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He may seem cold at times, but he's also got a fiery side.
"Nature? Fire? Bah! Both are chaotic and difficult to control. Ice is structured, latticed, light as a feather, massive as a glacier. In ice, there is power!"
Heidar, Rimewind master, Flashfreeze, Magic: The Gathering

The power to control ice, and create cold and frost at will. May be used as a trinity with Fire and Electricity, hence Fire, Ice, Lightning. Likely to be used as a contrast to fire — if the hero prefers fire, their rival, Archenemy, or Lancer will use ice, forming a Fire/Ice Duo. Sometimes the domain of evil or undead entities as Evil Is Deathly Cold. Goes hand in hand with Making a Splash, and may be involved with wind powers via cold air and snowstorms. In Elemental Rock-Paper-Scissors with fire, one will usually defeat the other, though which one varies. Ice is unlikely to be any stronger or weaker than other elements though for Competitive Balance, and thus Harmless Freezing will be invoked. If you want to resort to this to kill an otherwise invulnerable entity, you're planning to Kill It with Ice.

May be used by Bigfoot, Sasquatch, and Yeti, Snowlems, a Winter Royal Lady, a Yuki-onna, or even the Ice Queen. May be a Tragic Ice Character. People with these powers may also have An Ice Suit, a Freeze Ray, and Icy Blue Eyes, or be subject to Elemental Baggage. They'll also often have blue clothes, hair, and/or skin because Blue Means Cold. If it's not blue, it'll usually be white, as a reference to snow. See also Human Popsicle. Frequently leads to Literally Shattered Lives.

Also called "Cryokinesis". A common and unfortunate side effect of ice powers is using ice metaphors.

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    Asian Animation 
  • BoBoiBoy: In the first film, the title hero unlocks the power of ice, the Next Tier Power-Up of water. He typically uses ranged weapons to shoot blasts which freeze targets upon impact.
  • Happy Heroes Season 2 Episode 11 features an ice monster that can freeze objects by breathing ice on them.
  • Mechamato: The fridge-like robot Sejuku is capable of freezing the town and river because he finds the tropical climate too hot for his liking.

    Folklore and Fairy Tales 
  • "Morozko"/Father Frost. Generally, he simply brings winter to certain areas (winter/cold follows him everywhere), but some stories have him using his power to freeze people to death in an instant if they piss him off. Compare Old Man Winter, who is either a substitute for him, another name of his, or a separate entity entirely, depending on how he's depicted. If both of them are depicted as two different beings, then Jack Frost has control over ice and snow in general, whereas Old Man Winter, true to his name, only has domain over Wintry cold.
  • Since the Soviet era, Morozko (now often called Ded Moroz, "Grandfather Frost") has been reworked into the Russian version of Santa Claus, since he was seen as a secular replacement for Saint Nicholas. He is usually accompanied by Snegurochka ("Snow Maiden"), who is either his daughter or granddaughter. Surrounding countries have counterparts with similar names and attributes.
  • Jack Frost is similarly imagined as the one Painting the Frost on Windows. He doesn't have much "canon," but is usually imagined as a mischievous sprite.
  • "Mother Holle", as well known as "Old Mother Frost," is an ancient German folk figure who is responsible for causing snow.
  • "The Fool of the World and the Flying Ship": One of the Fool's companions is a farmer with a bundle of straw that makes things colder, rather than hotter, when burned.

    Films — Live-Action 


    Myths & Religion 
  • Pitjantjatjara mythology has the evil ice spirit Ninya, the Genius Loci of Mount Artilla (Mount Conner in their language). This is rather unusual as there is little snow in this mountain; some Aboriginal Australian stories date back to thousands of years ago, so this might be a remnant from the ice ages.
  • Despiste most of Mexico being tropical/subtropical, Aztec Mythology does have quite a few gods of ice and frost (inland areas do get pretty frosty nights/mornings, not to mention all the mountains). Itztlacoliuhqui is specifically the god of frost and the "plant killer" while Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli, the god of the planet Venus, similarly is associated with ice and snow. The latter actually throws an ice atlatl at the sun in a myth, who retaliates by burning him alive.
  • The Yuki Onna from Japanese Mythology was often an extremely pale woman who lived within snow storms. Tended to guide travelers to either their frozen deaths or to safety, if she so wished to.
  • Norse Mythology: Frost giants. Also, Skadi/Skathi who is considered the goddess/giantess of snow, mountains, winter, and wolves. She married Njordir, the god of wealth and the sea, but neither wanted to live in the other's realm so the marriage didn't last long
  • Poli'ahu of Pacific Mythology, along with her sisters/friends Lilinoe, Waiau, and Kahoupokane. She is their leader, and widely noted for her beauty. She is said to live atop Mauna Kea, though she visits other snowy peaks on the island. She is the antithesis to the fire goddess, Pele.
  • In Classical Mythology, Khione was the daughter of Boreas, the North Wind, and was worshiped as a minor goddess who brought snow.
  • Altaic Mythology: Ayaz Babam whose name literally translates to 'Frost Father', is a god of frost and snow associated with winter seasons, depicted commonlu as an old man with a long white beard and the blue-robes of a shaman. Depending on which myths you read, he is either a son of Tengri — the Thunderer and Top God — or simply another aspect of him.

    Professional Wrestling 
  • WCW wrestler Glacier had a whole entrance motif built around ice and snow. Fitting, since he was a knockoff...err, Captain Ersatz...of Sub-Zero.


  • Darwin's Soldiers has the aptly named experiment "Ice" with, well, ice powers. There are implications that several other experiments have similar powers, but they are never mentioned.
  • Josephine Engel from Dawn of a New Age: Oldport Blues is able to create and manipulate both ice and electricity. She experiences a minor downside in that she struggles to turn it off, and instinctively lowers her own body temperature when agitated.
  • In Lords of Creation, Aeron, The White Queen, is the goddess of winter and has this power.
  • Dawn Fraser of Re Evolution freezes everything that touches her skin, including the clothes she is wearing and the food she tries to eat.

  • Every single Toa of Ice in BIONICLE, plus a handful of other beings (though "a handful" does include an entire swarm of Kohrak). Thanks to Personality Powers, in this case "An Ice Person" often doesn't mean "a nice person".
  • The Frosticons from Mixels. In an interesting play of this elements, two of the three members are ridiculously slow and lethargic thanks to their abilities and climate. Their ranks are made up of Flurr, Lunk, and Slumbo. 2015 introduced three more Frosticons, cousins of the originals: Chilbo, Snoof, and Krog.
  • Ice-Bat from UglyDolls. Everything he touches turns into ice, and he lives in a frozen cave system, but his heart is the warmest part of him.

    Visual Novels 
  • Yukinojo in Enchanted in the Moonlight is a yukibito (a kind of snow spirit), and correspondingly has the ability to create and control snow.
  • Duke Vale aka Wolf in Villainous Nights has the ability to generate ice and cold, from walls of ice to an instant cold compress touch.

    Web Animation 
  • Dreamscape:
    • Ahjeen has ice powers, like creating icicles.
    • Jenna can shoot balls of ice.
    • The blue fairy of Eleenin's Fire, Ice, Lightning fairy trio has ice powers.
    • By using a Spirit Rune with a snowflake on it, Drake can create a wave of icy wind that freezes whatever it hits.
  • DSBT InsaniT:
    • Martha has ice powers, notably her Freeze and Kill attack.
    • Amber can freeze her opponents by summoning the Boomerang Nebula.
    • Icers can fire beams of ice and create ice crystals.
  • Stalin and Hans Frollo (Claude Frollo's Russian cousin) in The Frollo Show both have ice power to reference the fact that they are from russia which is known for its coldness.
  • Hisame from Karekore The Half Blood. She is a snow spirit and has the ability to freeze things at will.
  • Race to the Mansion of Tomorrow: Old Man Ice is an anthro icecream cone who can can freeze anyone to defend himself.
  • RWBY:
    • While she can use a variety of different Dust types, Weiss Schnee is most often seen using ice dust, which fits with her general appearance and personality.
    • The Winter Maiden, Fria, and after her death, Penny, and even later on, Winter Schnee is capable of various ice-based powers, from summoning freezing winds to creating hail and spears made of ice.
  • In the Sock Series
    • Hothica the sky god freeze a pillar of water Sock was caught in.
    • Uquorion the water god create some ice arms that shoot high pressure water to pin Sock against a wall.

    Web Videos 
  • 7-Second Riddles: A literal Ice Queen shows up as the villain of one riddle. She lives in an Ice Palace, wants to turn the protagonist into an ice sculpture, and captures them when they're wandering through the snow.
  • Johnny Snow from Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog has a homemade Freeze Ray. He's Dr. Horrible's self-appointed nemesis, but doesn't actually appear in the video. He's the Hero Antagonist of one issue of the tie-in comics, though. The Doctor's own Freeze Ray stops time, however.
    It's not a Death Ray
    Or an ice beam—that's so Johnny Snow!
  • In "Frozen Flame" by Mahu the frostlings as a whole are a race of creatures seemingly made of ice and feared across the continent.
  • MovieBob's The Game Overthinker series has an enemy known as the Cryothinker, a ninja with Ice powers who freezes Bob (non-lethally, of course) on multiple occasions. He also has a Fire powered counterpart in the Pyrothinker.

  • The Cold Boy from The Fear Mythos. Moreover, he usually targets people who are afraid of being "cold" or cut off from others.
  • In The Sol Wars, Kylie has the power to cryogenically freeze and thaw herself at will - this is important as it was this power that let her unfreeze herself in 2151 after being cryogenically frozen the old fashioned way.
  • Surreal Memes: Dr. COOL Jasper will personally freeze you if you dare say the word "ice".

    Real Life 
  • Ice-nucleating bacteria, such as Pseudomonas syringae, possess the ability to freeze water at warmer temperatures than normal, thereby damaging plants to feed on them. Scientists believe their ice nucleating proteins are an integral part of ice crystal formation in clouds.

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