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Come Away is an upcoming fantasy-drama film directed by Brenda Chapman (Brave, The Prince of Egypt) starring Angelina Jolie and David Oyelowo.

Set before the famous tales of how Peter became Pan and Alice went to Wonderland, siblings Peter and Alice try to help their parents (Oyelowo and Jolie) not fall into despair following the tragic death of their older brother, only to then be forced to choose between their darkening home or the world of imagination.


Come Away includes examples of:

  • Crossover: For Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan.
  • Prequel: The film depicts versions of Peter Pan and Alice before the stories they originate from.
  • Race Lift: Peter and Alice are traditionally Caucasian, but here are presumably biracial with a black father and white mother.
  • Related in the Adaptation: Peter and Alice are brother and sister, being from different, unconnected source materials that didn't connect prior.

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