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Fanfic / A Step Onto Chronos

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A Step Onto Chronos is a Chrono Trigger Self-Insert Fic by Shadic The Hedgehog. It can be found here. It was Shadic's first fanfiction put online, though not the first one he'd ever written. It is completed as of 12/9/09, nearly five years after he first started writing.

The story begins with an alternate "Good Morning, Crono" involving the main character and his alarm clock. He travels outside to practice some swordplay and finds a green version of the Chrono Trigger timegates, and upon looking through it, finds himself in the world of Chrono Trigger itself, but unconscious. He is found by Crono and Marle, who, due to the early, bad writing style of the author, don't question what he knows and offer to take him along with them. Things proceed mostly as normal, though the main character, Joe, returns to meet Lucca, instead of traveling to Guardia Castle with Crono.


Things continue onward in normal fashion of the game, until Joe decides to take Lucca back to his homeworld and retrieve a few things, including his car, while offering Lucca the chance to play the game she's part of, and the green "Universe Gate" closes permanently behind them. Upon breaking Crono out of jail, things again proceed as normal, with a few "This wasn't in the game" moments. After repairing Robo, Joe stays behind to open the door, allowing the author to skip over one of the dungeons. He does this often. Upon entrance to the End of Time, Joe reveals his extra-planar origins to the rest of the party, and, as this happens in chapter five, they accept it and move on. They earn magic from Spekkio, and Joe finds himself with a stronger version of Fire-type magic, and a mysterious demonic-looking figure overshadows him as he receives his magic.


Returning to AD 1000, things proceed, again, as they had in the game, up until the visit to Frog, who is also told Joe's origin and proceeds to grant them his part of the Masamune before they go to Mt. Denadoro. Once again, the story follows the game a ways, along with another skip in the story to get past the Forest Maze, where the author always got lost. The story begins to truly diverge from the game after the repair of the Masamune, and since the author would rather you read the actual story than read this summary/retelling here, he'll stop writing now and get on to some of the tropes he knows are in the story. He, unfortunately, has a difficult time recognizing some of the tropes in the story, so would like some help filling things in.


This story provides examples of:

  • Author Appeal: The author constantly skips portions that he thinks are going to be tedious to write or take up too much time when playing the game, and has inserted his own original creations into the mix.
  • Cooldown Hug: After losing control in Chapter 23, Barog!Joe is calmed down with a hug and confession of love from Lucca.
  • Kill It with Fire: The main character gains a more powerful version of Fire-type magic, which is later revealed to be because he is the reincarnation of the god of fire.
  • Shout-Out: Many, of course. When flying at sea, Joe gets really mad and tries to hit one of his allies with a hammer of fire while calling that ally a baka.