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Project NA is an ongoing, episodic Axis Powers Hetalia fangame distributed through LiveJournal and DeviantArt. Though not as well-known as certain other games within the same fandom, it distinguishes itself in three main ways: 1) it's a Visual Novel, not an RPG; 2) it's in English, so everyone reading this article can actually play it rather than watching subtitled videos; and 3) like this list, it only lasts for three parts.

Matthew Williams is the newest student at Hetalia World Academy. On his first day, he meets his doppelganger in the form of self-proclaimed school hero Alfred F. Jones. Their already-strange circumstances take a turn for the extra weird when both Alfred and Matthew start developing superpowers for no apparent reason, and the two must work together to figure out what's happening before it spirals out of their control.


Chapter 1 can be found here, and Chapter 2 is here, with a third and final installment in the works. The first chapter was developed in Ren'Py.

Project NA contains examples of:

  • Also the True Ending of Chapter 2, which ends with Matthew suddenly remembering that "Canada" is his other name.
  • Code Name: All the characters are referred to by their 'human names' rather than as countries.Though the names America and Canada do pop up, and it seems they're important.
  • Cutting Off the Branches: Chapter two has four different endings, but Chapter 3 will follow the events of the True Ending.
  • High School A.U.: Similar to the alternate-canon Gakuen Hetalia setting, but with some characters playing very different roles. For example, England is the student council president, while here he's an English teacher.
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  • Identical Stranger: Alfred's URL theory.
    "Everybody in the world has seven people who look exactly like them. So I figure you're one of those seven other guys who look exactly like me!"
  • Occult Detective: Kiku's paranormal investigations club wants to be this.
  • Sequel Escalation: All part of the plan, since it started as a way for the creator to learn the Ren'Py coding system.
  • Sorry to Interrupt: In the Blah ending, this is Natalia's response to finding Matthew and Alfred crammed in a closet together. They were actually hiding from her, when they thought she would catch them searching Ivan's locker.


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