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Greetings, troper! Nothing to describe! Except... well, there's this voice actor...

Kyle McCarley (born December 5, 1985) is a voice actor, voice director and ADR script writer from Los Angeles, California. He is currently a newcomer to the voice acting industry and happens to voice characters of various walks in life. He can be a Smug Super, a Nice Guy, Manipulative Bastard class, anything.

Since 2016, he's married to Katelyn Gault, who is also a newcomer to voice acting.

He can be found on his personal website here and Facebook here.

Roles done by Kyle McCarley

Kyle McCarley and his works provide examples of:

Heaven, hell, purgatory. Heaven, hell, purgatory... PURGATORY!
Hahahaha! You lucked out, tropers! Looks like purgatory it is!