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  • In the episode where the kids are taken to the doctor for their shots, all three are very nervous and come up with ways to deal with the fear. Iggy mentions that the only thing that helps him relax is listening to his favorite hip-hop tape by the "Leapin' Lizards", so the doctor agrees to let him take his Walkman into the doctor's office. Gloria and Jacob then hear Iggy shouting: "Ow, wow!" and they become frightened, thinking Iggy is screaming in pain - until both Iggy and the doctor emerge from the office, wildly slam-dancing and rapping: "Ow, wow! Leapin' Lizards is the one!"
  • In one episode, Holly and Iggy are given jobs delivering singing telegrams. Each job they get is one hilarious disaster after another:
    • Their first telegram was for a boy who was having a cowboy themed birthday party. As soon as they got there, all of the kids ran up to them and lassoed them together and ordered them to sing the telegram over and over again.
    Iggy: Next they were going to play "Pin the tail on the donkey."
    Gloria: That sounds like fun.
    Iggy: They wanted to use my tail.
    • Their next telegram was for a newborn baby. After they sang the telegram, Holly and Iggy went to hug the baby and it grabbed hold of both of their noses and wouldn't let go.
    Iggy: I think that baby was part lobster.
    • For their next telegram, they had to go to a wedding, and as a joke, Holly went dressed like a gorilla and Iggy went dressed like a banana. The wedding went great with no problems; it was on the way home where things went wrong. Holly had trouble getting her gorilla mask off, and then someone saw her and thought she was a real gorilla and called the dog catcher, who threw Holly and Iggy into the back of his truck and drove them to the zoo. Luckily, the zoo workers realized Holly wasn't a real gorilla and helped her get the mask off.
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    • Their last telegram was for a woman who was on a diet. She took a look at their costumes (a burger and fries) and thought that they were real food and started chasing them down the street, even getting a few bites out of Iggy's costume. She only stopped chasing them after her husband promised her a hot dog.

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