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Leilusa (left) and Hyperion (right) are holding the series title for you.

"In the magical world of Far'aus,many different people of many different races worship many different deities,but levels of competence differ from person to person-gods and goddesses included!"

Champions of Far'aus is a comedic fantasy action adventure Webcomic that follows the adventures of the Hyperia pantheon, led by Leilusa, a goddess of shadow, and Hyperion, a God of light. The story primarily follows their handful of followers, which include Daryl Mason, a budding fighter and Champion of Leilusa, Skye Glorious, Champion of Hyperion and person who needs to watch her temper, and others who join them as the story goes along. Their most frequently fought adversaries are members of Sarengal's cult, who cause a lot of the problems for Daryl and Co., either directly or indirectly.

The story is told in a semi-continuous fashion, with chapters of 60 pages on average that, for the most part, have self contained story arcs. Each chapter is referred to by a number, and a titleExample .

A second Webcomic, called World of Far'aus - The Official C.o.F guide has additional information that expands upon and explains things seen in Champions of Far'aus.

Champions of Far'aus and World of Far'aus contains examples of:

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  • Adjective Animal Alehouse: Most of the inns seen have this sort of naming theme.One for example, is named "The killer sturgeon".
  • Adopt-a-Servant: When Will was a child, his parents died, and he was adopted by his aunt Wila, the High priestess of the Hyperia Pantheon. At some point over the next few years, he became a priest. When Wila died, and he was left with Hyperion and Leilusa, their child rearing consisted of promoting him to high priest, and trying to make sure they didn’t accidentally kill him.
  • Adventures in Comaland: Hypnoron traps the group in a dreamscape he made, in story #6, “Sweet dre - NIGHTMARE”, and tasks them with getting to the end to win their freedom & wake up. If they don’t, their souls are his.
  • Aerith and Bob: Names like Will, Daryl and Lydia are used along with Skullcrosis, Rever, and Popari, although from what has been shown so far,Deities are going to be mostly on the "Aerith" side of this trope, as "Hyperion" is the name of a figure in real world Greek mythology, while Leilusa, Sarengal, and Parthelax are fancy sounding made up names.
  • Affectionate Gesture to the Head: Hyperion pats Will on the head after the latter reports that their ice dragon egg is safe in the new tool shed. Hyperion notes he forgot how “funny your head sounds” as he proceeds to tap Will’s head curiously.
  • Afterlife Welcome: After Will’s aunt Wila dies trying to avenge her sister and brother-in-law, and she ends up in the realm Hyperion & Leilusa set up for their followers afterlife, the first people she meets are her sister & brother-in-law. Her sister is shocked, and then worried, as Wila’s death means that her son is left with Hyperion and Leilusa. Wila’s brother-in-law on the other hand, nonchalantly asks his wife to “cough up those chips”, as they seemingly had a bet on when Wila would die.
  • A Handful for an Eye: Daryl uses this move.
  • The Alleged House: The Hyperia Pantheon house - which is technically the Hyperia pantheon temple - is falling apart when Daryl & Skye first get to the temple grounds, with neither being particularly impressed by its sad state, to say nothing of the shattered door frame, broken window, or the tree that had at some point grown through one corner of the building & out the roof before dying. While the group does start some work & add an outdoor extension later on, they do nothing to address the problems with the main house proper.
    • It should be noted that they did replace the front door while building the extension, but an off-panel mishap with the rams put them back at square one, and by the time the extension is seen completed, it’s clear no one bothered trying to fix the door again.
  • Alliterative Family: The Hyperia Pantheon’s current High priest is Will, and the Pantheon’s former High priestess was his aunt, Wila.
  • Analogy Backfire: When Leilusa tries to comfort Wila who is freaking out over becoming the guardian of a young Will after his parents deaths, Leilusa compares it to a flower Wila was taking care of.Wila then points out that the flower died.
  • And Your Reward Is Clothes: A tailor is robbed of the clothing she was going to sell, and tells Daryl she will give him one of the better pieces if he can get them back for her.
  • An Ice Person: Ice magic is a subtype of water magic. Flamel’s main spell for combat casts flying shards of ice.
  • Animal Lover: Catharine is quite knowledgable about “monsters”, but gets really excited over the animalistic ones. The Galemore Sky Force setting up a Wyvern petting zoo is the main reason she went to Dorawn for the N.E.U.U festival, she’s more than happy to tell Daryl all about the differences between dragons and wyverns, and is over the moon with joy when Daryl tells her about the Ice dragon hatchling they have back at the Hyperia pantheon house. The only time she (reluctantly) fights a dragon is because it was terrorizing a town, and didn’t want it to kill people.
  • Animate Dead: The Nekomata in story #10 does this with the bodies that are hidden around it’s lair/ambush area. When Daryl & Skye manage to kill an undead Ursarer, they almost puke when they realize that it’s actually a half-rotted corpse, and not a skeleton like the rest.
  • Armor and Magic Don't Mix: Averted by Flamel Greenwood, who uses magic,and always wears his Garn city guard uniform which includes quite a large breastplate.
  • Artificial Hybrid: Mr.X uses spirit melding, a process used to combine different spirits together into more powerful ones, to create his “experiments”. Said experiments include not only spirits, but objects, animals, and people, which Karla notes should be impossible.
  • Art Shift: When characters are tiny enough in a picture, they turn into stick figures.
  • Aside Glance: Karla does this from time to time, as well as a few others. Since the protagonist’s deities play the roll of Mission Control, they have the ability to see the glances on their mistviews in the same manner as the audience.
  • As You Know: In the beginning of the story, this is how the announcer for the Champions Tournament tells the audience in the stadium the rules for the tournament fights.
  • Bad with the Bone: Dave the highwayman seems to prefer using the random femur bone given to him over the dagger he was first seen with.
  • Ball of Light Transformation: Monstrovs with Light, Arcane, or Shadow power sets, as opposed to ones without them, get a third form in addition to their humanoid and monster forms, referred to as “amorphous” forms, that are more-or-less ball shaped forms made of the respective magic type. The amorphous form No-Sell’s non-magic and non-elemental based attacks, and can fly in the air, and through most objects, giving monstrov’s without air or lighting power sets the ability to fly, but the form actively drains their energy.
  • Bar Slide: The barkeep in #3 does this.
    Offscreen patron: Hey barkeep, got any whiskey?
    [the barkeep fills a shot glass]
    Barkeep:[While sliding the drink across the bar] Apple juice coming up!note 
    Offscreen patron: [Confused]Huh?
  • Bat People: Dreadwings are large (over 3 meters tall when standing upright), with a design that leans heavily towards the “bat” part, with the additions of movement sensing spines on their backs, fluffy manes, and eight legs/arms. They are noted to be untrustworthy partners to make deals with, as they usually find more value in the blood of the other party than whatever it is they will get out of the deal.
  • Bearer of Bad News: One of Dorawn’s guards goes to tell Wila that her sister and brother-in-law had died to a monster they were hunting, while also escorting her nephew Will to the Hyperia Pantheon House so he can live with her. Punnily enough, the guard happens to be an Ursarer, making them the Bear-er of bad news.
  • Beast Man: Goateeps, Ursarers,and Boarben.
  • Beast of Battle: Several factions have these:
    • Galemore as a whole is noted to have more beast masters than summoners, which is reflected in their military with the Sky Force, which consists of Wyvern Riders, and on a smaller scale, their cavalry units, which ride horses or rams, depending on what unit they are.
    • Sarengal’s cult has rams which are trained to fight, as well as carry riders.
    • The protagonists end up stealing two rams from Sarengal’s cult, and name them Thunders and Showers.
  • Beware My Stinger Tail: Kasyzons have scorpion-like tails.
  • Bigger on the Inside: The inside of a deity appears to be an endless, empty void.
  • Black Bead Eyes: Most of the characters are portrayed with these.
  • Black Market: Skye and Rom go looking for the Stage Thief at a literal market a fair distance away from the city of Vickerton. Skye points out the sign outside the market, reading “You can’t prove anything” is the opposite of inconspicuous, while Rom points out that at the very least, they aren’t advertising “stolen stuff for sale”.
  • The Blacksmith: Skye's father is a weapon Smith, and through Skye gives Daryl one of his "hobby swords" to use.
  • Blade Lock: At one point when fighting one of Sarengal’s cultists, Daryl & the cultist lock swords. The cultist starts gloating to Daryl about how the blade lock will let her do something, but we don’t get to know what, as Daryl takes the opportunity to use his free hand to slice at her stomach with his dagger, giving him time to get away.
  • The Blank: The goddess Sarlise wears a mask because she doesn't want to disturb people with the fact she doesn't have a face.
  • Blatant Lies: When Daryl happens upon one of Sarengal’s cultists, and tries to nonchalantly ask her where another cultist he is trying to track down is, she suspects that he is Leilusa’s champion, and instead of answering his question, reaches for her sword and asks;
    Cultist: You haven’t seen some Hyperia Pantheon person in a white cowboy hat and long blue coat - have you? (Daryl is said person in the blue coat & cowboy hat)
    Daryl: Uhhhhhh . . .
    Points off to the side
    Daryl: He went that-a-way!
  • Blinded by the Light: Several light spells have this effect. Most of the runic/priest spells supplied by Hyperion have this effect, some of which are quite potent.
    Flamel: [covering his eyes] It’s like if you could turn on the sun!
  • Blinded by the Sun: Played with:
    • Karla (and other sarbling trolls) have very light sensitive eyes, to the point where she hurts her eyes just from looking at clouds (rather than the sun itself) on a lightly rainy day without her dark mask on.
    Karla: (looks up at the sky) “Too bright!”
    Flamel: “Well that - that’s the sun.”
    Karla: “I’m looking at the clouds!”
    • Hyperion, a god of light, is able to put down rune magic for a spell that when activated, creates a ball of light that effectively functions as a miniature sun, and appropriately anyone who does not cover their eyes while it’s active find themselves in a great deal of pain, with a hard time seeing things properly.
  • Blood from the Mouth: After fighting a dragon, Catharine starts coughing up blood. She quickly bids goodbye to Daryl and Flamel, and flys away in her amorphous form, which pauses the bleeding. She appears to have healed up by her next appearance.
  • Blow You Away: Air magic is one of the several types of magic, with lightning as it’s subtype. One of the spells Flamel knows creates a small gust of wind.
  • Blue-and-Orange Morality: Some of the deities qualify. Sharlise for example, is genuinely bothered by the fact that Skye and Karla aren't going to get a good nights sleep in the forest with them taking turns being on watch for danger, so she makes both of them sleep-against their wishes- with sleeping powder. She stays with them all night, but sometime after they wake up, she throws a knife at Skye to test her reflexes.
  • Breaking Bad News Gently: The city guard who has to tell Wila that her sister and brother-in-law are dead, and that she’ll have to take care of her nephew, nervously tries to lead into the news.
    Wila: Why is my nephew with you?
    City Guard: Well uh, Ma’am we understand you haven’t talked to your sister or her husband in a long time and well - Unfortunately . . .
  • Brutal Bird of Prey: Edvard, the head of a dragon egg smuggling operation, is a monstrov with a bird of prey-like monsterous form.
  • Calling Your Attacks: The barkeep from #3 when throwing what's basically a Molotov cocktail if it was a teacup.
    Barkeep: Explodey teacup!
  • Can't Use Stairs: Subject 23 is forced to give up chasing Flamel when Flamel runs down a set of stairs, because subject 23 has wheels instead of legs.
  • Carry a Big Stick: Skye fights with a mace.
  • Casting a Shadow: Leilusa, and presumably all other deities of shadow.
  • Catching Some Z's: Sometimes when characters are asleep, a line of Z’s float away from them, without a speech bubble, and not in the usual style used in the comic to indicate sounds, like *thud*, *thump*, or *chuckle*.
  • Change the Uncomfortable Subject: After Catharine tells Daryl, Skye, and Rom how she became Sarengal’s champion when she was a child, Daryl shifts the conversation to the N.E.U.U festival, starting his sentence by declaring “Obvious topic change:”.
  • The Chase: At one point in comic #1 the group needs to take an item from Sarengal's cultists who are getting away in a carriage, so they hop on riding mountain rams and give chase.
  • Cheshire Cat Grin: Hypnolytic spirits have a default expression that looks like this, and it doesn't get any better when they actually do smile.
  • Classy Cane: Ebenezer and Edvard have nice canes. Edvard’s in particular has a carving of what looks like an octopus-like creature as the handle.
  • Clock Tower: The city of Vickerton has a large clocktower, which towers over every other building in the city.
  • Co-Dragons: Sarengal’s High priest Skullcrosis runs the day-to-day operations of Sarengal’s cult as a whole, and Catharine is Sarengal’s champion, doing mostly solo missions and small-scale operations as directed by Sarengal. When Sarengal doesn’t have the time to give her a clear goal, Skullcrosis gives her a task to do - in Sarengal’s name of course.
  • Combat by Champion: A Downplayed example with the Champions tournament from the start of the story, as the purpose of the tournament seems to have been simply for the sake of seeing which deity has the strongest champion. Since some of the deities have a large number of followers besides their respective champions, this is likely done as a far less destructive alternative to pitting all of their forces against each other to see who is the best.
  • Consolation Prize: When Daryl loses the first round of the champions tournament,he gets a tiny dagger as a consolation prize.Since the city is attacked by Sarengal's cultists a minute or so later, and Daryl didn't have any other weapons on him, it actually became a lifesaver for him, and he's been using it to fight ever since.
  • Cool Airship: Used by the sky pirates.
  • Cool Mask:
    • Karla, and other Sarbling trolls wear "Dark masks" which cover their entire face, and are enchanted to limit the amount of light that gets to their light-sensitive eyes.
    • The goddess Sharlise wears one because she doesn't have a face, and doesn't want to disturb people.
  • Crossing the Desert: When Daryl and Skye are dropped off in Gar'el, they have to cross a Thirsty Desert portion of the country to get to the nearest town.Thanks to the supplies Popari Swiftwind dropped off, they do so without much trouble, and thanks to the Lemony Narrator, it doesn't last long.
  • Crowd Panic: The people in the coliseum for the champions tournament at the beginning of the story panic when Parthelax warns them about the building they are in being under attack.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Leilusa, who is a shadow Goddess.
  • Deadly Gas: Serpentus's paralytic venom when sprayed falls somewhere between this, The Paralyzer, and Knockout Gas, as Skye losses feeling in her legs and passes out within a few moments of breathing it in, and some comments made by Serpentus implies that prolonged exposure is lethal.
  • Death Course: The last room in the House of insanity that Skye and Karla have to go through is this, with Spikes of Doom on the floor, a Pendulum of Death right at the end of those, and then a pit filled with Lunacy potion that has a sea serpent swimming in it right after the pendulum, who won't let them across unless they answer his three riddles.
  • Death Dealer: The Stage Thief uses magically conjured cards for attacking, defending, and transportation, by controlling their movement with a magic wand.
  • Deceased Parents Are the Best: Will's parents before the start of "Will's induction", because they got killed by a monster. Will's mother's reaction to seeing that her sister Wila has joined them in Hyperion and Leilusa's spirit world shows that she is concerned for her son's wellbeing now that he is left with Leilusa and Hyperion.
  • Dem Bones: When Daryl & Skye encounter a Nekomata, it raises some nearby skeletons to go and fight them.
  • Demonic Possession: Gods and Godesses have the ability to possess their champions bodies, be it the whole thing, or individual parts(such as limbs) while their champions keep control of the rest.
  • Divine Misfile: The Grim Pantheon has a “Lost and found” division that resolves the issues arising from souls being sent to the Otherworld (the spirit world created by the Grim Council,) instead of their intended afterlife, although they have to be alerted by either the spirits themselves, or the deity the spirit was a follower of, to get on the case.
  • Does Not Know His Own Strength: Leilusa and Hyperion sometimes forget that they are Physical Gods from another realm of existence who are much stronger than the mortals who work for them. Thankfully it just leads to occasional Slapstick humor.
  • Domain Holder: Deities reside in elsewhere, a place where they are able to infinitely create and control as many realms as they please, and have the ability to force other deities out if they weren’t co-creators for a particular realm.
  • Do You Want to Haggle?: When a mask salesman wants to overcharge Rom for an enchanted mask that would help him find his friends, Rom, five copper short, decides to counter the initial price, to the chagrin of the salesman.
    Rom: Bah, fine then, time to haggle!
    Salesman: I would rather we did not.
  • Dragon Rider: Galemore’s military has the Sky Force, a division consisting of Wyvern riders, who mainly ride serpent-like Wyverns, and take part in holiday festivities with wyvern petting zoos to educate and entertain the public, as well as putting on “Wyvern Shows” where they fly around at night, creating images in the sky with the wyvern’s fire breath, like something of a cross between an air show and a fireworks display. Dragons also exist, but the lack of dragon riders among the Sky Force seems to imply that Wyverns are easier to handle.
  • Drawing Straws: What the ursarer that has to drop Will off with his aunt and break the news that her sister and brother in-law are dead at the start of "Will's induction" is mulling over.
    Ursarer:(Thinking) Of course I drew the short piece of straw.
  • Dreadful Musician: Most characters consider Rever to be this, and one of the insults he got after a performance was "Pope carried the act!". Pope is a penguin in a bow tie that "sings" along with Rever on stage.
  • Dream Episode: Story #6, “Sweet dre - NIGHTMARE” (stylized with the words “Sweet dre” having a line crossing them out), is about the protagonists going through Adventures in Comaland after Hypnoron trapped them there for a “game”.
  • Dream Walker:
    • Hypnoron is able to enter peoples dreams.
    • Rougery, a trickster spirit, has the ability to magically “trance” a dream version of herself into the Dreamscape Hypnoron controls.
  • Dream Weaver: Hypnoron, an Arcane god, is usually seen spending his time in peoples dreams, and turning them into nightmares for his own amusement.
  • Eat Dirt, Cheap: Downplayed; After failing to capture and eat the protagonists, a pair of mountain trolls agree on rocks for lunch as the group makes their escape.
  • Eating Contest: For one week, once every ten years, during the N.E.U.U (No Eyes Upon Us) festival, the “Daily mystery dish eating challenge” is held in Galemore’s capital, Dorawn. Rom takes part in the day one challenge, consisting of five bowls of increasingly painful “Heartburn salad”, of which a recipe can be found in “The Far’aus Cookbook” in the companion piece.
  • Elemental Absorption: Monstrovs have two sets of Elemental Powers out of a list of tennote , and can absorb/get energy and/or mana from things that correspond to said power sets, and can be a pain to fight if, for example, fire magic is used on one with a fire power set, all it will do is give the monstrov a boost.
  • Everyone Calls Him "Barkeep": The barkeep in #3 is only referred to as Barkeep.
  • Expressive Accessory: A very subtle example with Mr.X and Megalo. Their faces are covered by masks, and the clothes around the masks shift and move along with their mood. Actually a Justified Trope, as Mr.X is a sentient piece of a magic staff controlling a body composed of slug-like creatures, and is likely extending the magical control to his clothing.
  • Extra Eyes: The shadowbeast.It has three eyes on each side of its head,for a total of six.
  • Eyepatch of Power: Wila wears an eyepatch.
  • Eye Scar: Wila, the Hyperia pantheon's previous high priestess, has a scarred area where her left eye should be, that was covered up by an eyepatch. It's only seen when she dies and becomes a ghost.
  • Eye Scream: Kara takes a lot of arrows when attacking one of Sarengal's cultists, but one to the eye is what causes her to disappear.
  • Faceless Goons: Downplayed with Sarengal's cultists,as the masks do not cover their entire face.
  • Failure Montage: Daryl's attempts to catch a troublesome kappa in #4 are shown as such.
  • Fantasy Pantheon: An integral part of the premise, as the story primarily follows the champions of the Hyperia Pantheon deities, Hyperion and Leilusa. Various other Pantheons and individual gods and goddesses exist as well, with the deities often playing the role of Mission Control for their respective champions.
  • Feed It with Fire: An almost literal example word for word, Rom tries attacking Faunza with fire magic when Catharine has trouble fighting her off, but since Faunza is a monstrov with fire as one of her two power sets, it just gives her an energy/mana boost.
  • Fighter, Mage, Thief: The fighting styles of Skye, Flamel, and Daryl respectively.
  • Flair Bartending: The barkeep from #3, but only when making an "Explodey teacup!", which he uses to scare some of Sarengals cultists away from his tavern.
  • Flashback Effects: Flashbacks have panels drawn in a way that makes them look more like pictures tucked into a picture frame by the corners.
  • Fog Feet: Ghosts have these.
  • Fusion Dance: Spirit melding rituals produce composite type fusions, where the end result has powers/abilities from all its components,and physically has elements of whatever was melded.
  • George Jetson Job Security: Captain Shalor fires Flamel from the Garn city guard, though unlike most examples it is out of concern for Flamel's wellbeing.
  • God Is Inept: Well,some of them are anyway.On the first page,we get treated to an example of a fire God lighting his followers weapon on fire,while a Vegetive earth Godess makes her followers shield smell like lavender.
  • God of Thunder: Deities of Lightning are masters of lightning magic, and can raise their body temperature to 30,000c° for half a second, essentially causing a lightning strike where they stand.
  • Grappling-Hook Pistol: Popari Swiftwind uses one to board an enemy airship that has a kidnapped Flamel on it.
  • Harping on About Harpies: The group is attacked by some in comic #2 "Over the sea and through the air".
  • Have You Seen My God?: A version of this happened some time ago in the story's world with the God Goshaldrin. While he was only one of whats implied to be a vast number of other deities, he was so well liked,(if not,then respected) that when he stoped contacting them all together, every deity got worried.They started holding a moot every decade to see if anyone has found any information on where he could be, but it's been going on for so long that the meeting has morphed into a gigantic get-together party.
  • The Hedge of Thorns: The Hyperia Pantheon temple grounds are encircled by a magic hedge that mainly consists of thick, thorny vines. The various vines and branches of the hedge move out of the way for the protagonists when they want to enter or leave, a curtesy granted to them by Hyperion and Leilusa, who enchanted it.
  • Heroic BSoD: Flamel has a minor one that's Played for Laughs when Captain Shalour fires him from the Garn city guard.
    Leilusa: So he's available for hire?
    Flamel: Uh?
  • He Went That Way: Daryl says the trope name almost word-for-word when one of Sarengal’s cultists recognizes him as Leilusa’s champion, and asks Daryl if he’s seen " - some Hyperia Pantheon person in a white cowboy hat and long blue coat - " (what Daryl wears), leaving Daryl with nothing to do except tell Blatant Lies.
    Daryl: Uhhhhh . . .
    [Daryl points to his right]
    Daryl: He went that-a-way!
  • High Priest: High Priests/Priestesses of deities and/or their respective pantheons run things when the deities aren’t. Since champions of deities take orders from their deities themselves, they seem to generally hold a similar position of authority. Who takes orders from who seems to depend on which deity & their followers you are looking at, since a deity could easily just tell their champion to do what their high priest says and vice versa. Most champions seem to default to doing what the high priest says if their deity hasn’t given them anything to do in particular though.
  • Hiss Before Fleeing: When Sanguine taunts One ear over how she tore off his ear some time ago, after she catches him trying to steal her "food", she invites him to come come closer so she can take the other ear. He cuts her off by angrily hisses before flying away.
  • Home Field Advantage: Realms created by one or more deities are so strongly tied to them that other deities who had no part in it’s creation can be forced out & barred from entering it by the ones who did, and any changes made to a realm by visiting deities can be easily reversed by the creators of it.
    • Lizabeth notes that while she could technically enter the dreamscape to help the group after they get trapped there by Hypnoron, because she had no part in creating it, Hypnoron would be be able to immediately undo her work, and force her out.
  • Home Guard: In Dorawn, the capital city of Galemore, a portion of the country’s military is employed there to function as City Guards, since Dorawn is where Galemore’s military personnel are trained. Skye, who grew up there, notes to Flamel that training "stay-at-home-people” on top of everything else would just be a waste of the city’s time and resources.
  • Home of the Gods: Deities reside in Elsewhere, a place where their powers are unrestricted so long as they are not currently in another deity’s domain, and they can create as many new realms as they please, either on their own, or co-created with others. Elsewhere is also the home of spirits, elemental, Magical, etc., and is only accessible to mortals after they die and their spirits are separated from their physical bodies.
  • Ice Crystals: Ice spirits have a crystalline design, which incorporates elements of snowflakes.
  • I Fell for Hours: When Daryl falls into Leilusa’s avatar, the next time we see him, he’s peeking through his fingers and wondering when he stopped falling. This is Justified as the inside of a deity is a Bigger on the Inside Pocket Dimension with no gravity, and nothing to land on, or at the very least smack into, which would have slowed him down.
  • I'm Having Soul Pains: When Daryl accidentally comes into contact with one of the spheres inside Leilusa’s avatar, his body more or less starts warping like a glitched out character model in a video game, while he screams in agony. After Leilusa dispels it, Daryl is physically no worse for wear than he was before. Leilusa describes it as “Unimaginable pain and suffering”.
  • Improvised Lock Pick: When Skye and Flamel find the exit to a maze they are stuck in with strange and dangerous creatures, it is locked. Instead of picking the lock itself, Skye beats the door handles with her mace, then borrows Flamel’s wand to jiggle the deadbolt holding the doors together, then she kicks the door open.
    Skye: Door: Unlocked.
    The handle falls off of the door
    Flamel: Along with, Door: Never to be locked again.
  • Innocently Insensitive: Leilusa cheerily tells Will that he's getting a promotion to high priest at the funeral for his aunt, the former high priestess.While standing at the foot of her grave.
  • It Amused Me: The modus operandi of Trickster spirits.
  • Jacob Marley Apparel: For the ghosts, although either it doesn't apply to all the clothes or it's a choice on the ghosts part.
  • Kappa: In #4, Daryl tries to get rid of a Kappa causing trouble in a town near the Pantheon house.
  • Kill It with Ice: Flamel's main magic attacks are shards of ice shot from his wand.
  • Leave No Survivors: When leading the attack on the stadium in Dorawn during the champions tournament, Skullcrosis says "No prisoners-if you feel like it".One of the cultists chuckles in response.
  • Lemony Narrator: Gets a snark in from time to time, but the best example would be the time where Skye and Daryl are Crossing the Desert, and the narration makes it clear there's nothing worthwhile to talk about besides the fact that Daryl and Skye are just walking, and then says "What say we skip the walking?" at which point the story cuts to them in a town - but the snark still doesn't stop until the end of the page.
  • Lethal Chef: When cooking food for Will, Leilusa asks him to check it because she can't remember if what she put in it could poison him.
  • Light 'em Up: Hyperion, and presumably all other deities of light.
  • Light Is Good: Again, Hyperion.
  • Lizard Folk: The lizardos, which are more lizard-like in body shape. One coffee shop has a sign that specifically advertises that they have lizardo-friendly seating available.
  • Loophole Abuse: Deities can't use their avatars to travel beyond their temple grounds because they can't carry the pedestal for the idols they are possessing- by hand anyways. The Goddess Sharlise, a self proclaimed "lover of travel" travels around with her idol's pedestal in a backpack she wears.
  • Lunacy: Potions of Lunacy can only be made when in the light of the full moon, and the potion itself causes people to hallucinate and go crazy. Skye and Karla accidentally drink some while in the House of Insanity.
  • Lured into a Trap: Faunza lures the group to the go-to area for offing people who are looking into the dragon egg smuggling operation in the area she is a part of.
  • Maker of Monsters: Mr.X spirit melds spirits, objects, creatures, and people to create his “experiments”. Karla initially notes that such combinations should be impossible to pull off, but Mr.X is one part of an unreasonably powerful ancient summoning staff turned sentient, and is so far, the only one known to be able to pull off such a feat.
  • Magically-Binding Contract: Champions of deities have some sort of magic contract with them. While most of them do whatever their deity tells them to, Champions seem to be able to enable Loophole Abuse just by talking to their deity and changing their mind, although in #3, Daryl wonders what the punishment for outright disobeying an order is. The short story “Spheres” shows that disobeying an order creates a spherical . . . thing inside of their deity that, upon coming into contact with the champion, causes “Unimaginable pain and suffering” that only their deity can dispel. Leilusa And Hyperion have no intention of using the spheres to enforce cooperation, and destroy them almost as fast they form. Unless it’s the rare occasion they want to count how many times they were disobeyed for kicks.
  • Magical Incantation: Priest magic works by having the priest or priestess make motions to draw their deity’s symbol in the air in front of them while they recite the incantation set by their deity for that particular spell, which then activates when the caster makes contact with it. It’s noted in World Of Far’aus, that no pre-existing magical ability is required to cast magic this way, but that if the caster has some other means of getting the job done quicker, it’s usually the better option, especially if the Deity who came up with the incantations made them really long because it sounds cool.
  • Magicians Are Wizards: The Stage Thief of Vickerton dresses like a stage magician (for the most part), and is a mage, with their magic wand looking like a stage magicians wand.
  • Magic Wand: Flamel uses one.
  • Malevolent Masked Men: Sarengal's cultists.
  • Man on Fire: This happens to Daryl offscreen during the spirit infestation in Garns library, although unusually for the trope we only know it's happening because Skye tells him;
    Skye: Stop drop and roll Daryl!
  • Metaphorically True: When asked what happened to his shop when Dorawn was attacked, Arthur replied: "I didn't get a lot of trouble". The Imagine Spot flashback shows him not having "a lot of trouble" giving the cultists trying to attack his smithy a beat down.
  • Missing Steps Plan: A merchant that Dave scares away from their goods drops a piece of paper that reads:
    1.Over price.
  • Mission Control: A magic variant, as Leilusa and Hyperion fill this role for their followers by watching and listening to them through mist like screens, and making their voices heard at the location people are at,or in their champions mind.The former can be heard by everyone present.
  • Multi-Armed and Dangerous: Digressa, one of Sarengal’s Zealots, has two arms hanging off of her back that become functional after she dies and becomes undead, giving her a total of four swords to fight with at once. Daryl realizes he can’t get close enough to land a hit during their fight as the extra limbs allow her to both defend and attack at the same time. Rom’s Imagine Spot implies this is the case for Sarengal’s other zealots as well.
  • Mushroom Samba: Downplayed, Skye and Karla accidentally ingest a strange liquid that makes them see hypnolytic spirits as floating cat and lizard heads respectively while they are checking the House of Insanity.
  • The Nicknamer: Rom seems fond of giving people nicknames at random. For his co-workers at the Hyperia Pantheon:
    • He calls Daryl “Cowboy”, because of Daryl’s cowboy hat. This seems to be something of a theme among his former peers when referring to Daryl.
    • He calls Flamel “Flambé”, which is likely a Call-Back to story #1, when Skye angrily told a spirit about to eat Flamel; “He’s Flamel not Flambé!”.
  • Nigh-Invulnerability: Mischevies are extremely tough to beat, as Daryl stabbed one 24 times in the back before it disappeared, and that was with an enchantment that makes weapons twice as effective.
  • Nightmare Weaver: Hypnoron gives Daryl & Skye nightmares in story #4, and in story #6, “Sweet dre - NIGHTMARE”, pulls Karla, and the rest of the group out of their own dreams into his nightmare dreamscape, where he quickly splits them up, putting Daryl, Skye, and Flamel in personalized nightmares that Karla has to help them out of, with an additional nightmare monster chasing them down as they try to leave.
  • No Cartoon Fish: Averted.Fish get about as much basic detail as anything else.They have dots for eyes,a triangle tail fin, about one or two lines for every other fin, and no visible mouth.
  • No More for Me: When Dave asks a stranger if she's seen his holy bone "R" (a bone with the letter "R" engraved into it, indirectly given to him from Leilusa as a joke), she stares at him silently, then pulls out a bottle and lets it smash on the ground beside her.
  • No Mouth: Most characters are drawn this way.
  • No-Sell: When Flamel tries to use magic ice shards against a Mischevie, it just eats them. This is justified as their tongues nullify magic that comes into contact with them.
  • Obviously Evil: Sarengal is this, with his skull-like face, red eyes, black & white color scheme, and long fingers.In case ther was any doubt about him being evil, his text box, for when he speaks from a distance, is covered in spikes.
  • Offscreen Moment of Awesome: A pre-adolescent Will avenging his parents and aunt, by throwing an axe almost as long as he is tall so hard at the monster that killed them it dies immediately "-when it wasn't looking", in the short story, "Will's induction".
  • Only Six Faces: As most of the humanoid characters are depicted with Black Bead Eyes and next to no other facial features, one of the easiest ways to identify who is who at a glance is by their hair, clothes, & accessories. The extra features on non-humanoid characters allows for slightly more variation.
  • Our Ghosts Are Different: They seem to have two forms, one with Jacob Marley Apparel and almost invisible Fog Feet, and one that looks kind of like a packman ghost. After Wila dies in "Will's induction", she describes the latter as "-turning indistinguishable!"
  • Our Spirits Are Different: They are all immortal, and range from fire spirits,which are more like elementals of a sort that can fly, to Terrabnds, which are more animalistic and crawl around on the ground.
  • Overly Specific Afterlife: Being a follower of certain deities causes the spirits of dead mortals to go to whatever realms of Elsewhere their deities have set up for them. Ones that don’t go to a specific Deity’s realm of Elsewhere for their afterlife, and end up hanging around in the mortal realm, get hunted down by the Grim Council’s Reapers, & sent to the Otherworld, which was created by the Grim Council. If a mishap causes a spirit meant for a certain deity's Realm to get sent to the Otherworld by mistake, their deities can contact the Grim Pantheon’s “Lost & Found” division.
  • Parental Abandonment: Will's parents have been dead for years,so we don't see them.This is subverted when we see their spirits in the Hyperia pantheons spirit world reacting to Wila's arrival after her death in "Will's induction".
  • Parental Substitute: Wila to Will after his parents died, and after her death, Leilusa and Hyperion to an extent, if him having continued to live with them is any indication.
  • Party Scattering: Near the end of "Over the sea and through the air", Flamel and Daryl get separated from Skye and Karla due to portals, and Sarengal's champion gets separated from her group and stuck with Daryl and Flamel.
  • Pendulum of Death: The last room in the House of insanity Skye and Karla have to go through has one. It isn't much of a problem for long, as Karla summons Kara, who weighs one ton, on top of the blade so it stops moving.
  • Perpetual Smiler:
    • Sharlise. Invoked by her when wearing her mask, due to the fact it's the only expression on the mask, and she wants to appear friendlier than if she wasn't wearing it.
    • Downplayed with the "be happy" people walking around Dorawn "yelling encouragement" after the city was attacked. They have large masks with smiles, but the big, toothy smile and really stressed out eyes puts it eerily close to a Slasher Smile.
    • The Hypnolytic Spirits always have a Cheshire Cat Grin on their faces.
  • Physical God: All of the deities when using idols of themselves as avatars, although they are limited to their respective temple grounds, and an unspecified distance from their idols pedestal when not in the previously mentioned area.
  • Pig Man: Boarben, which are actually boar people,but are similar enough.
  • Playing with Fire: Fire spirits.Also Deities of fire.
  • Pocket Dimension: The inside of a Deitiy’s avatar, as seen in the short story “Spheres”, is entered through the Deitiy’s face, is Bigger on the Inside, lacks gravity, solid surfaces, and has another avatar inside it, that is just as big as the outside one, and is simultaneously controlled at the same time, and going in that avatar plops you where you were to begin with - outside of the original avatar.
  • Pointy Ears: Elves, Boarben, and Goateeps have these.
  • Poltergeist: Poltergimes are trickster spirits which are the combined forms of a ghost, a Mischevie (another trickster spirit) and a slime. Like the component mischevie, they like to mess with people, (although unlike mischivies who mainly cause mischief, Poltergimes might also feel like causing someone to die if the mood hits them right) and are able to possess and haunt objects, as well as being able to create blue fire. The Poltergime that haunts the house in Yorken that Daryl buys is seen doing things like making chandeliers fall, make objects bleed, and flip furniture around.
  • Prefers Raw Meat: Catharine and Endozok are shown in their monster forms eating the animals they’ve hunted down raw, and only hunt down one extra goat to take back to the rest of the group, so that the others can cook something nice to eat for the festival that’s taking place during their mission.
  • Projectile Webbing: One of Mr.X’s experiments is able to shoot webbing out of it’s mouth, and uses it to drag away Douglas during the fight on Mr.X’s castle grounds.
  • Purple Is Powerful: Leilusa and Hyperion.Leilusa's main color is purple, while Hyperion has purple hands.Both of them are powerful deities.
  • Rank Up: After Wila's death, Leilusa promotes Will to high priest.
  • Revenge Before Reason: In the short story "Will's induction",Will's aunt Wila want's to avenge her sister and her[sisters]husband by killing the monster that killed them, despite the fact that she is not a monster hunter like they were, and she wants to fight it one on one. The monster kills her offscreen.
  • Rhymes on a Dime: The sea serpent Scrallion in the House of Insanity talks like this.It's downplayed, though.
    Scrallion:Even though I prefer to rhyme, it'sss hard to do it all the time.Ssso I'll lift you over.
  • Rivers of Blood: A river of conjured blood appears in "Over the sea and through the air".
  • Scarf Of Ass Kicking: Popari Swiftwind constantly wears a scarf.Being a sky pirate with most of his appearances in the air means it's almost always flowing in the wind.
  • Sea Serpents: One named Serpentus antagonizes the main characters when they need to investigate why he's expanding his territory.
  • Shock and Awe: The "shadowbeast" can fire lightning from it's body.Also it seems to have control over the voltage,as when it uses it's power against Lydia swiftwind, it has a taser like effect on her.The creature fought at the end of comic #1 could also fire bolts of lightning, although those ones seem like they could kill,if not seriously injure someone if they made contact.
  • Shy Finger-Twiddling: Hyperion does this from time to time.
  • Signature Headgear: Within the main cast, Daryl has his white cowboy hat, Skye has her green beret, Karla has a black mask with a red X on it, and Rom has his enchanted helmet from when he was in Sarengal’s cult.
  • The Silent Bob: The Stage Thief doesn’t speak (likely to help conceal their identity), even with the member of Sarengal’s cult they work with. Since their face is concealed, they can’t use facial expressions to convey how they feel either, so they have to use body language and exaggerated movements to get their point across, such as tapping their feet impatiently when they expect to be payed by the cultist inspecting their latest batch of stolen loot.
  • Skeletons in the Coat Closet: The masks worn by Sarengal's people vaguely resemble the upper half of a human skull.
  • Sky Pirate: The group is attacked by a whole ship of them on their way to Gar'el.
  • Snakes Are Sinister: Sea serpents are not the kind of people you'd want to run into while traversing the ocean.
  • Snake Talk: Serpentus talksss like thisss.
  • Spikes of Doom: The House of insanity has these on the floor of the final room Skye and Karla go through.
  • Spirit World: Leilusa and Hyperion have a co-created one for their followers spiritsto go to when they die.
  • Spooky Silent Library: Garn's library during the spirit infestation.
  • Stage Magician: The Stage Thief of Vickerton is named so because of their stage magician themed outfit, which also includes a helmet to conceal their identity.
  • Summon Magic: Summoner mages can make bonds with,and summon different types of spirits.The summoning process involves clapping three times; first to the left, second to the right, and third in front of the summoner.
  • Swallowed Whole: While traversing the underground, Skye gets swallowed by a Thokobra, causing Flamel to panic about how to rescue her.
  • Sword Cane: Ebenezer’s cane is revealed to be one, when one of the cultists who have captured the protagonists & his assistant, approaches him with a bow ready to shoot, and calls him an “old timer”.
  • Symbol Swearing: Is used in place of strong swears,but seem to have the same number of characters as the swear it's (presumably) replacing.
    Sarengal's cultist:(To the other cultists trying to deter the protagonists) The *** are you throwing sheep for?Kill them!
  • Technicolor Toxin: Serpentus's venom is a cloudy, yellow colour.
  • The Highwayman: Dave is one.
  • Hunter of Monsters: Will's parents were a monster hunter duo.
  • These Questions Three...: Skye and Karla have to answer three riddles before they're allowed to leave the house of Insanity. Scrallion, the one asking the riddles (and says the trope verbatim in his first sentence), just sort of accepts whatever answer he gets, except for the second one, which is so strange he doesn't even respond to it, and moves on to question three.
  • Thirsty Desert: A good part of the country of Gar'el is this.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: In-Universe: Proctor Henrith Galemore the eleventh, king of Galemore, is better known as the “Popcorn King”, because his diet consists mainly of popcorn, and he’s almost never seen without a bag of it, which he constantly eats from, and the gold coins that are being minted during his reign have his face on one side, and a piece of popcorn on the other. He even notes himself that he is better known by his nickname.
  • Three-Point Landing: pirate Captain Popari Swiftwind does this when boarding an airship with a hand held grappling hook/harpoon cannon.
  • Try to Fit That on a Business Card!: For Will- Well,a greeting card anyways, and it seems he actually did write his job titles on it, although when Skye manages to condense his introduction into "your name is Will and you work here?"he agrees that it sums the whole thing up,and he skips the rest.His list of titles/jobs as revealed by Leilusa is as follows:High priest of Leilusa, Hyperion, the Hyperia pantheon, and the Hyperion pantheon house, and he is the Hyperia pantheon house's caretaker, gardener, repair man, cook, cleaner, groundskeeper, clothes washer, security, book keeper, party planner, waiter, table setter, window washer, secretary, dishwasher, stable master, kennel master, huntsman, banner man, fireman, trumpeter, and the guy they send into town.
  • Verbal Salt in the Wound: When One ear gets pinned by Sanguine she calls him "useless old One ear." He defiantly declares himself "old but strong", at which point Sanguine sarcastically remarks "so strong you could not stop me from taking your ear", and continues to taunt him, saying he should come closer if he wants to lose the other one.
  • Vertebrate with Extra Limbs: Faunza, in her monster form, resembles a six-legged fire salamander.
  • Weakened by the Light: Subject x9x is reduced to an agonized, screeching blob when Flamel activates the light spell Hyperion provided.
  • Weapon Grip Failure: There are a few times when a character’s weapon gets wrenched out of their hands during a fight:
    • Aquazog disarms Daryl with his pole arm, although Flamel quickly slides the sword back to him.
    • Doug looses his grip on his bladewheel when he gets dragged away by a spider-like creature.
    • Skye’s mace goes flying when she hits a fast spinning metal bladewheel, and her shock allows a skeleton to sneak up behind her with a net.
  • Wind-Up Key: When the yarn monster in Hypnoron’s dreamscape gets knocked out, it’s squirrel tie climbs up the thread from one of its fallen eyes, removes the yarn monster’s hat, and winds the wind up key on the monster’s head to get it up and running again.
  • Wingding Eyes: Having "X"'s for eyes means a person is dead.
  • The Worm That Walks: Mr.X is a sentient magic crystal controlling a body made up of surglugs, which are slug-like creatures.
  • Yin-Yang Bomb: The climactic battle at the end of #1 "The first one"s story arc has Flamel use rune magic set up by Hyperion and Leilusa to combine Their magic against The cultist/dangerous spirits mix..The end result upon impact explodes.