his massage was as good as an exorcism, thinking Reigen was an esper like him. Reigen didn't really believe Mob had powers, but wanted to comfort him anyway, explaining that he understood Mob's struggle to fit in. He told Mob that his powers didn't make any different from anyone else, and the look on Mob's face... Mob misunderstood and thought Reigen meant he was an esper as well, and Reigen admits to himself that Mob has inspired him.
  • When all of Mob's friends learn that he intends to try and place in the top 10 for this year's school marathon in order to make a love confession to Tsubomi, he receives overwhelming support. The Telepathy Club and Body Improvement Club help push his training to its limits, Reigen cancels work to help him jog, Dimple shows continual support and concern for his efforts, Ritsu takes care of the household chores while he trains, and Onigawara gives him some high-end running shoes. It shows just how far Mob has come from the social outcast he was at the start of the series.
  • Mob vs. Serizawa ends with Mob showing the bear how similar they are based on his memories and past experiences through 100% Friendship.
  • Mob vs Touichirou begins with Mob extending his hand in understanding to the elder Suzuki and talks of the merit of having people in your life; he immediately dismisses the idea that Mob could possibly know how he feels. Tellingly, after their fight ends and he surrenders, Touichirou emulates the hand gesture and muses on what Mob said; despite how far gone he was, Mob got through to him.
    • Doubles as a Tear Jerker: Mob refuses to end Suzuki père's life per his request, and sits there with him, selflessly holding space for Suzuki while absorbing the man's excess energy into his own body. Even though it could mean him sacrificing his own life; even though he openly admits to deeply disliking the guy... simply because he didn't want Suzuki to suffer alone. Now this is compassion we can all learn from.
  • Chapter 96.3's "Bug" Omake page. After scaring the crap out of Teru, Ritsu, and Reigen, the titular beetle is simply observed without fear or malice by the Body Improvement Club, and they let it fly out the window peacefully.
  • Once Ritsu finally awakens his powers, he lashes out at Mob and attacks him. Mob's reaction?
    • "Ritsu, you have psychic powers! Congratulations!"
    • Mob's sincere love and admiration for his little brother is always heartwarming. Special mention goes to Mob hugging Ritsu, relieved that he's alright, in the Scar arc.
  • Teru taking Mob home after his first fight with Koyama and taking care of him shows how much he's changed and how much he really wants to be Mob's friend.
  • All of Mob's interactions with the Body Improvement Club. In most any other medium, when a social reject like Mob approaches a group of jocks, he gets bullied, abused, and treated like dirt. Here, instead, Mob is immediately welcomed as part of the club, and is well liked by all of the members, to the point that when Mob is kidnapped, the entire club shows up to whoop wholesale ass on the delinquents responsible.
    • The Body Improvement Club in general are just a bunch of Lovable Jocks. When Tenga Onigawara gets framed as a pervert, they're the only students who believe his story and don't ostracize him, welcoming him into the group (especially heartwarming given that they previously expressed distaste for his violent nature, but are willing to give him a chance to try and improve.) They also allow the Telepathy Club to keep using their Club Room, with their only condition being they look after Mob whenever he passes out during training.
    • Despite being highly outclassed by Super 5 Enforcer Shibata, each of the members lay their lives on the line in order to protect Mob and their captain. It escalates to the point that Musashi uses his body to keep Mob from getting crushed under Shibata's foot.
    Musashi: I don't know what you have against Kageyama...but...he doesn't deserve to have you step on his head...He's a kind and decent guy. (to Mob) Listen, you've been working so matter how many times you passed matter how many times you've've always been running right behind us. You never give up! Seeing you like the rest of us courage! And that's not gonna matter what this guy does. You hear me?! (to Shibata) I won't let you! I'll die before I let you do anything to Kageyama!
    • During his showdown with President Suzuki, Mob recites the chant of his club and uses it to fight back against the False King.
    Mob: Body Improvement! Fight On!
  • Reigen and Mob's very first meeting. While most other scam artists would likely have said, "Get lost, kid," the moment a youngster like Mob approached them, Reigen instead welcomes in the clearly troubled young Mob, and offers him the advice that literally becomes the cornerstone of Mob's existence: You are no different than anyone else, no better or worse. Your focus shouldn't be on having powers, but on being a good person, above all else.
    • From the same episode: Reigen telling Mob not to use his powers to try and fight the Scars, telling him that Mob would be the one who would be hurting in the end, and that instead, it was okay to run. Reigen knew that Mob could defeat the Scars, but not without being hurt, physically and emotionally, himself, and Reigen puts Mob's safety above everything else, even his own.
  • The events of the previous point end up having a huge impact in the next episode. Mob was torn between wanting to protect his friends and the desire to uphold his masters ideals of not hurting people with his powers. However, Reigen telling Mob that it is okay to run away gave him a third option: leave it to master. His gratitude towards Reigen turns his 100% murderous intent into 100% gratitude instead, allowing him to give all of his power to Reigen, comfortable in the knowledge the Reigen will protect them. And then it jumps to 1000%.
  • During the second OVA, Reigen is frustrated when he learns that Serizawa was able to travel outside of the haunted train while he was trapped with no way of escaping. But rather than expressing his frustrations, he decides to hold his temper knowing that Serizawa is still new to reading the room and offers some genuine wisdom to the bear on the importance of being able to think for himself. The fox man then solidifies his speech by reminding him that "he is no longer anyone's slave or a shut-in.
  • At the end of Chapter 97.8, Dimple, having been powered up immensely by the Divine Tree, insults the shirt that Teru had bought for Mob, causing him to reach 100%. Come 97.9, it's revealed that Dimple's shock at how ugly the shirt was, as opposed to all of Mobs other friends lying so as not to hurt his feelings, keyed Mob off unequivocally that Dimple's bluster and attempts to provoke Mob were hollow, and he discards all his power, with his explosion not being 100% Anger or Offended, but 100% Trust that Dimple cares about him. This is followed in 97.10 where Mob thinks back to realizing that everything that Dimple did with the Divine Tree is stuff that he could have done on his own, but that in being caught up in his own desire to be popular, brushed off Dimple when he asked Mob to join him in gaining recognition. By the end, Dimple realizes that his desire to be a god was really just hoping for someone, anyone, to acknowledge him, and that he finally found that type of person in Mob.
  • All of Chapter 100. Mob and "Shigeo" learn to accept each other, Reigen admits he lied the whole time and is openly accepted by Mob, Dimple returns for a brief moment to help the pair, and Mob finally openly cries for the first time in a while after he gets rejected by Tsubomi. That last one is heartwarming for the sheer catharsis of seeing Mob emote without his powers coming into play.
  • The whole of Chapter 101 as well. Mob and Ritsu are the Vice Presidents of the Body Improvement Club and Salt Mid Student Council respectively, Mob being a mentor to the 1st year recruits. Ritsu reveals that even after moving away, Tsubomi is still in contact with Mob, and the two talk over the phone regularly. Serizawa and Tome have settled into pretty happy roles working at Spirits & Such, and the chapter ends with the Spirits & Such workers holding a birthday party for Reigen, attended by the Telepathy Club, Teruki and the Awakening Lab, and Shou Suzuki. The manga ends on a panel of Mob laughing brightly after accidentally sending Reigen's cake into his face with his powers.