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Believe in Victory
A world scattered like clouds through an endless blue sky. Life is a tempest of adventure and combat, and the wind is never at rest.
How long will your journey last? Where will it lead? All you can know for certain is the heft of the weapon grasped in your hand, and your own resolve to wield it.
But do not despair. You have but a brief time to burn-so blaze. Light the skies with your glory. Put even the stars to shame.
Are you prepared? Will you give yourself wholly to this fight?
Come, you children of fate. The hour of reckoning is upon us.

Granblue Fantasy Versus is a 2D Fighting Game Spin-Off of the Granblue Fantasy video game series, developed by Cygames and Arc System Works for the Sony PlayStation 4.

Announced in December 2018, Versus launched on February 6, 2020 for Japan (published by Cygames themselves) and other Asian regions (published by Sega), with XSEED Games bringing the game to North America on March 3rd, 2020. Marvelous Europe also released the game in EU/PAL territories on March 27th, 2020. The game was also released on PC (via Steam) on March 13th, 2020.

Like Guilty Gear Xrd and Dragon Ball Fighter Z, Versus utilizes the similar 3D graphics on a 2D playing field, powered by technology behind the Unreal Engine. The game's official website can be found here.

Cygames has stated the plot is separate from the original mobile game. Versus is accessible and friendly to newcomers, but also features deeper game mechanics to appeal to those in the fighting game community.


A Closed Beta Test Period was conducted from May 31 to June 1, 2019 in order to test the game's online features, which were available only for specific time periods.

Trailers: Compiled in the Official YouTube Channel.

This page details tropes that are found, or introduced in the game, including its trailers. For non-Fighting Game tropes regarding characters in the original Granblue Fantasy, see here.


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This game provides examples of:

  • Acceptable Breaks from Reality: Charlotta's crown isn't merely a cosmetic item in this game, and as stated by the developers in the Closed Beta Test Matchup video, it has a hurtbox! This was done for Competitive Balance purposes, as her body's hurtbox is small, given that she is a Harvin.
  • Achievement Mockery: There is a trophy for Metera that has the explicitly-written requirement of "Step on an opponent 10 times in a match".note 
  • All Just a Dream: Lowain's win and lose screens reveal that his matches are actually all just him chatting about hypothetical matchups and/or napping at the café yet again. Even if their opponents win, their lines suggest that some of the fight was imaginary on their ends.
  • All Swords Are the Same: In actual PvP matches, the weapon skins are examples of this trope, they're merely cosmetic rewards. For example, Gran plays just as the same regardless if he equips the Traveller's Sword or Luminiera Sword Omega, etc...
  • Ambidextrous Sprite: The characters are cel-shaded 3D models made to appear like traditional sprite animation, but they still get flipped when they change facing. Curiously, the flip isn't instantaneous, instead accompanied by a brief animation of the character switching their weapon from one hand to the other, though obviously some of their asymmetrical design features (such as Ferry's earring) just get mirrored.
  • Anti-Frustration Features: The Command List in this game makes use of the PS4's four face buttons and triggers instead of generic text notations and command shorthands like "Low Attack", "Medium Attack", "High Attack" / "L/M/H", etc... Other than that, if you reconfigure your key bindings, the command list also directly changes to reflect the updated settings. Lastly, each character's individual command list also previews the moves' animations on the bottom right of the screen.
  • Arc Welding: The story of RPG Mode features Belial and Beelzebub as its antagonists, who were also two of the antagonists in the mobile game's "What Makes The Sky Blue" story arc. However, when Beelzebub's backstory wasn't covered there, this game does fill out the plot holes of both Beelzebub and the WMTSB trilogy.
  • Ascended Meme:
    • When Metera flirts with the Lowain Bros during their intro conversations, Tomoi would say a variant of "Step on me!", a phrase commonly used in anime communities.
    • Much like her anime episode, Djeeta's existence lives and breathes the in-joke of the Granblue community that she's the avatar of whaling. Case in point, whereas Gran is using pretty standard stuff, save for Reginleiv implying a "free player at a high level", Djeeta rolls in with attacks specifically accessible from the "Conquerer of the Eternals" variant— indicating a whole lot of time and a whole lot of resources sunk in.
  • Assist Character: Lowain's buddies Tomoi and Elsam help him out for several of his abilities as well as being able to summon Katapillar. He can also summon Yggdrasil to fight in his place temporarily.
  • Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever: Lowain can summon Yggdrasil to temporarily fight for him, and she is huge. The game's camera even zooms out just to properly fit her in the screen.
  • The Battle Didn't Count: As per Arc System Works tradition, one fighter's lose pose is smugly lying down on the ground, not giving a damn about the loss. In this game, it's Belial who certainly can take the punishment as a Primal.
  • Battle Intro: Much like Guilty Gear Xrd and Dragon Ball Fighter Z, a 3D animation plays for each character before the match starts, though each character has two depending on who's player 1 and player 2.
  • Behemoth Battle: A fight between a playable Primal Beast versus an opponent Primal Beast is a fight between giants.
    • This is prevalent in the RPG Mode, where a lot of bosses are primal beasts.
    • This can be invoked in a Lowain Mirror match when both players summon Yggdrasil.
  • Belly Flop Crushing: Ladiva's Super Skybound Art spawns a ring which lets her pin down the opposition with her entire body. In an allusion to wrestling rules, a referee will count up to three before declaring Ladiva as the winner. However if the opponent has enough life, they will kick out right before 3.
  • Blade Spam: Charlotta's "Sword of Lumiel", which hits 3-5 times in quick succession.
  • Bowdlerise: By default, Metera's and Zeta's outfits were censored in this game. But this can be subverted as the "original" uncensored versions can still be unlocked by beating RPG Mode and toggled in the settings. This video shows the differences.
  • Bribing Your Way to Victory: Players who pre-ordered the game or bought the seasonal passes can receive in-game benefits for Granblue Fantasy such as skins for the player character and highly desired items such as evolite, golden bricks, etcetera.
  • Building Swing: Ferry can swing in mid-air using her whip.
  • The Cameo: Various characters make cameos in stages and arcade endings.
    • For stages:
      • The main crew of the Grandcypher make an appearance on its corresponding stage.
      • Lunalu appears on the Auguste beach stage, doing on-and-off sketches and relaxing. She only pays attention to the fight if there are two guys fighting as it gives her material for her BL doujins. Elmott can also be seen in the same stage grilling food.
      • Jin, Kaz, and the Bonito are distantly visible in the background of the other section of the Auguste stage, specifically the Round 3 variant.
    • For the arcade endings:
      • Charlotta daydreams about being taller than Sevastian, Baotarda, Cordelia, and Bridgette.
      • Lancelot's eating out with Vane.
      • Ladiva comes back to the Jewel Resort Casino to discuss matters with Christina, while Therese is seen in her bunny girl waitress outfit and very annoyed at having to wear it again.
      • Lowain's delusions feature Tomoi rescuing Freesia and Machorilla as one of the people Lowain's cooking for.
      • Zeta's shopping with Beatrix.
      • Beelzebub reminisces about Lucilius.
    • Ilsa makes voice-only appearances in Eustace's victory lines.
  • Celebrity Endorsement: A short Teaser and a Test Matchup Video for the Closed Beta were released, with Japanese FGC players Daigo Umehara and Fuudo (Keita Ai) of Cygames Beast trying out a beta build of the game.
  • Cast from Hit Points: Avatar Belial loses 500 health every time he uses a Heavy special.
  • Charged Attack:
    • Some attacks like Gran's "Power Raise" can be held either for increased damage, or for delaying the attack itself. They can also be cancelled prematurely.
    • Percival's "Lohenwolf" can be charged by holding down the button. It becomes an unblockable move when fully charged.
  • The Coats Are Off: Ladiva removes her fur coat before the match starts. Ditto Beelzebub.
  • Color-Coded for Your Convenience: With regards to Narmaya's "Butterfly Effect" Stance System, the Kagura stance is indicated by a red butterfly while the Genji stance is indicated by a blue one.
  • Combat Compliment: Vaseraga's such a Nice Guy that most of his intro interactions and win quotes against other characters involve him either praising their current skills, or encouraging them to train more and improve. Also, one of his common win quote goes like this:
    Vaseraga: "Nothing personal".
  • Combination Attack: In Katalina's Super Skybound Art, she and Ares both make way in slashing the opponent between them.
  • Convection Schmonvection: You can actually spot-evade/dodge Yggdrasil's "Nether Veil" lava attack if you time it properly. Willing Suspension of Disbelief applies on how your character's feet won't even take damage from the heat.
  • Cooldown Manipulation: A core gameplay mechanic that is even shown from the beta build and explained in the Closed Beta Test Matchup Video between Daigo and Fuudo:
    • Skills have cooldowns and can be executed with a single press of a button. However, players can manually input commands to shorten cooldowns.
    • In the first beta, if you unleash any Skybound Art or its "Super" variant, all of your four skills go into cooldown. This would prevent the offensive player from spamming unique skills immediately after a super move. However, later beta builds of the game and also the full game has since changed this mechanic that using Skybound Arts no longer drain all 4 of your skills.
  • Counter-Attack: Comes with a Damage Reduction benefit:
    • Katalina's "Light Wall" has 40% damage reduction.
    • Charlotta's "König Schild" has 50% damage reduction, with the counter activating automatically when blocking close-ranged attacks.
    • Lowain's "Come at me bro!" allows him to fully deflect an attack and automatically strike back, useful against especially predictable opponents.
    • Soriz' unique move allows him to armour through enemy attacks and follow up with "reactive muscles", which pushes the opponent to the ground and unable to act for a short amount of time.
    • During Yuel's "Third Dance" stance, she will automatically dodge and counter any attack that does not hit low or is not a throw with a quick slash.
    • Belial's "Give daddy some sugar" has him walk towards the opponent and automatically stomp on them if anything but a throw "hits" him. This even works against projectiles.
  • Desperation Attack: The characters' Skybound Arts have "Super" variants that can only be used if their HP reaches 30% (indicated by their HP bars flashing blue).
  • Developers' Foresight: Ladiva's Super Skybound Art has a rather unique interaction. When the opponent can be defeated by this move, Ladiva would succeed in the three-count pin and be declared as the winner by the referee. But if the opponent has enough health to survive this, they break off at just around the 2.97 to 2.99 second mark, the referee comentates on their survival and the fight continues normally.
  • Difficult, but Awesome: Narmaya comes with her Signature Move of "Butterfly Effect", a Stance System. This means that she has way more move variations that the cast. However, despite her above-average speed, she generally has low damage per attack, making her difficult at pokes, having to rely more on combos.
  • Diving Kick: Ferry's "Spectral Dive" and Ladiva's Skybound Art.
  • Dodge the Bullet: The evade mechanic even allows you to dodge your opponents' attacks or projectiles, as clearly demonstrated by Ladiva in her trailer by dodging Gran's "Reginleiv".
  • Double Entendre:
    • As expected of the resident pervert in Granblue, Belial would say a lot of this. For example, in a cutscene of RPG Mode:
      Belial: This is gonna be the climax to end all climaxes!
    • When the Lowain bros talk about Metera after defeating her, this line comes in:
      Tomoi: If Metera actually came on to me. I'd give in.
  • Easter Egg:
    • In the Auguste Isles stage, Lunalu only pays attention to the fight if there are two guys fighting.
    • In his regular victory animation, Lancelot stretches out his hand and smiles at his defeated opponent. But when he wins against Beezebub, Lancelot has a very serious look instead.
    • In her intro animations, Narmaya has a very serious or stoic expression when she fights her opponents... Except on Gran/Djeeta's case, where she gets overjoyed at the sight of them.
  • Elemental Powers: Just like the mobile game, every character in Versus is associated with an element, manifesting as part of their weapon trail and some of their special moves.
    • Yggdrasil is a mixed bag, since she has earth, lightning, and fire-elemental attacks.
    • An Ice Person: Katalina and Lancelot.
    • Blow You Away: Gran and Djeeta.
    • Playing with Fire: Percival, Metera and Zeta
    • Making a Splash: Anre.
    • Casting a Shadow: Vaseraga, Narmaya, Beelzebub, Lowain, and Belial
    • Dishing Out Dirt: Ladiva, Soriz, and Cagliostro
    • Light 'em Up: Charlotta and Ferry
      • Slightly ambiguous as all versions of Ferry except Grand (dark) are light element. Her appearance in-game is modelled after her light SSR version, but borrows her super move from the Grand version. Her theme song is also called "Licht" ("light").
    • Shock and Awe: Zooey and Eustace
      • Ambiguous given that Eustace is labeled as Earth in RPG mode, with some of his moveset, his appearance, and both Skybound Arts being based on his dark version. Zooey on the other hand is labeled as a light type despite certain special moves being electric based, and her dragon familiars' breath attacks.
  • Fanservice: Djeeta's entire implementation was this. Not only was she given a hyped release despite only being a skin for Gran, she's depicted as the more experienced protagonist yet again, embodying the "Whale's" of the fandom. As well, her side story depicts her as having experienced the events of "What Makes The Sky Blue" through "What Makes The Sky Blue: 000", which is one of the most popular event storylines to come out of Granblue Fantasy and was also extremely popular with women.note 
  • Fighting Clown: Lowain. He's an gimmicky character from a gameplay perspective, in order to match his lore of being the comedic relief from the original game. He doesn't have a recognizable or refined fighting style (Even Percival lampshades that the Lowain Bros' fighting style is unorthodox), he can summon the tiny robot Katapillar as a special move, and when he's on his last legs, he can call on the primal Yggdrasil to help him out.
  • Flash Step:
    • Every character has a Tactical Move, costing 50% meter.
    • Narmaya's "Transient" move works like this, a command dash faster than your typical Video Game Dashing.
    • Beelzebub's "Shadowstep" is also a fast teleport command at fixed distances.
  • Fourth-Wall Observer: Lowain and his bros will sometimes remark on things outside the game, like how he's Dark element (his initial version's elemental in the mobile game), Zeta's clothing damage from her Super Skybound Art, mirror matches being palette swaps and Percival's popularity/merchandising.
  • Freeze-Frame Bonus: Used mostly for fanservice, such as when Ferry's victory animation shows a glimpse of her butt cheek, but the camera usually moves so fast that it's almost unnoticeable.
  • Funny Background Event: While most of the revealed background stages so far consist of other characters from Granblue doing their own thing or simply standing on the background, the Auguste Isles stage feature Lunalu drawing near the beach while Jin and Kaz are standing atop a rock, trying to catch fish.
  • Gameplay and Story Integration: It is stated that Vaseraga's body no longer feels pain. This translates into his "Soul Forge" ability here, which makes him Immune to Flinching.
  • Glowing Eyes: Vaseraga's eyes glow red from his helmet's visor whenever he uses a Skybound Art or a Super Skybound Art.
  • Gosh Dang It to Heck!: If you have a Mirror Match of Lowains, the first Lowain would ask "What in the freshest hells?"
  • Grapple Move: While all of the cast can perform all sorts of standard grabs, Ladiva specializes in these, with her several throws and wrestling moves being the focus of her trailer. Ferry also has a long-ranged grapple where she either holds the opponent in place with her whip while her ghost pets attack, or simply pull them towards her. Belial has a command walk that leads into a grab if timed right.
  • Happy Ending Override: The story mode of Versus ends with the crew teaming up with Beelzebub and driving Belial back to the rift between worlds. All's well that ends well right? Wrong as Eustace's character quest reveals the brainwashing that Belial performed all over the skies is still very much so in effect, even worse what remains of the Society still hasn't recovered their memories setting up a conflict between the Grandcypher Crew and the Society. And, since Eustace himself uses attacks from Home Stay Moon two things are now in effect: First, Ilsa (who also fell victim to the brainwashing) is now the highest authority and no one can stop her. And two the Society is now in shambles and since Gran/Djeeta were heavily involved with the events they likely do not remember why, meaning that the Society doesn't have the manpower to inforce order back into the skies or deal with the remaining threats, giving Beelzebub (as well as Belial and Lucilius) plenty of time to recuperate and make plans while the Society and the Crew waste time fighting each other.
  • Harmless Freezing: Lancelot's Super Skybound Art causes the opponent to be encased in a large dome of ice before he shatters it.
  • He Knows About Timed Hits: Lowain, due to his Fourth-Wall Observer status in this game:
    • After defeating Beelzebub, Lowain wonders that they could be buff like him if they level-up in the Crimson Horizon.
    • After defeating Charlotta, the boys talk about elements, as in the Elemental Rock–Paper–Scissors mechanics of Granblue.
    • After defeating Katalina, he says this line, which makes him poke fun even at this game's UI:
      Lowain: If I were to describe my feelings for Kat, I'd need a few more text boxes...
  • Hitbox Dissonance:
    • Similar to the previous Arc System Works titles, don't be surprised to know that weapons in this game also have hurtboxes (which means enemies can damage you if they hit your weapon). This is more egregious in the case of Ferry's whip and Percival's sword, which have quite a long reach for melee weapons.
    • For the sake of balance, Charlotta's crown has a hurtbox, since it allows other characters to hit over her without whiffing, and stops her from being a game-breaker.
  • Hit Stop: A staple for fighting games - Animation briefly pauses for every attack that connects. The Parrying Mechanic also has a unique variation in which time briefly stops, along with a darkened background and blue sparks coming from the point of collision.
  • Hold Your Hippogriffs: When winning against Lancelot, Ladiva states that "Love is mightier than the sword."
  • Homing Projectile: Yggdrasil's "Axis Mundi" tracks the opponent's position the moment it's released.
  • Inexplicably Identical Individuals: According to the in-game glossary, the noseless guys with mustaches found throughout the series are all strangers who happen to look completely identical.
  • In the Back: Lancelot's "Blade Impulse" allows him to slip behind the opponent, but it's only activated once the opponent attempts to block the move.
  • Immune to Flinching:
    • Basically, most of the RPG Mode is this as well while fighting certain CPU opponents.
    • Yggdrasil is outright immune to flinching, a mechanic that is also demonstrated against Lancelot in Lowain's trailer.
    • Vaseraga's "Soul Forge" grants him super armor properties.
    • Soriz's "Muscle Fury" acts as a sort of super armored counter move with the reactive muscles follow up.
    • The Lowain Bros' human pyramid attack Skybound Art makes them immune to flinching, but also leaves them unable to block. They are also still affected by Hit Stop.
  • I Shall Taunt You: As typical for fighting games, you can taunt your opponent by pressing a certain combination of buttons. Some of those taunts are matchup-specific. Moreover, characters automatically add insult to injury after pulling off a particularly damaging combo.
    Katalina: Ready to surrender?
  • It Has Been an Honor: Lowain says this word-for-word to Elsam and Tomoi if they're matched against Zeta.
  • "Just Frame" Bonus: Blocking at just the right frame will make your character flash white, accompanied with a "Just!" indicator. It prevents any Chip Damage and block stun, aside from providing an additional 1% increase in the Skybound Gauge than what the usual blocking would do.
  • Lag Cancel:
    • Most normal attacks can be cancelled into Skills.
    • During parries or clashes, players are able to cancel into almost any attack.
  • Lampshade Hanging:
    • Characters will get amused if you pit them in Mirror Match cases, oftentimes pointing out the absurdity of having a look-alike. For example, if you have a mirror match of Gran, the protagonist trio will have this dialogue exchange:
      Gran: Don't look, Lyria.
      Lyria: D-doppelgangers?
      Vyrn: Take out that lizard!
    • This introductory line of dialogue when a Player 1 Beelzebub is matched against a Player 2 Metera:
      Metera: Hmm, let me guess, you're supposed to be the villain then?
  • Last Chance Hit Point:
    • How killing with chip damage works in this game is a variant—if a player has more than 1 health point left when blocking a move that does chip damage, it will leave them at one pixel of health until the blockstring ends. At that point, should they block any more chip-inducing moves afterwards, it will KO the player blocking the move.
    • Yggdrasil provides this for Lowain. No matter how much damage you deal, you can't kill Yugu when she's summoned, which leaves Lowain with a sliver of HP once his Super Skybound Art ends.
  • Late-Arrival Spoiler: Various lore details from the original mobile game are readily spoiled as character or gameplay minutia, with very little of the gravity given to them in the mobile game.
    • Ferry's nature as a Cute Ghost Girl is known by everyone in Versus to the point that Vyrn even act blasé about using "Catastrophe" on her just because she's a ghost.
    • Katalina having a bond with a Primal Beast hadn't even occurred in the mobile game's main story when the beta tests were conducted on June 2019, only vaguely teased in trailers and livestreams. Here, Katalina summons and name-calls Ares (an armored Primal Beast) in her Super Skybound Art.
    • There are textual exposition and dialogue scattered around as references to events and entities that happened in Granblue Fantasy. They are listed here.
  • Leitmotif:
    • Gran's leitmotif is a blend of several themes, with "Battle 1" and the main theme as the primary references.
    • Ferry's leitmotif in Versus is an instrumental rendition of her Image Song single, "Sora no Michishirube".
    • Katalina's theme is a remix of her theme from the anime. The Ares theme is an even more ominous remix of the same theme.
    • Vaseraga's theme is a remix of "Second Advent" for its association with the Society.
    • Zeta's theme is a remix of "Skyburning Bonds".
    • Yggdrasil and Colossus both have amped-up remixes of their respective themes for boss fights.
    • Lowain, Narmaya and Soriz's themes are also remixes of their image song singles.
    • Avatar has the original version of "Paradise Lost" as its primary theme.
  • Limit Break: As an equivalent to the "Charge Attack" mechanics of the RPG mobile game, characters can unleash their "Skybound Arts" in Versus when the SB Meter is full. Their attack animations are based on a variant of their Charge Attacks from the original game. These can also cross into a Desperation Attack.
  • Lip Lock: The characters' mouths follow the Japanese dub, so the English voices get the lip lock treatment here. It becomes evident in certain animations where the sound comes off even before the character opens their mouth, such as in Zeta's Super Skybound Art. Following the release of more characters, this has at least been averted in the new interactions for the most part.
  • Male Gaze: Metera's Player 1 intro animation shows a glimpse of her butt.
  • Male Might, Female Finesse: The big difference between the two versions of the Captain, Gran and Djeeta. Gran is Unskilled, but Strong, and relatively straightforward, whereas Djeeta adds more acrobatics and finesse to her swordplay. It's even highlighted in their Hurricane Kicks; Djeeta does a deft, skillful sword combo, whereas Gran just throws himself at the opponent, boot-first.
  • Mechanically Unusual Fighter: Lunalu, added to the roster as part of a free update, noticeably stands out amongst the rest of the cast; she herself doesn't fight, but rather creates a random character from the roster via her Art Initiates Life abilities, which the player then controls, making her a Ditto Fighter akin to the likes of Eleven and Mokujin. Lunalu herself stands in the background, cheering her creation on.
  • Mighty Glacier:
    • Vaseraga has one of the highest HP values in the game and is armed with hard-hitting attacks, but he walks quite slowly. He also possesses a few moves that make him temporarily Immune to Flinching.
    • Ladiva also has an increased HP value, as she possesses not a single ranged attack and can have a hard time closing in on range-oriented characters like Ferry and Metera. When she DOES get close, however ...
  • Moveset Clone: As a form of Shout-Out, some characters' abilities are based on other existing Fighting Game moves, most of which are from ArcSys franchises:
    • Percival's "Anzuenden" is basically just Sol's Gunflame, but more fancy.
    • Lancelot seems to have some moves, mechanics and animation copied from Ky Kiske (sword combos), Leo Whitefang (dashing through the opponent) and Jin Kisaragi. Much more so with the latter, who also fights using ice powers. Both Lancelot and Jin can also summon sword-shaped icicles and encase their opponents in ice using their most powerful move.
    • Among the Shotoclones for this game, Gran's projectile move, "Reginleiv", is no other than a blue "Hadoken", aside from borrowing the same control inputs of Ryu from Street Fighter.
    • One of Ladiva's aerial attacks is basically Zangief's dropkick which has also been cloned into other fighting game franchise characters such as Azrael from BlazBlue.
    • Yggdrasil's "Earth Pillar" move. She can summon pillars of spiked earth just like in the original game and its anime adaptation. However, the multiple pillars are consecutively spawned forward, mimicking Nu-13's "Spike Chaser" from BlazBlue.
    • As seen in this video compilation, several of Charlotta's movesets are taken from Akuma and E. Honda of Street Fighter. Notably, she has a version of the former's "Demon Flip".
    • Narmaya borrows some moves from characters from The Last Blade series, notably Keiichiro Washizuka and Moriya Minakata.
    • Soriz' counter is reminiscent of a similar move Azrael uses.
    • Zooey's Jumping Unique Action is clearly modeled after Sol Badguy's Jumping Dust, right down to the physics of it knocking the opponent down and wallbouncing on counter-hit. In fact, the final combo in her combo trials has you juggle the opponent in the corner by doing the move twice before landing, just like Sol's infamous dustloop.
  • Multiple Demographic Appeal: There's the Fighting Game genre at core obviously for the fighting game enthusiasts, but the RPG Mode was specifically-designed to cater to the RPG-focused fans of the original mobile game as well, borrowing most of the original's grid-based weapon mechanics and gacha system, albeit more streamlined.
  • New Skill as Reward: Clearing certain quests in RPG mode would reward you with new mode-exclusive abilities such as "Rage".
  • New Work, Recycled Graphics: There are assets such as skill icons and weapon artworks lifted directly from the mobile game. Most of these recycled assets are found in the RPG mode.
  • One Degree of Separation: In this continuity, every playable non-villain is already a crewmember of the Grandcypher, treating each other like close friends or co-workers.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: Beelzebub is not referred to by name at all, and is only ever called "Chaos Bringer". Except when fought as the Final Boss, that is.
  • Palette Swap: Several alternate colors are available for the characters.
  • Parody: The Lowain Trailer is played out like a Japanese Variety Show, with Elsam and Tomoi having head cams on the upper-right corner providing constant excited yelling and caption zooms punctuating some of their lines.
  • Parrying Bullets: Ferry's "Gespenst" can neutralize projectiles, so does Narmaya's "Setsuna".
  • Pinball Projectile: Ferry's "Vergiften" move allows her to summon Momo, who promptly turns into an Energy Ball that bounces off the floor and the arena walls.
  • Power Trio:
    • The two captains (Gran and Djeeta) are accompanied by Vyrn and Lyria. Although this is downplayed since Gran/Djeeta are doing most of the fighting, Lyria helps in summoning Proto Bahamut, while Vyrn is just there as a sidekick.
    • Lowain is accompanied by his buddies Elsam and Tomoi, even assisting him in some combos and attacks.
  • Punch Parry: You can parry attacks by attacking back at just the exact time, as demonstrated in these clips. The mechanic also comes along with a unique Hit Stop effect, and increases both players' Skybound Gauges by 10% for each successful parry.
  • Purposely Overpowered: Lowain's Super Skybound Art, Yggdrasil, mainly because of her flinch immunity and her inability to die. Couple these with her huge attacks, and fighting game newcomers would be forced to think. Players would either have to anticipate and dodge/block her attacks, or defeat Lowain with hard-hitting combos before he reaches the 30% HP threshold needed to summon Yugu in the first place. This trope can be subverted at high-level plays however, once players get accustomed to her attacks and try to minimize Scratch Damage or outright evade them, prioritizing defensiveness over aggressiveness until she disappears.
  • Reaction Shot: Some of the super move animations feature close-ups of the victims' faces, often to comedic effect. Particularly noteworthy are Ladiva's "Maximum Love Bomb" and "The Shape of Love", the former featuring the reactions of characters getting kicked in the face, the latter their reactions to being pinned to the ground by Ladiva's unyielding love while a referee counts to Three. Examples include Percival still trying to pose, Ferry shedding tears and Beelzebub looking decidedly unamused.
  • Recurring Riff: Just like how the intro of "Paradise Lost" can be heard in the Leitmotifs of Belial ("Parade's Lust") and Lucilius ("Zero") who are antagonists of the "What Makes The Sky Blue" arc in the mobile game, Beelzebub's theme in this game ("Existence") also uses the intro of "Paradise Lost", as Beelzebub is also an antagonist of the WMTSB arc.
  • Rewards Pass: In late December 2020 a battle pass was added. By completing challenges like playing as certain characters or performing certain moves, you gain battle pass levels that grant you rewards like money, weapon skins, and alternate colors. You can get some rewards with the free version, but you gain substantially more rewards if you choose to pay real money for the premium version.
  • Rolling Attack: Charlotta's "Shining Onslaught" attack and "Brilliant Moon" (Skybound Art).
  • Rouge Angles of Satin: In a mirror match of Lowains, the second trio would be talking about "copyright infrigement", to which Lowain asks "What is copy-write-in-fresh-mint?"
  • Running Gag: Since Charlotta always trips and falls on top of her boxes, her regular match victory dialogues all get interrupted mid-sentence.
  • Schrödinger's Player Character: Due to being each other's opposite gender counterpart, Gran and Djeeta display utter confusion when pitted against each other, compounded with dialogue from Lyria and Vyrn about seeing themselves standing alongside the other Captain.
  • Scratch Damage: Normal attacks cause no chip damage when blocked, but all skills and some unique actions do, which can however be negated by Just Blocking. Skybound Arts and Super Skybound Arts also deal chip damage even when blocked, similar to how a Special Attack works in Street Fighter. There's also a unique subtitle added to the Victory text when a player manages to defeat their opponent with a chip damage (i.e. the opponent has 1 HP left after blocking the previous attack).
  • She-Fu: While most female characters do flips in some of their animations, Ferry stands out with even her player 2 intro featuring a sideways flip into the arena. Every single one of her jumps includes a somersault (both forward and backward), her landing recovery animation is her doing a cartwheel and her "wake-up" animation from being knocked on her back is a backwards roll from a lying position into standing - which is impressive, considering she's wearing high-heeled boots.
  • Shoryuken: Characters have basic uppercuts/invincibility uppercuts for anti-aerial opponents. There are basic versions like Gran's "Raging Sword" and Katalina's "Emerald Sword", but there are those with added gimmicks like Charlotta's "Holy Ladder", which is followed by a downward slash.
  • Shotoclone: Gran and Katalina have the archetypal projectile, Dash Attack, and invincible uppercut moves, and are meant to be the well-rounded beginner characters, with Gran being more close-ranged and Katarina being more mid-ranged thanks to the contrast in their weapons (as explained by the developers from the Closed Beta Test Matchup Video). They even borrow the typical quarter-cicle control schemes like the original shotoclones Ryu and Ken from Street Fighter.
  • Shout-Out:
    • Katalina has a skill named "Emerald Sword", a reference to the "Symphony of Enchanted Lands" album of Rhapsody of Fire.note 
    • When Ferry uses her whip to grab her opponent and send them flying toward her, she will sometimes shout "Get over here!".
    • Here are some pop culture references that are carried over from the mobile game:
      • Charlotta is basically Saber, if Saber was three feet tall and had a complex about her height on top of her concerns about being qualified for the position she found herself in. Being an Expy of Saber, Charlotta's Charge Attack is Excalibur in all but name - even the particle effects are similar to Excalibur's depictions in later Fate works.
      • The round victory animation of the Lowain Bros is taken from his SR version's victory animation, which is a reference to EXILE's "Choo Choo Train" music video.
      • Lowain has a move named "Come At Me, Bro", which is named after his event version's passive skill, which is a meme phrase from Jersey Shore.
      • There's a Palette Swap here for everyone that references the "Guider to the Eternal Edge" outfit, which itself references Dragon Ball Super by providing the main character with a blue hair and fiery aura akin to Super Saiyan God SS.
      • Vaseraga's ability names are taken from Blind Guardian songs.note 
      • Zeta's ability names are taken from Rhapsody of Fire.note 
    • Charlotta makes the "Obari / Brave Perspective Pose" before casting Noble Execution. The pose is commonly associated with Masami Obari and his work on Brave Series.
    • Some of the things the Lowain Bros say before or after a fight:
      • Lowain and his bros reference the iconic Guilty Gear fight intronote  in their dialogue against Katalina.
        Lowain: She's gonna rock us so hard. All aboard, boys. 'Cuz this is a one-way ticket...
        All three: to heaven or hell!
      • After defeating Vaseraga, their win quote ends with "Creepers, no creepin'!"
    • Beelzebub's default gauntlet is named Bohemian Rhapsody, alluding to the line "Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me" from the song of the same name.
    • For the Palette Swap references to other fighting game and anime franchises:note 
    • Cagliostro's SSBA is named "Everything's Coming Up Cagliostro".
    • Djeeta's SSBA is called the "Deadly Rave".
  • Single Woman Seeks Good Man: The reason Narmaya is pissed at Lowain and Co. in their intro? They ate some Valentine's Day chocolate she made for Gran.
  • Skill Gate Characters: Gran is designed to be the typical "basic, well-rounded" fighter archetype, and is a Shotoclone to boot. Same for Katalina, being the defensive Ryu to Gran's offensive Ken.
  • Slap-on-the-Wrist Nuke: Some super moves involve explosions that really ought to annihilate the poor victim (and everyone/everything else in a large radius, for that matter), but can be survived with enough health remaining, meaning that the fight will continue as if nothing had happened. Some of the more extreme examples:
    • Gran's super skybound-art has him and Lyria summon Proto Bahamut, who proceeds to lay waste to the opponent with a laser-beam nuke.
    • Chaosbringer has "Chaos Legion", where he generates a huge red orb, compresses it to a smaller size and then detonates it RIGHT in his victim's face, causing an utterly gigantic explosion.
    Chaosbringer: There won't be a shred of you left! Chaos Leeeeeegiooooon!
    • Ferry's "Aetheryte Requiescat", while canonically not nearly as powerful as the previous two examples, is still the magical equivalent of barraging some poor individual with guided missiles, culminating in a large explosion with the victim at its center.
    Ferry: We'll see you ... on the other side!
  • Some Dexterity Required: Zig-Zagged in general because there exists simple commands, but played straight since dexterity is mostly rewarded here.
    • The game's control scheme and mechanics are designed to cater to both the casual and professional fighting game players. This is even seen on the publicly-released Player's Guide for the Beta build, where there are shortcut and manual inputs for the characters' moves.
    • In a way, players are rewarded for manually inputting skill commands as this method makes the skill's cooldown shorter as opposed to the easier one-button input method. These manual/technical commands would also offer slight enhancements to the skill's properties.
    • Skybound Arts and Super Skybound Arts require quarter-circle motions in order to be executed.
    • When players manage to parry each other's attacks, both of them gain a 10% increase in their Skybound Gauges.
  • Stab the Sky: Charlotta's round Victory Pose.
  • Super Mode:
    • "Hinrichten" temporarily powers up Ferry, which gives you the ability to perform follow-up attacks.
    • In the RPG mode, Chaos Bringer has multiple phases in the Final Boss fight, allowing him to perform additional moves, or even switch out with Avatar.
    • Soriz's Super Skybound Art "Macho Ultimatum" has him strip down to a fundoshi in a powered up state where his moves are amplified.
  • Switch-Out Move: Also crosses with Shared Life Meter for both characters:
    • In the Final Boss fight, a phase allows Beelzebub to switch with Avatar.
    • The main gimmick of Lowain's Super Skybound Art is to switch out with Yggdrasil, allowing the player to take control of her temporarily.
  • Tagline: "Power. Skill. And Spirit Collide." from the 2018 Trailer.
  • Take That, Audience!: In a positive way instead. Cygames acknowledged that Percival is popular among their female fandom when, if Lowain wins a fight against Percival, his bros mention the Percy fans getting angry.
  • Theme Naming: Mostly Religious and Mythological Theme Naming, but there are other themes as well:
    • Percival and Lancelot are named after the Arthurian Knights.
    • Most or some names of Percival'snote , Lancelot'snote , Ferry'snote , Charlotta'snote  unique abilities are German.
    • Belial and Beelzebub are from Abrahamic demonology.
    • Since some of Narmaya's command names are borrowed from the original Granblue (like "Kyokasuigetsu"), this game also used romanized Japanese terms in naming most of her other moves (such as "Setsuna", "Mugenkagura", and "Ame-no-Uzume").
  • Trailers Always Spoil: There's a "Villains Trailer" featuring Belial and Beelzebub. Yep, the game just revealed its base antagonists even before it's released. Though given that one of the two is the main game's Breakout Villain and the other got revealed in his un-hooded form for the very first time, this was probably done to increase the hype for the game.
  • Unskilled, but Strong: The given description of Gran's ability to fight. He's rough and clearly self-taught, but he's managed to refine it into something that works all the same, and for what he lacks, there's a hefty sum of raw power behind his attacks.
  • Verbal Backspace: Belial does this when his motives are questioned by the protagonists in Pandemonium.
    Belial: No, no. You've got me all wrong. This wasn't how I wanted things to go at all. The grand finale I-no, we-wanted was much cleaner.
  • Version-Exclusive Content: The bonus codes that can be redeemed for in-game items and skins for the Granblue gacha game? Sadly, they're only available for the PS4 version.
  • Victory Pose: Three variations per character depending on how you win - A standard victory pose for winning a round, a close-up pose for winning the match with attacks other than the Super Skybound Art, and a unique close-up pose for winning the match with a Super Skybound Art.
  • You Will Not Evade Me: Ferry has long-ranged grapple move in which she pulls her opponent towards her with her whip.
  • Villain Protagonist: The aptly titled “Villain Series” DLC allows you to play as Chaos Bringer and Belial both being the Big Bads of the What Makes The Sky Blue trilogy from “Paradise Lost” to “000”. According to Word of God, Chaos Bringer’s DLC story will touch up on his secret identity which had not been revealed in the trilogy itself.
  • Visual Pun:
    • The base roster are arranged to form the letter V in the first cover, as a reference to this fighting game's subtitle of "Versus".
    • Belial is known for his sexual innuendos, the trophy for unlocking main quest Chapter ∅ of RPG mode is titled "Hard Mode", and with Belial's smiling face as its icon.
  • Wall Jump: Lancelot can jump to the nearest stage wall when in mid-air.
  • Wave-Motion Gun: Present in some super skybound arts. For example, Eustace's seal weapon, Flamek, turns into one of these, complete with a transformation sequence and audible chargeup sound. Subverted in that the brunt of the attack is actually directed at the sky, which then rains down electricity on the opponent.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: A very strange case happens with Djeeta's story. It recounts the events of "What Makes The Sky Blue" through "What Makes The Sky Blue: 000" down to a T, but branches off into something that doesn't happen in the main game; in this universe, not only did those events happen so long ago that Djeeta had begun to forget about them, it's also heavily implied that Sandalphon is no longer part of the crew. This contradicts what happens after "000" in the main games storyline, as not only does Sandalphon remain in the crew, he also opens his own coffee shop inside of the Grandcypher. In Granblue Fantasy, the Primarch summer event "The Maydays" takes place soon after "000" ends and eventually leads to Sandalphon and the crew once again taking on Beelzebub, before they're summoned to the Tower of Babyl to take him down for good. Given that Beelzebub is clearly walking around freely after having his seal broken by Belial, something that doesn't happen in the main game as he'd broken the seal himself, it's very likely that in Djeeta's universe Sandalphon either stayed in the afterlife with Lucifer following his duties being fulfilled, or went somewhere else. Either way, it isn't explained.
  • Weapon Twirling: Lancelot does this with his dual blades whenever he wins the match without using his SSBA.
  • Whip It Good: Ferry uses a magically enhanced whip for fighting, which allows her to do a lot of cool and impossible things like making it float and spin around her, destroy projectiles or pull the opponent towards her. "Whip it good" is even the name of one of her skills!
  • Worthy Opponent: Beelzebub regards Gran as one for being the only other Singularity and is the only character in the roster who doesn't condescend to with insults.