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The Series

Pre-Time Skip

  • Jiang Cheng chasing Wei Wuxian across the room when the latter tells Nie Huaisang what Jiang Cheng likes in a woman. It ends with Lan Wangji finding all three of them in a very compromising position; it's even the page image for a reason. And then there's their lame attempt to act like nothing unusual happened...
  • In this adaptation, Lan Wangji gets drunk while he was still in his teens. Like in the novel, he's out like a light after one sip, even falling face-first onto the table.
  • While they're being indoctrinated, the cultivators taken hostage are required to memorize the proverbs of the Wen Sect and recite it out loud the next day. Wei Wuxian decides to go first, but recites the Lan Sect's rules purely to annoy Wen Chao.
  • Wei Wuxian calling out Jiang Cheng for eating all the meat in the soup Jiang Yanli cooked and telling him to spit it out. The kicker is Wei Wuxian holding out his hand and Jiang Cheng mock-spitting on it.
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  • Wei Wuxian being a complete cockblocker when Jin Zixuan arrives at Lotus Pier to invite Jiang Yanli to the Phoenix Mountain hunt.
  • The flustered and confused expression on Lan Wangji's face when Wen Yuan starts crying and clinging to him, with the onlookers mistaking him as Wen Yuan's dad. Describing it doesn't do the scene justice, so watch here.
  • Wen Ning selling radishes. Or at least, trying to.

Post-Time Skip

  • The expression of horror that dawns on Wei Wuxian's face when he realizes that Jin Ling summoned a dog, and the way he Screams Like a Little Girl while running away, which is also funny in itself.
    • One might also laugh at how the entire crowd is backing away when Xianzi appears, as if they're all afraid of one adorably fluffy dog that in no way looks aggressive.
  • Lan Wangji literally somersaulting into the scene when Wei Wuxian calls to him for help, before staring down both Xianzi and Jin Ling, making them scram in the process. There's additional hilarity to be found in Jin Ling kicking a basket before walking away.
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  • Wei Wuxian running and screaming himself silly again when Xianzi follows him a second time. Unfortunately, this leads to Jiang Cheng catching him.
  • Episode 36, Wei Wuxian explains to Wen Ning he's going to fetch Bichen if Lan Wangji is asleep to free his old friend from his chains. You hear the awkwardness once they notice Lan Wangji standing just a few steps away. Wei Wuxian makes signs behind his back at Wen Ning to leave, who skips and hops awkwardly and very obviously away because of said chains.
    Wei Wuxian: [clearing his throat] Uh, Lan Zhan. You woke up. I was saying I would borrow Bichen, definitely not steal.
    • Despite Wei Wuxian talking, Lan Wangji keeps staring after Wen Ning even after he has vanished out of sight. Wei Wuxian notices and snaps his fingers. Only then he gets Lan Wangji's attention because the man is that drunk after one cup of liquor. He scolds him for leaving the inn while in that state.
    • Wei Wuxian then proceeds to get them lost somehow while he tries to steer him back to their room, for some reason going from the city to the rural outdoors.
    • The one moment where Wei Wuxian steps away is enough for Lan Wangji to start a hilarious chain of mischief. He basically breaks and enters into the small farm they're standing next to, grabs two roosters out of a cage to give to Wei Wuxian as a gift, and then carves his name into a pillar. Wei Wuxian's baffled reactions as he tries to stop him make it even funnier.

Behind the Scenes

  • While filming Episode 2, the cast and crew struggled to shoot their scenes in the forest due to having to deal with mosquitoes and flies. At one point, Wang Yibo (Lan Wangji's actor) got so annoyed that he cursed in Korean.
  • Wang Yibo trying not to laugh in the middle of a take when Huang Ziteng (Lan Qiren's actor) accidentally refers to Lan Wangji (instead of Cangse Sanren) as Wei Wuxian's mother.
    Wang Yibo: (to Xiao Zhan, while laughing) I'm your mother!
  • For some reason, every BTS video involving Zhu Zanjin (Jin Guangyao's actor) details him eating snacks. Even the series' official Weibo account took notice of this.
  • Remember the scene where Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji reunite at Dafan Mountain? Touching, right? You might be cackling instead when you learn how they shot that scene.
  • Xiao Zhan chasing Wang Yibo while holding a worm or a bug, and Wang Yibo is scared of creepy-crawlies (which he admitted himself).
    • In the same video, there's also Xiao Zhan counting down to Wang Yibo's 21st birthday, with the latter repeatedly whacking him with his sleeve.
  • Many of the actors playing "What's in the Box?", with hilarious results. Special highlights include:
    • Zheng Fanxing taking out a plastic spider by mistake instead of the pen. And because he's afraid of spiders...
    • Qi Peixin being Crazy-Prepared by wrapping his hand in plastic before reaching inside the box. He then decides to make it creative by separating the cover from the pen and daring the next person to get both.
    • Yu Bin getting rather violent with the contents of the box just to get the pen.
    • Ji Li screaming when he first touches the inside of the box, and thinks he's touching a giant lizard.


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