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A place for our Tropers to write entries on specific works they have created or are involved in.

If you would like to put your work here, and the work is available to the public, please create your page under the appropriate Medium Namespace, such as Literature/, Music/, Webcomic/, etc. Or if your work has not yet been made available to the public, create it in DarthWiki.Unpublished Works. Character sheets can be namespaced to Characters/. Also consider indexing it in the appropriate medium page (such as Web Comics).

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Original Works


    Films — Live-Action 







    Tabletop Games 


    Video Games 

    Visual Novels 


    Web Original 

    Web Animation 

Fan Works

    Fan Comics 


    Fan Games 

    Fan Roleplays 

    Fan Tabletop Games 

    Fan Websites 


    Other Fan Works 


    Incomplete Works 

    MST3K-style Commentaries 

Unpublished Works

Alternative Title(s): Troper Work