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???% is not Mob.
???% is a being separate from Mob, although dormant most of the time and (currently) residing in his body. Evidence for this theory:
  • The obvious dislike Mob has for ???% (which can be interpreted as being different from his dislike towards going 100%, if he has even expressed dislike for 100% Mode).
    • And if you're thinking, "No, he hates going 100% and going ???% because of his bad experiences showing of his psychic powers, etc", as far as I remember, Mob has not mentioned disliking going 100%, and only cried when Teru forced him to go ???%. I might be wrong, though.
      • Seems to be confirmed, new chapters are having him argue with ???%, for control of the body.
  • The fact that ???% appeared even after his (mental) body disappeared.
    • It was revealed in the manga that ???% was in fact Mob, more precisely the part of himself that he repressed since Ritsu’s incident. It’s the manifestation of his raw psychic powers without any inhibitions and the unconscious thoughts Mob pushes away, making him in a way a Shadow Archetype.
    • I agree with the manga reveal except: Wouldn't ???% have always been latent in Mob? It's the repressed parts of his personality, period. Anyone unfortunate enough to knock him unconscious would shake it loose — if it hadn't been the high schoolers who mugged him and Ritsu when they were little, it would have been someone or something else. And can it still be activated for Mob's self-preservation now that he has begun the process of integrating his Shadow Archetype into his personality?
???% is Mob's most powerful emotion.
I believe ???% is Mob's love for different people in his life. Evidence: it was first triggered from his protective instincts towards his brother. The second time it was triggered, it was love for his friends/the Body Improvement Club.
The curse Reigen got from the angry customer in chapter 58 will slowly kill him.
And he'll neglect telling Mob about until it's almost too late.
In the past, one of the ESPers Claw experimented upon was Tatsumaki
Because it would explain a lot.
Ritsu is the one messing with Mob's spoons at dinner.
Based on a few observations:
  • Mob usually is shown to be in full control of his powers unless in 100% or ???% Mode.
  • When Ritsu awakens his powers, he admits to have repressed feelings of rejection towards Mob which he didn't show out of fear.
  • Ritsu's latent powers are often connected to the bend spoon metaphor (When he tries to bend a spoon in a flashback; when he tries to do the same in the awakening lab and succeeds without noticing; when Dimple proofs to him that he indeed has powers now; when he displays his powers to the awakening lab peers)
  • Following the resulting conversation at dinner (apparently going along the same lines everytime), Ritsu would repair the spoon and get praise from their mom for having other talents. Even though he doesn't seem to enjoy that, I'm counting this one because Ritsu's feelings are complex.

Conclusion: Ritsu unconsciously bends Mob's spoons at dinner to make himself feel better, but it doesn't work.

  • Reigen is a Trickster. If we are lucky, he won't find it.
  • Reigen has the power of Synchronicity. Like John Constantine, "the World's Greatest Con Man", another blond man and manipulative bastard. Hopefully, this possibility won't be ever used by One. Never.

Mob will grow up to become Blast of One-Punch Man.
Mysterious Beings have yet to emerge in Mob Psycho 100, there's no hint of the Hero Association having been founded yet and non-psychic superpowers don't seem to have developed in humans. So Mob Psycho 100 would be a prequel.

Blast has only been seen in silhouette in a flashback, but doesn't look like Mob, being tall and muscular. That is, he doesn't look much like 14-year-old Mob. But Blast is an adult of indeterminate age, so Mob has plenty of time for the Body Improvement Club to get him into that kind of shape. And part of his character arc involves coming to terms with his powers and using them to help others. One of the few other things known about Blast is that he was a mentor to Tatsumaki, another Esper who he rescued from a suspiciously Claw-like facility.

Reigen is not an esper. He's a diskworld Witch.

In Diskworld, the witches work in Headology or using a brutal understanding of humanity to fix (or cause) people's problems. part of this is leaning a little in the stereotypes people have of witches. Likewise, Reigen leans into the mystierous nature people expect from one who works with ghosts to treat what is actually wrong with people.