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Quotes from Mob Psycho 100

"Don't do it Mob. When things go south, it's ok to run away!"
Reigen Arataka

"If I ever want to eradicate humans instead of evil spirits, I wonder if there will be anyone to stop me."

"Listen. Just because you have these psychic powers and abilities, it doesn't mean you're any less of a human than anyone else. There are people who are fast, people who are book smart, and people with strong body odor. Psychic powers are just like that: another characteristic. You must embrace that characteristic as a part of yourself and continue to live positively. After all, the truth behind one's charm is kindness. So just be a good person. You got it?"
Reigen Arataka to Shigeo 'Mob' Kageyama.

"What the hell are you so surprised about? Muscles built using psychic powers don't stand a chance against muscles built by training diligently every day. This guy is way out of your league! Shigeo was right."
Dimple, posessing Musashi Goda, showing a muscle-enhancing psychic what's what.

Mob: How did your life end up being so hollow? I can't judge you for the life you chose, though. You were just unlucky.
Suzuki: What are you talking about? There is no one in this world that is as lucky as me! Heaven bestowed these powers upon me and made you all extras, created solely to make my star shine!
Mob: Really? Then it wasn't luck that you were lacking. It was bonds.
Suzuki: What?
Mob: You were the only one who existed in your world. You lived in overwhelming solitude. I know that feeling well... Living in a world where I'm completely all alone, one I want to forget forever.
Suzuki: I don't understand. Why? Why are you crying?
Mob: You might not believe me, but I really don't want to hurt you.

"Just having powers doesn't mean everything works out for you. But that's perfectly fine, as long as you make the important choices yourself. I'm the protagonist of my own life."
Mob as he talks to Suzuki.

"See...I knew it... It's an important moment, after all. I knew I would be needed. Now, then... I'll make sure nothing gets in my way..."