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The Untamed, much like the novel it's based off of, has several comedic moments and then some. What else would you expect from the protagonists where one is an utter Troll and the other a perfect example of The Comically Serious?

Warning: Spoilers Off applies to these pages. Proceed at your own risk.

The Series

Pre-Time Skip
Horseplay is forbidden in the Cloud Recesses.

Episode 3

  • When they first meet, Lan Wangji coldly tells the group if they had no invitation then they could not enter the Cloud Recess. When Wei Wuxian tries to argue further, Lan Wangji had placed the Lan silencing spell on him. The guard informs Wei Wuxian it will wear off in a half hour which leads to Wei Wuxian angrily shaking Jiang Cheng's sleeve for any kind of help.

Episode 5

  • During one of their sessions Lan Wangji gets fed up with Wei Wuxian talking that he puts him under a silent spell. The next scene has Wei Wuxian frustratingly trying to get the other to look at him and undo the spell only to flop down on the table in defeat.

Episode 6

  • Jiang Cheng chasing Wei Wuxian across the room when the latter tells Nie Huaisang what Jiang Cheng likes in a woman. It ends with Lan Wangji finding all three of them in a very compromising position; it's even the page image for a reason. And then there's their lame attempt to act like nothing unusual happened...
    • If you look carefully, you realize that Jiang Cheng has his hands around Wei Wuxian's throat like he genuinely is trying to kill his brother.
  • In this adaptation, Lan Wangji gets drunk while he was still in his teens. Like in the novel, he's out like a light after one sip, even falling face-first onto the table.
    • In the special edition, Wei Wuxian apparently spent a considerable amount of time trying to reign a drunk Lan Wangji back to his bed as he kept getting up and wandering when Wei Wuxian left his side. It's only after he seems to figure this out does Lan Wangji stop moving.
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  • As he sits next to a drunk Lan Wangji, Wei Wuxian seizes the opportunity and asks for him to call him "Wei-gege". When Lan Wangji repeats those words, Wei Wuxian giggles.
  • The next morning the two wake up to one of the attendants banging on his door. However, Lan Wangji is still hungover and rolls off the bed. Wei Wuxian can't contain his laughter at seeing the stoic Lan disciple like this.
  • Everyone receiving their punishment, except Wei Wuxian's is three hundred lashes. He asks if he'd even be able to walk afterwards and then the beatings proceed. As he catches Lan Wangji not emoting a bit, he tries to imitate that expression with little success.
  • After Lan Xichen recommends the cold spring to Wei Wuxian he goes there and is surprised to see Lan Wangji. As he attempts to get close because the water was freezing, Lan Wangji simply steps further away.
    • Then when Wei Wuxian announces he's going to undress since that was one of the benefits of them being friends, you can see the absolute fear that passes over Lan Wangji's face as he tries to scurry his way out of the spring.
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  • Lan Wangji preparing to play on the guqin, but then eyes Wei Wuxian and motions for him to not sit on the table. When he notices this, he bashfully laughs, stands up, and dusts off where he sat.

Episode 7

  • As the two stumble out of the cave, they land in a compromising position and Wei Wuxian has to hastily tell Lan Wangji that he really didn't mean to do that. It takes him a few minutes and Lan Wangji to growl at him to get off when he finally does.
  • Wei Wuxian drawing a rabbit on his sky lantern and showing it to Lan Wangji who lets a small smile slip. When Wei Wuxian giddily points this out, Lan Wangji immediately grabs Bichen and Wei Wuxian hastily retreats out of striking distance. He also accidentally knocks over Nie Huaisang's lantern which he bemoans was made of the finest material that Wei Wuxian was certainly not going to be able to pay him back.
  • For his wish, Nie Huaisang prays to graduate successfully... so he doesn't have to come back here ever again.

Episode 8

  • The note Wei Wuxian leaves Jiang Cheng while setting out to find Lan Wangji.
    Off to a night-hunt. :) note 
    • Jiang Cheng's enraged (even if predictable) reaction is also priceless.
      Jiang Cheng: Wei Wuxian, you bastard!
  • Wei Wuxian showing Lan Wangji a new spell he created. A string of blue light that attaches the caster to another person, which wouldn't allow either party to be able to walk too far from one another. He then engages in a bit of tug-of-war before eventually being tugged along by Lan Wangji.
  • Wei Wuxian managing to startle Lan Wangji with a demon mask. Cue Nie Huaisang jumping out with a monster mask of his own and scaring Wei Wuxian.
  • Nie Huaisang visibly oogling Lan Wangji and commenting, "The Second Young Master Lan is nothing but an unparalleled gorgeous and elegant man." Wei Wuxian agrees with that statement, and then pokes fun at Lan Wangji's dressing in all white like he's going to a funeral. Nie Huaisang rolls his eyes and grumpily takes his fan back.
  • The small ordering competition between Wen Qing and Jiang Cheng. After a few moments you can see him thinking, "Is she seriously this petty?"

Episode 9

  • When the puppets start barging in, Nie Huaisang begs for the others to help him while wailing, "Why do bad things happen to me?!"
  • As Nie Huaisang starts to panic and incessantly rambles, Lan Wangji puts the silencing spell on him. This doesn't silence Nie Huaisang's whines of terror however.
    • Wei Wuxian calmly explaining to Nie Huaisang what they were going to do and advises him to hold on and not let go. Nie Huaisang only starts shaking his head faster the longer Wei Wuxian talks.
  • The statue apparently begins to speak and tells the group, especially Wei Wuxian they should repent for their crimes. As Nie Huaisang is praying for his dear life, Wei Wuxian rolls his eyes and tells Jiang Cheng to come out or else he'll make Lan Wangji mad.

Episode 10

  • After capturing and tying up Xue Yang, he claims to not have the amulet. So Wei Wuxian proceeds to pat him down to check. Xue Yang looks startled and asks whether or not if Wei Wuxian should be concerned for his reputation. Wei Wuxian snarks that he doesn't have much of a reputation anyway.

Episode 12

  • While they're being indoctrinated, the cultivators taken hostage are required to memorize the proverbs of the Wen Clan and recite it out loud the next day. Wei Wuxian decides to go first, but recites the Lan Clan's rules purely to annoy Wen Chao. You can see Nie Huaisang in the background trying incredibly hard not to immediately burst out laughing. Also, blink and you miss it, Jin Zixuan actually smiles at Wei Wuxian's trolling and drops the smile when Jiang Cheng looks over to him.
  • When Wen Chao and other Wen Clan members barge in on Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji's conversation, Wei Wuxian casually says he was telling Lan Wangji that he was sure he recognized this smell from somewhere. He then walks up to Wen Chao, takes in a deep breath and concludes it was coming from him.

Episode 13

  • In order to get Lan Wangji to spit out the stale blood, Wei Wuxian scandalizes him. How? By removing his outer robe, then acting as if he's also going to open his pants right in front of him. The look of panic and fear on Lan Wangji's face is just priceless.
  • Wei Wuxian starts talking to fill the silence and comes to the conclusion that Lan Wangji may have feelings for Mianmian. The look of confusion and annoyance on Lan Wangji's face is priceless when you know who he really likes.

Episode 24

  • Wei Wuxian calling out Jiang Cheng for eating all the meat in the soup Jiang Yanli cooked and telling him to spit it out. The kicker is Wei Wuxian holding out his hand and Jiang Cheng mock-spitting on it.

Episode 25

  • Wei Wuxian being a complete cockblocker when Jin Zixuan arrives at Lotus Pier to invite Jiang Yanli to the Phoenix Mountain hunt.
    Wei Wuxian: Where are you looking at? Am I pretty?
  • Before he takes his shot at the targets, Wei Wuxian asks Lan Wangji if he can use his forehead ribbon as a blindfold. Jiang Cheng rolls his eyes at the scene, Lan Wangji looks away as his way of refusing, and Wei Wuxian pouts at being turned down.

Episode 26

  • In possibly one of the extremely rare moments Jin Guangyao acted out of genuine concern, there's when he futilely tries to talk Jin Zixun out of making Lan Xichen and Wangji drink alcohol with a completely awkward and uncomfortable expression on his face, as he knows that having the Lan brothers drink will have disastrous results.
    • Blink-and-You-Miss-It, but a frame shows Nie Mingjue looking with a worried expression when Lan Xichen decides to take a drink. Even with Lan Xichen being able to avoid getting drunk in this adaptation, both sworn brothers had likely seen the man when he's well and truly intoxicated, and fear the possibility of him making a fool of himself.

Episode 27

  • Wei Wuxian "threatening" to bury Wen Yuan in the dirt like a turnip if he doesn't stop grabbing for his leg. Wen Yuan proceeds to walk over to the patch of dirt and Wei Wuxian happily goes along with burying the kid. It only stops when Wen Qing comes along to scold Wei Wuxian for dirtying Wen Yuan's last pair of clothes and asks him to help out. When Wei Wuxian pouts that as the Yiling Patriach the menial tasks seemed a bit below for him, and Wen Qing makes a gesture mimicking her holding needles and threatens him. Wei Wuxian quickly agrees to do what Wen Qing asks.
  • The back and forth between Wei Wuxian and Wen Qing on what to plant in the Burial Mounds. Wen Qing votes for turnips since it's easier to grow while Wei Wuxian argues for potatoes because he hates turnips.

Episode 28

  • The flustered and confused expression on Lan Wangji's face when Wen Yuan starts crying and clinging to him, with the onlookers mistaking him as Wen Yuan's dad. Describing it doesn't do the scene justice, so watch here.
    • Also Wei Wuxian is too amused by the situation and can't help giggling to himself seeing Lan Wangji having no idea how to react to Wen Yuan's crying.
  • Wen Yuan immediately quieting when Lan Wangji recites one of the Lan Clan rules to not speak while eating. Wei Wuxian is impressed and says he's never been able to calm Wen Yuan down that easily, which then has Lan Wangji telling him he needs to be quiet while eating as well. Wei Wuxian pouts.
  • Wen Qing telling Wei Wuxian to stop messing around or she'll bring him pain. He scoffs at what she'd be able to do. So she simply walks behind him and hits the back of his shoulder, causing him to spit up blood.
    Wei Wuxian: You are so cruel.
    • As he faints into Lan Wangji's arms, Wen Qing then brings out her needles saying she could be even crueler and if Wei Wuxian would like to try. As he opens his eyes, they soon turn into the size of dinner plates and he puts as much distance between himself and Wen Qing.
  • As Lan Wangji goes to return to Gusu, Wen Yuan asks Wei Wuxian whether or not the "rich brother" will come back. Affronted and jealous, Wei Wuxian takes Wen Yuan's toys and dangles it above the boys head. He then says he'll only return them if Wen Yuan says he likes Wei Wuxian more than Lan Wangji.

Episode 29

  • The "Yiling disciples" arguing with each other in town, with both accusing the other of being a fraud. Cut to Wen Ning rolling a cart in with Wei Wuxian twirling his flute and gnawing on a straw of grass into town. Neither of them pay any attention to the ruckus.
  • Wei Wuxian experimenting with something and causing an explosion in his cave. As the others run up to see what happened, Wei Wuxian runs out coughing and looks embarrassed when he tells them there was no cause for alarm. Everyone ends up shaking their heads as they return to work.
  • Wei Wuxian being told to buy food from town and sell a bag of radishes as well. He kicks the bag petulantly and then whines for Wen Ning. Wen Ning comes running at the speed of light, apologizing for running into some people before stopping in front of Wei Wuxian, nodding and picking up the bag of radishes.

Episode 30

  • Wen Ning selling radishes. Or at least, trying to.
    • Wei Wuxian immediately giving up on trying to coach him through as he decides to lay on his back while lazily chewing grass.
  • Wei Wuxian stealing the evil searching compass from the "Yiling disciple" by replacing it with a radish.
  • As Wei Wuxian watches Jiang Yanli take off her robe to show him her wedding gown, he starts tearing up in happiness. Jiang Cheng of course can't help but rib him for it.
    Jiang Cheng: What are you crying for? She's not marrying you.
    Wei Wuxian: (annoyed) Shut up.
  • As Jiang Yanli goes to give a bowl of her soup to Wen Ning, Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng ask each other how their wounds healed as if it were no big deal. It then culminates with the two arguing with one another on who was bedridden longer due to their injury.

Post-Time Skip
Beware the Ghost General! RAAAAARRGGHHHH!

Episode 1

  • Wei Wuxian freezes a man who was hitting him with a stick thinking he's still Mo Xuanyu and takes his bag of peanuts. He mutters how they tasted better sixteen years ago and walks away without unfreezing the man.
  • Wei Wuxian pretending to be crazy. He refuses to leave the Mo manor and clings onto a pillar and even falls onto the floor while petulantly yelling that he wasn't going to leave.
  • He then pretends to be kicked and starts crying over his harsh treatment. Hilarity ensues.
    • Lan Jingyi is notably amused by the whole act, but only stops laughing once Sizhui catches him and quickly goes back to looking like a proper Lan disciple.
  • Through his fake tears he says there's one way to shut him up, by returning the items that were taken from him where he acts more serious. Then he glances over at the people watching and returns back to his fake crying.
  • As Wei Wuxian plays a song on some grass, Sizhui seems to recall hearing the song somewhere and asks Jingyi if they've ever heard it at the Cloud Recess. Jingyi deadpans that he's never heard such an awfully played song at the recess.
  • The Juniors throwing their robes at a reanimated Madame Mo which confuses Wei Wuxian.
  • He also tries to tell the Juniors not to call Lan Wangji because he could handle the situation only to be ignored.

Episode 2

  • Wei Wuxian losing control of Little Apple and falling face first in front of Jin Ling.
  • After Jin Ling curses at him to let him up or his uncle will come after him, Wei Wuxian's voice just drips sarcasm.
    Wei Wuxian: Whoa, I'm so scared.
  • There's something comedic about how Lan Wangji hates Jiang Cheng so much that he refuses to acknowledge him in any way, and it's Lan Sizhui who has to speak in his stead. Given Lan Sizhui easily steps into the role of speaking on Lan Wangji's behalf, this isn't likely the first time that they had crossed paths and Lan Wangji gave him the silent treatment.
  • Lan Wangji putting the Silencing Spell on Jin Ling, leaving him to pout throughout the rest of the conversation.

Episode 33

  • Wei Wuxian's expression when he sees that all portraits of him depict him as an ugly old man. From the expression on his face, it's obvious that he's trying not to cringe more than he already is.

Episode 34

  • The expression of horror that dawns on Wei Wuxian's face when he realizes that Jin Ling summoned a dog, and the way he Screams Like a Little Girl while running away, which is also funny in itself.
    • One might also laugh at how the entire crowd is backing away when Fairy appears, as if they're all afraid of one adorably fluffy dog that in no way looks aggressive.
  • Lan Wangji literally somersaulting into the scene when Wei Wuxian calls to him for help, before staring down both Fairy and Jin Ling, making them scram in the process. There's additional hilarity to be found in Jin Ling kicking a basket before walking away.
  • Lan Wangji communes with a spirit but is only able to establish that the spirit doesn't know how he died, who killed him, or where he is. After a moment, Wei Wuxian suggests that maybe the spirit they've found is Nie Huaisang.
  • Jin Ling angrily telling Jiang Cheng he's not a kid anymore and should stop trying to discipline him. His uncle gets angry as he says even if his nephew was thirty years old, that wouldn't stop him from beating some lessons into him.
  • Wei Wuxian running and screaming himself silly again when Fairy follows him a second time. Unfortunately, this leads to Jiang Cheng catching him.
    • How it all happens is funny: while looking for Jin Ling, Wei Wuxian immediately hides when he realizes Jiang Cheng is also nearby. He remains unnoticed, but he unfortunately exposes himself when he realizes Fairy is right next to him. He stops running when he realizes too late who he ran into, and gives an awkward chuckle while Jiang Cheng looks at him with a confused expression. When Wei Wuxian waves at him and attempts to stroll away like nothing happened, Jiang Cheng immediately scowls as if to say, "Oh no, you don't!" and yanks at the latter's ankle with Zidian to trip him and stop him in his tracks.
  • Wei Wuxian distracting Jin Ling by pretending to look annoyed as he prepares to "argue" with Jiang Cheng. Jin Ling turns around and Wei Wuxain chops his neck, knocking him out.

Episode 35

  • When Jin Ling indignantly demands to know how Wei Wuxian would dare to hit him when his own uncle never has, Wei Wuxian—who knows Jiang Cheng quite well and is very familiar with how he interacts with annoying male family members by default—reacts with a slightly weirded-out, nonplussed "Really?"
  • How does Wei Wuxian get Jin Ling to run the heck away from him? He pretends he sees Lan Wangji, cowers and screams in apology. Still having not forgotten his experience with Lan Wangji, Jin Ling tells Wei Wuxian he wasn't done with him and he'd be back as he runs as fast as he can. The fact that Wei Wuxian has used this trick twice and it's worked on Jin Ling both times adds to the hilarity of the situation.
    Wei Wuxian: Little twerp.
  • Noticing his leg seems off, Lan Wangji offers to give Wei Wuxian a piggy back ride, like he had once offered. This confuses Wei Wuxian as he doesn't remember making that offer, and argues it'd be embarrassing since he's an adult man. As he adds that Lan Wangji must have mistaken his words, Lan Wangji mutters, "Never would you try to remember this."
    • The viewers also get a short flashback sequence of Wei Wuxian offering Lan Wangji that piggyback ride.
  • Nie Huaisang's interrogation, with the other stuttering multiple times how he really doesn't know anything. While Wei Wuxian asks the questions, Lan Wangji just stands off the side and offers him wine when he empties his bottle.
    • Once he's allowed to leave, Nie Huaisang bows politely before quickly booking it down the stairs and out of the inn.

Episode 36

  • Wei Wuxian explains to Wen Ning he's going to fetch Bichen if Lan Wangji is asleep to free his old friend from his chains. You hear the awkwardness once they notice Lan Wangji standing just a few steps away. Wei Wuxian makes signs behind his back at Wen Ning to leave, who skips and hops awkwardly and very obviously away because of said chains.
    Wei Wuxian: [clearing his throat] Uh, Lan Zhan. You woke up. I was saying I would borrow Bichen, definitely not steal.
    • Despite Wei Wuxian talking, Lan Wangji keeps staring after Wen Ning even after he has vanished out of sight. Wei Wuxian notices and snaps his fingers. Only then he gets Lan Wangji's attention - the man is that drunk after one cup of liquor. He scolds him for leaving the inn while in that state.
    • Wei Wuxian then proceeds to get them lost somehow while he tries to steer him back to their room, for some reason going from the city to the rural outdoors.
    • The one moment Wei Wuxian steps away is enough for Lan Wangji to start a hilarious chain of mischief. He enters the small farm they're standing next to (breaking and entering), grabs two roosters out of a cage to give to Wei Wuxian as a gift (theft), and then carves his name into a wooden pillar (vandalism).
    • Wei Wuxian's reactions make it even funnier. The man who usually pranks and teases others stares in bafflement at the roosters Lan Wangji thrusts at him, scolds the other man in a scandalized tone when he grabs them out of their cage, and tilts his head in shock when he spots that he vandalized the pillar. Which doesn't stop Wei Wuxian from adding his own name before they leave.
  • Lan Wangji's slowly mounting terror as Wei Wuxian, who normally never misses a chance to rib him, emphatically assures him that he definitely didn't say or do anything embarrassing while drunk and shouldn't worry about it at all.
    Lan Wangji: ...What exactly did I do last night?!

Episode 37

  • Lan Sizhui solemnly informing Wei Wuxian that they had to take Little Apple out of the Cloud Recess because everyone was complaining about the donkey making noises, harassing the rabbits and being a picky eater amongst other things. Wei Wuxian is more offended that the juniors took Little Apple away than of the donkey's infamous temper.
  • Jin Ling makes fun of Wei Wuxian naming his donkey Little Apple. Lan Jingyi argues that the name at least makes sense since the donkey likes eating apples, whereas Jin Ling naming his "fat dog" Fairy is the hilarious part. Pot calling the kettle black, Jin Ling?
    • Jin Ling then angrily retorts that Fairy was not fat and was in fact in healthy shape.
  • The juniors are surprised that the woman is still holding the door open and they ask Wei Wuxian if she was really letting them in. He replies, "Of course, my foots stuck here" as he gestures downwards. The juniors look down to see Wei Wuxian's foot blocking the door from closing all the way.
  • The poor juniors afflicted by corpse powder experience Wei Wuxian's horribly spicy cooking. Much coughing and burnt tongues happen. And Wei Wuxian, who dumped the spice into the rice, thinks this:
    Wei Wuxian: Did I accidentally sprinkle the paprika into the congee?
    • Sizhui tries some and immediately spits it out. He quietly remarks on how it tastes strangely familiar.
  • Wei Wuxian trolling the juniors, especially Jin Ling. He pretends to see something interesting and once their faces are close to the hole in the screen, A-Qing provides a jump scare.

Episode 40

  • After the events in Yi City, the juniors eat in the inn. Lan Wangji buys liquor for Wei Wuxian. The acting and expressions make the scene as hilarious in its own way as it is in the novel.
    Lan Sizhui: Did I see wrong just now?
    Lan Jingyi: What?
    Lan Sizhui: It was liquor that Hanguang-Jun was holding. [Lan Jingyi drops his chicken from his chopsticks and it falls into his bowl; Lan Sizhui picks the chicken with his own chopsticks and shoves it into Lan Jingyi's mouth]
  • Wen Ning visits Wei Wuxian... at his window. By hanging from the roof. He falls to Wei Wuxian's dismay. Then Lan Wangji arrives, and Wei Wuxian tries to shoo Wen Ning away. Wen Ning just stares up at him with the most adorably confused expression. When Lan Wangji walks in, Wei Wuxian leans against the window and completely fails to look nonchalant.
  • As Wei Wuxian hides behind Lan Wangji and the others as they arrive at the Jin Clan, Jin Ling asks what he was doing here.
    Wei Wuxian: ... I'm here for the free meal.
  • Nie Huaisang rushing into the party with drunken tears streaming down his face, begging Jin Guangyao for his help with a problem. When he tries to calm Nie Huaisang down by saying he helped with a problem last time, Nie Huaisang pauses for a beat before yelling that a new problem has risen up and cries for help. It takes Jin Guangyao and Lan Xichen to drag Nie Huaisang out before he causes more of a scene.
  • Wei Wuxian finding out that there were rumors of Mo Xuanya making passes at Jin Guangyao's wife and he wonders if the man who's body he's currently occupying had a death wish.
  • Jin Ling interrogating Wei Wuxian, which leads him to slap a hand over Jin Ling's mouth. He then goes on to tell him he's fallen in love with someone else and would only remove his hand if Jin Ling promises to be quiet. After he silently agrees, Wei Wuxian rubs his hand on his sleeve.
  • Jin Ling threatening to call Fairy over, which gets Wei Wuxian to run like the wind and hisses that Jin Ling was being such a brat after that bonding moment they shared.
  • Wei Wuxian transferring his consciousness to a paper doll, and proceeds to play with Lan Wangji's forehead ribbon.
    Lan Wangji: Stop playing around.
    • All of paper Wei Wuxian's reactions. They range from adorable to hilarious.

Episode 43

  • Jin Ling stabs Wei Wuxian in the side, and what's his reaction?
  • Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian hide behind a stack of hay when they hear people approaching, a female cultivator draws her sword and asks who's there.
    Wei Wuxian: Nobody.
    • Lan Wangji looks close to rolling his eyes after those words left Wei Wuxian's mouth.

Episode 44

  • Continuing from where the last episode left off, once they all recognize each other and Wei Wuxian sees Mianmian's daughter, he offers to give her some lucky money. Mianmian and her husband try to politely decline, but Wei Wuxian still goes through with it.
    Wei Wuxian: Don't be so humble. It's not my money anyway. (Lan Wangji wordlessly hands Wei Wuxian his wallet)
  • After receiving her gift, Mianmian's daughter says thank you to Lan Wangji, but ignores Wei Wuxian. He pouts and asks why she wasn't thanking him since he gave the money to her. She continues to stare at him and he pouts even harder.
  • The scene becomes funnier in hindsight when older Mianmian recognizes Wei Wuxian, but he looks confused as he believes he's never met her before. Even though he soon remembers her, it's funny to remember him bragging that his brand mark will have him forever remember Mianmian.
  • Wen Ning's 'disguise' as seen in the picture above. He bound long plant stalks to his body and put dust and mud onto his face. He also tries to make a scary face when he leaps out of the greenery, but the get-up just makes him look silly.
  • Lan Jingyi's snarky comment about being stuck in the cave?
    Lan Jingyi: I'd rather be killed by monsters on a night-hunt, than starve to death in this shit-hole.
  • Jin Ling starts fighting with someone from his own clan, but all they end up doing is just angrily bumping into each other. Sizhui futilely tries to keep the peace.
  • Wei Wuxian wordlessly gives Suibian to Wen Ning and he approaches the Juniors with a poker face. A good number of the juniors end up screaming and some likely wet their pants seeing the Ghost General walking towards them with a sword. Wei Wuxian grumbles that his way of intimidation of no better than Wen Ning's.
  • Some of the juniors accuse Wei Wuxian of kidnapping them and bringing them to the Burial Mounds. Wei Wuxian then points out that he's poor and therefore, there's no way he would have been able to hire people to kidnap the juniors. Without missing a beat, Lan Sizhui comments on how he'd always known Wei Wuxian was poor. All Wei Wuxian can do is pause for a beat before solemnly nodding his head.
  • As all of the other clans gather at the Burial Mounds Wei Wuxian asks where Jin Guangyao and Lan Xichen were. Nie Huaisang pipes up that he has no idea what was going on and was just here to add to the numbers. After a moment of silence he quietly hides behind a Jin Clan junior.
  • The puppets start to make their way towards the mounds where everyone is located, but none of them trust Wei Wuxian enough to hide in his cave. Nie Huaisang, however, basically says if they weren't going in the cave he will, and makes a beeline to safety.

Episode 45

  • Before Jin Ling could run out to assist Wen Ning and Sizhui, Jiang Cheng stops him and seems to be making a heartfelt effort to gift Zidian to Jin Ling as if passing the torch the way his mother once did. However, Jin Ling ignores the gesture altogether and runs out of the cave, with his uncle cursing at his insolent nephew.
  • It turns out that Lan Wangji's parenting style isn't that much different from Wei Wuxian's when Lan Sizhui recounts to Wen Ning how the man used to bury him under rabbits.
    • Lan Sizhui also tells Wen Ning that because he'd always play and feed the rabbits when he was younger, he's now very fond of carrots.
  • Wei Wuxian offers for Lan Wangji to sit at the steps, but he instead leans against a nearby pavilion, which Wei Wuxian pouts at. As he prepares to lay back on the floor, Lan Wangji reminds him to not misbehave. Wei Wuxian begrudgingly obliges as he sits up.

Episode 46

  • The other clan leaders immediately call for Wei Wuxian's assistance, and they refer to him by his name instead of his title. They reason that someone like the Yiling Patriach who's used to dirty tricks shouldn't have a problem going against someone just as dirty like Jin Guangyao. The confused look on Wei Wuxian's face reads, "didn't you all want me dead not even half a day ago?"
  • There's nothing funny about the scene itself. But taken out of context, there's some Black Comedy to be found when you describe the scene where Wen Ning tells Jiang Cheng the whole truth about his golden core as "Wen Ning yelled at Jiang Cheng until he cried".
  • Wen Ning awkwardly third wheeling while Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian eat some lotus seeds. Also Wei Wuxian's baffled expression when Lan Wangji tells him "just this once" as he offers him a lotus plant.

Episode 47

  • Wei Wuxian not so slyly trying to set Wen Ning up by asking Lan Wangji if there were any female cultivators in his clan he knew of who were "affable, and flexible, and didn't mind puppets".
  • Wei Wuxian internally groaning at Jin Ling's bad timing, practically screaming at his nephew that for once in his life to have some self preservation and just leave.
  • The way Wei Wuxian rolls his eyes and sighs when Jiang Cheng makes his entrance in the Guanyin Temple. Given how their last "conversation" went, he's expecting Jiang Cheng to say nothing but nasty things about either him or Lan Wangji again after Jin Guangyao is dealt with, and at this point he's (albeit understandably) tired of it.
  • When Fairy runs into the Guanyin Temple to attack Su She, even while Wei Wuxian is cowering behind Lan Wangji he still mutters, "Bite him, Fairy!" Then after Fairy chases Su She out the temple, Wei Wuxian belatedly realizes that he was clinging onto Lan Wangji's arm, and gently puts it down while smiling sheepishly.

Episode 48

  • It's funny in the meta sense, but Mo Dao Zu Shi fans who are familiar with the audio drama might chuckle at Jiang Cheng spitefully calling Jin Guangyao a Son of a Whore when Wang Kai (Jiang Cheng's live-action voice actor) also voiced Lan Xichen in the audio drama. And Lan Xichen is widely considered to be Jin Guangyao's number one defendant. You do the math.
    • In the same vein, there's Jin Guangyao retaliating to Jiang Cheng's insult by giving the latter a viciously brutal "The Reason You Suck" Speech, since Jin Guangyao is dubbed over by Su Shangqing, who also voices Jin Ling in the donghua. Essentially, you're hearing Jin Ling at his most disrespectful and savage towards his dear, dear uncle.
  • It's easy to miss, but there's a funny detail to be found when Lan Wangji free Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng of their bindings, as it perfectly reflects his differing attitudes towards them. With Wei Wuxian, Lan Wangji exercises caution and places the blade right against the ropes before cutting upwards; but with Jiang Cheng he just swings his blade downwards with so much force that gives the impression that he wouldn't have cared even if he had missed and cut off Jiang Cheng's hands instead.
  • When Jin Guangyao attempts to elicit sympathy from Lan Xichen once again, Wei Wuxian gives this priceless remark in the most exasperated and deadpan tone possible.
    Wei Wuxian: Hey, Clan Leader Jin. Can we stop talking? Can we just start killing each other?

Episode 50

  • Wei Wuxian looking annoyed when Lan Sizhui and Wen Ning run up to them, right as it looked like he was going to tell Lan Wangji something.
  • Lan Sizhui teasing Wei Wuxian about what he 'taught' him as A-Yuan. Wei Wuxian mock-threatens to bury him like a radish like he did when he was three years old.