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She was forgotten. But some things, you can't forget.'

Unforgettable is a Kingdom Hearts fanfiction by Cloudhead, known as Too Many Ideas on This Very Wiki. It takes place shortly after Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance. After Lea remembers Xion while training with Kairi, he goes to Sora, who subsequently falls unconscious. He sees Xion pleading with him, and vows to rescue her.

It is being set up as a prequel to the author's upcoming Kingdom Hearts III story, representing the first few hours of gameplay. As such, the plot is done in a slightly 'game-ish' style—it opens with a sparring match that could easily be a tutorial, for example.


Not to Be Confused with the television series of the same name. Note that this page is mostly Word of God, and he would like help finding tropes.

Note: Unmarked spoilers for all Kingdom Hearts games ahead.

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