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  • In the Season 1 pilot, Carrie turning the tables on the gambling den boss by citing exact details about what one of his minions was doing when he wasn't looking.
  • Al and Jay good-naturedly ribbing each other over fast cars.
  • In "Line Up or Shut Up", after a chase on foot:
    *Bad guy gets in his Ferrari, doesn't notice Carrie's already in the passenger seat*
    Carrie: Shotgun. *points gun at the suspect*'
  • In "Manhunt": Jay and Al are questioning a possible suspect.
    Jay: And that's when we talked to the optometrist, whose name (holds up case) is stamped, right there. You've been going to see Dr. Ashford since you were thirteen.
    Lawyer: This isn't how it looks.
    Jay: Really? Maybe we're not seeing clearly?
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  • In "Omega Hour":
    Eliot: Carrie, may I say how lovely you look?
    Carrie: Oh, well thank you, Eliot.
    Eliot: And your plus-one.
    Eliot: Easy Jo, anything but genuine.
  • In "New Hundred":
    Carrie: I got you some balls. Coconut rice.
    Al: Give them to your new partner, Simms. He could use a pair.
    (later, as Simms walks in, Al hands him the bag)
    Have some balls.
  • In "Cashing Out":
    Al: (is miffed; Carrie is contradicting his theory of the office worker having a romance with her supervisor) Why'd you step on my affair angle? I was getting signals from her.
    Carrie: You were getting signals from her? Really? Were you also getting signals from her wife?
    (later, same episode)
    Al: You really think Elliott's going to let you go undercover at an underground casino?
    Carrie: Sure, of course, it's a brilliant idea. How could he say no?
    Gilligan Cut
    Elliott: No.
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  • In "Throwing Shade":
    Robert Bright: Your boss and I go way back. Yeah, we were once called "young punks" in the mayor's office, back in the day.
    Carrie: Wow, "punk" is not a word I would associate with Eliot.
    Robert: I have pictures.
  • In "The Island", Eliot's complaints about the Tourism Board.
  • In "True Identity", Eliot's remarks that one of the members of an exclusive dating group has sued the executive.
  • Carrie's reaction when Eliot announces he's moving to head the FBI in Miami.
    Carrie: We were just getting to the point where you realize I'm always right!

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