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Granblue Fantasy Relink (initially unveiled as Granblue Fantasy Project Re:Link) is an upcoming Action RPG, and Spin-Off of the Granblue Fantasy video game series. The game is being developed and published by Cygames for the PlayStation 4, though Cygames has not ruled out a PC release on Steam. Cygames also intends to release the game in the West in multiple languages. The game's official website can be found here.

PlatinumGames was credited as co-developer until their contract ended on February 2019. Further development is later moved in-house to the Osaka branch of Cygames.

Set sometime ahead of the original mobile game's third Story Arc in the Zegagrande Skydom, Relink follows the protagonist and the crew of the Grandcypher on their adventures. Cygames has stated characters who make their debut in Relink may wind up appearing in Granblue Fantasy proper.


Similar to the smartphone game, players can form a party of upwards to four characters - one controlled by the player, while the AI controls the others. Co-Op Multiplayer is also a possibility, allowing four players to form a party.

Trailers: 2016, Granblue Fes 2017 Gameplay, 2018, Granblue Fes 2018 Gameplay

The game and its trailers provide examples of:

  • Adaptational Modesty: In the original game, Lyria's default outfit is depicted to be semi-transparent or see-through, especially in her playable version. But in her character artwork for Relink, her dress no longer appears to be just as transparent, but has rather became grayish.
  • Adaptational Superpower Change: In the 2016 trailer, Proto Bahamut's "Ragnarok Field" energy orb can be disabled or destroyed by the party members, despite it originally being an instant Field Power Effect in the mobile game.
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  • Advancing Wall of Doom: In the third chapter, the party has to rush through the nearby cliff before the storm destroys the wooden pathway.
  • Art Evolution: The protagonists' default Fighter class artworks are re-drawn to match the updated aesthetics of this game, but they still retain their poses.
  • Barbie Doll Anatomy: Furycane's humanoid form is entirely green, without revealing much of its naughty parts.
  • Blow You Away: Furycane is capable of creating storms and whirlwinds during its boss fight.
  • Break Meter: A feature transferring over from the mobile game, though in Relink, Break is much more significant as it momentarily stops the boss from fighting.
  • Cool Sword: Furycane's second form wields a lightning blade that glows red.
  • Defeat Means Explosion: Upon defeating Mooks, they explode in a shower of blood and loot drops.
  • Deflector Shields: If an enemy tries to attack Lyria, she will let out a blue dome to protect herself. She can also unleash a larger dome to protect the entire party.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Lyria having Deflector Shields is shown in a 2018 gameplay demo to tease her getting the ability in Wayfaring Astral, the third arc of Granblue Fantasy.
  • God in Human Form: Furycane is a Physical God given its nature as a Primal Beast. While its initial form resembles that of a fully-armored centaur, the second half of its boss fight reveals a humanoid female body inside.
  • Improbable Use of a Weapon: In the 2016 trailer, Rackam uses his rifle to parry a Golem's punch.
  • Make Me Wanna Shout: The Goblin boss in the 2017 gameplay trailer lets out a scream that pushes your party members away from it.
  • Mythology Gag:
    • Much like Granblue Fantasy Versus, Gran's Charge Attack in this game is "Tempest Blade", one that is provided by the first weapon acquired in the game, which is also Wind-elemental.
    • Whenever Lyria summons a Primal Beast, it disappears after a brief period into crystals, similar to how they are depicted in the anime.
  • Non-Player Companion: Vyrn is a lot more active in this game, carrying around the communicator the party uses to relay and discuss information with people back on the Grandcypher or deployed elsewhere. (From the demo, this appears to be the in-universe concept for allowing more characters than just your active party members to comment on events - e.g., if your party is Katalina/Io/Rackam, Eugen and Rosetta still get to speak.)
  • Original Generation: The game's director states that Relink will feature new Primal Beasts not seen in the mobile game, one of which is Furycane as revealed in the 2018 Gameplay Trailer.
  • Our Centaurs Are Different: The Primal Beast Furycane looks like an animated full armor of a centaur with wind powers and also dual wields blades.
  • Scenery Porn: The gorgeous Medieval fantasy World in the Sky setting of the mobile game can now be relieved in 3D, and the visuals are just as colorful as the original.
  • Shield Bash: The Goblin boss in the 2017 gameplay trailer can use its tower shield to push forward, damaging nearby party members.
  • Standard Status Effects: Some of the status effects now have more distinct uses than simply adjusting stats in this transition to a Hack-and-Slash game. For example, Freeze momentarily stops the target's movements for a few seconds.
  • Suddenly Voiced: The protagonist is voiced in this game (in Japanese, by their anime and commcercial go-tos of Yuki Ono and Hisako Kanemoto), unlike in the original title where the protagonist is mostly a Silent Protagonist and is only voiced in "costumes" (sprite skins) that were bonuses with the blu-ray releases of the anime.
  • Turns Red: When half of its health is taken down, a part of Furycane's armor shatters, revealing its humanoid female form.


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