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  • Arc Fatigue: The second Claw arc lasted long enough to tire out some readers, not to mention that there were lots of characters to keep track of. (Even ONE himself joked about forgetting the telepathy twins at one point). Chapter 90, in particular, was divided into 12 parts overall. The anime's approach to this arc was better received due to to it's much faster pacing- while it was the last half of the season, the vast majority of the fights were much better paced, and the Final Battle between Mob and Souichiro only lasts one episode. The animation in these episodes also verge on Visual Effects of Awesome a lot of the time and make excellent use of colour, which does wonders for keeping the audience engaged compared to the monochrome manga art, which can blend together in long reading sessions.
  • Award Snub:
    • Lost the "Best Animation" category in the fan-voted 2016 Crunchyroll Anime Awards to Yuri!!! on Ice. While Yuri!!! on Ice is by no means bad-looking, it has a rather standard art style and level of animation outside some examples of Animation Bump.
    • Averted in the 2019 Awards. To the surprise of many, the second season won "Best Animation" over Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, which many assumed would win due to its greater popularity.
  • Awesome Art: Oh god yes. Both seasons of the anime are done by Studio Bones and contain some of the best animation work they've ever done (which is really saying something). Don't let the seemingly crude art-style fool you, it's a favorite among sakuga-enthusiasts for a very good reason. For one, it uses no CGI-everything is done by hand, at a time when CGI is becoming more and more prevalent in anime. Some of the major action scenes in season 2 equal or surpass what many anime films can manage with much larger budgets and longer production times. The series itself is essentially a love letter to animation, with not typically-seen animation styles, such as paint on glass and sand, and Bones bringing in different animators from across the industry to work on the series. Even something as simple as a scene where Reigen eats a hamburger is notable for its animation.
  • Awesome Music:
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: The first season of the anime opens with ???% fighting a horde of monsters. One would expect that to be an Adaptation Expansion of the battle inside Mogami's mindscape, but when the second season adapted it, it stayed closer to the manga's version. That Action Prologue is also odd in that ???% is given his own Explosion Counter that ends at 100%, ???% going from the usual smokey black with white eyes to bright white with red eyes, seemingly implying of a form beyond ???; all of which never happens in the series proper and is never explained outside of the series either.
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  • Ensemble Dark Horse: The Body Improvement Club became quite popular because instead of being stereotypical Jerk Jocks, they're actually decent guys who are legitimately nice to Mob and look out for him. Fans were quick to dub them "The Muscle Bros".
  • Epileptic Trees: A slow building theory over the course of the series concerned Tsubomi secretly being an esper as well. Some story points support the theory, such as her nonchalant reaction to Mob's powers, her initial resistance to Psycho Helmet's influence, and in Chapter 100 she shows virtually no fear despite the city almost breaking apart as she speaks.
  • Fountain of Memes: Reigen. In the fandom, he is simultaneously known as the resident Memetic Badass and Memetic Sex God. In fact, him trending on Twitter contributes a lot to the show's popularity.
  • Friendly Fandoms:
    • With One-Punch Man of course, as they share the same creator, ONE. You wouldn't be able to count the amount of One Punch Man Easter Eggs this series (such as Saitama's face randomly appearing on objects or in the background) has in one hand.
    • With My Hero Academia, with both of the animes being made by Studio Bones that are praised by their art. There's a lot of fanart of Midoriya befriending Mob, as both are rather similar in characterization, being extremely powerful, but lovable characters.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: In the anime, at the end of each episode, Reigen gives a sales pitch for the next one, in line with his personality as a con man. When Reigen is presumed dead at the end of Episode 11, Mob voices the post-credits scene.
    Mob: Next time on Mob Psycho 100 Episode 12: 'Mob and Reigen.' This was in Master's will: Watching the finale in real time is an excellent decision.
  • Growing the Beard: The Teruki Arc is often cited as the changing point from the series from being "One Punch Man 2.0" to its own unique identity.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Shigeo is nicknamed "Mob" as in "mob character", a Japanese term for a background character in a manga/anime or a non-player character in a video game, because of his outward lack of emotions and ambition. Why is this hilarious? Because ONE basically almost predicted the "NPC" meme years before it appeared.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: The second half of the "Separate Ways" Arc involved Reigen being publicly humiliated on social media and treated like a social pariah for lying to everyone. In 2019, his dub voice actor Chris Niosi was accused on different media platforms of, and later confirmed by himself to have been, sexually harassing and emotionally abusing his friends and family members for years.
  • Love to Hate: Keiji Mogami is of the most popular villains of the series... thanks to how utterly dark and twisted he is. His calm and analytical personality also makes it a delight to hear him talk.
  • Memetic Badass: Reigen's insane luck and occasional Refuge in Audacity eventually earned him this status among fans.
  • Memetic Loser: Likewise, it's also common to find fanworks or memes that ridicule Reigen due to many fans interpreting him as a relatable mess of a human being.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • Pretending to be Reigen using sockpuppets to defend himself online, only for someone else to call him out.
    • #RedrawReigen: Redrawing hilarious stock photos with Reigen and the rest of the cast, as proposed by Twitter user Doona. Even ONE acknowledged the meme.
    • "We were robbed." explanation 
    • "If I don't keep backflipping, Mob will die." and variations of such.explanation 
    • Clark Newman explanation 
    • Leftist propagandaexplanation 
  • Moe: Mob himself. A lot of readers find his modesty, awkwardness, and earnest attempts at self-improvement very endearing.
  • Mondegreen: Two particular lines in the second opening, "Get ready, wake your psyche up, Mob!" and "Get ready, dig your anger up, Mob!", were sometimes misheard as "Get ready, ready to set me off, Mob!" and "Get ready, feed your anger up/did you ever have, Mob!" instead respectively.
    • Perhaps even more more popular is turning "Can you feel your frustration?" from the same opening into "Can you feel your masturbation?"
  • Nightmare Fuel: While the series can suddenly veer into scary territory pretty suddenly, nothing stands out quite like Keiji Mogami. In life, he was a powerful psychic who wound up taking up assassinations for money. After arranging his own suicide, he became an immensely powerful evil spirit, not only being strong enough to torture Mob, normally a Comically Invincible Hero, in a Lotus-Eater Machine for what he perceives as six months, very nearly succeeding in convincing Mob of his worldview in the process. Several arcs later, when his container is destroyed, those on the scene who were there for his debut arc continue to treat him like The Dreaded, when most villains become less frightening after their debuts. He's also one of the only times anyone has outright killed human characters, albeit a bunch of Red Shirt fake psychics.
    • At the beginning of the Claw Arc, Mob returns home with Dimple to find his home ablaze. While Mob runs through it looking for his family, Dimple informs him that there's evidence this was a break in, only for Mob to stumble upon what seems to be the massacred and torched remains of his family. While it's summarily revealed that it's an illusion by Dimple, for a brief minute Mob's explosion counter spikes to well over 100, eventually settling on ???%. While he's still awake. The implications of this are chilling- not only is Mob able to consciously access ???%'s power while under extreme duress, but he's able to willingly use it against people if they hurt his loved ones, going against everything Reigen taught him. One can only shudder to think what would happen in a situation such as this.
      • The anime plays this up even further, with Mob's voice actor letting out a downright hellish growl of impotent rage. The image of Mob's bloodshot eyes staring at the fake corpses of his family is the image the episode ends on, and coming from the sweet-hearted Mob, his expression of pure hate steps deep into the Uncanny Valley.
    • Udo, a childlike esper employed by the government, becomes pretty creepy once he activates his Psycho Steroids. He becomes a Tiny-Headed Behemoth that chuckles as he throws around Megaton Punches.
    • The Giant Broccoli taking on its own life as "Lord Psycho Helmet."
    • Chapter 100.2 shows Mob's ???% so single-mindedly focused on getting to their meeting with Tsubomi that it doesn't care about its powers causing windstorms and earthquakes that are cause for concern enough to evacuate Seasoning City.
  • One-Scene Wonder: The security guard Dimple possesses during the Scar arc. He only shows up for a couple of scenes in that form, but he's by and large one of the most popular forms Dimple has taken in the series, especially among girls.
  • Self-Fanservice: While it is hard to point out who's supposed to be attractive or not in ONE's art (Tsubomi being the main exception among the recurrent cast, since she even seems to be drawn in a slightly different style in order to show us how pretty she is supposed to be), we don't get any clues whether Reigen is meant to be actually more attractive than any other person who isn't an obviously Gonk one-shot character. In fanart however, he is usually portrayed as quite the Biseinen. Granted a lot of this is helped by the anime, where everyone is given much more attractive/handsome character designs. Do note, however, that this was going on before the anime even aired.
  • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped: Just because you have a special talent doesn't mean that you're going to definitely live a fulfilling life. One must constantly better themselves instead of resting on their laurels. Furthermore, thinking that said talent is more meaningful than the skills of others is conceited and misguided.
    • Another overarching theme lies in characters who at first offhandedly dismiss Mob for being strange, unsociable and not conventionally talented later developing respect for his sincerity and genuine kindness, and start trying to better understand how he sees things and expresses himself. Characters like Reigen and Dimple have to go through this sort of development more than once as they become overconfident in their understanding of Mob and how they can use him for their own gain without him catching on or eventually pushing back. Given how Mob's habits resonate a lot with the autistic community, the Reality Subtext is important.
    • Having power doesn't mean that you're better than anyone else; what you chose to do with said power determines what you will be.
    • Yes, it can be handy to hold in your emotions, but doing it all the time is never healthy— not for you, and certainly not for the people around you when you finally explode. Find the time to develop healthy emotional outlets or realize it's okay to feel the way you do.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!:
    • When Mob is being pushed around by the LOL Cult in Chapter 7, the crowd laughs at him after spitting out the spoiled milk that he was given. Mob then glares, and firmly responds that he isn't laughing along with them. The anime's (Episode 3) interpretation of this particular scene had Mob look much less threatening in comparison (dull expression on a white background), which disappointed some viewers who otherwise enjoyed how the episode depicted Mob's Rage Breaking Point.
    • Certain fans were somewhat disappointed with the shortening of the Keiji Mogami arc in the anime, particularly Mob's time in Mogami's Lotus-Eater Machine, which had more time devoted to escalating Mob's torture in the manga.
  • The Woobie: Mob only wants to improve his life and be liked by others, but often comes across opponents who envy his powers, whilst in turn ending up being exploited by most of the people around him for their own purposes.


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