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An Ice Person / Comic Books

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With his ice breath, Superman is both a nice guy, and an ice guy.

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Other Comics

  • Sub-Zero, from Blue Bolt Comics, gained ice powers when his spaceship passed through a comet.
  • Tor from Crack Comics had control over ice.
  • Frostbite from DV8 has an odd twist on the formula: his power is absorbing heat. He uses this to freeze enemies in their tracks, but he can also release his stored heat in an explosive blast.
  • One-shot villain Icy Mike, for whom Empowered's boyfriend, Thugboy, once worked.
  • Arctica Lagopus from the series The Extinctioners, an Arctic Fox with Ice powers. Didn't see that one coming.
  • The Snow Queen is a prominent villain in Fables.
  • Dr. Frost from Prize Comics had ice powers and would encase himself in ice to survive explosions.
  • The Powerpuff Girls: In "No Business Like Snow Business" (DC run, issue #39), Mojo Jojo corners the market on winter goods and in the middle of summer creates a blizzard in Townsville. His weapon is a Zamboni with a snow and ice cannon.
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  • Snowman: The titular snowman is the revenge-seeking spirit of a Native American man who saw his tribe and family slaughtered by a white man. When he died, his spirit seems to have become bound to his dead wife's crystals, which allow him to manifest whenever they touch snow. Now he has the power to control ice and snow, which he has devoted to his Roaring Rampage of Revenge against all white people on American soil.