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Flashpoint 2: Advent Solaris is a fan-fiction written by Empire-of-the-East. As the title might suggest, it so happens to be a Crossover of the DC Animated Movie Universe with Sonic the Hedgehog. Yes this actually is a thing now.

The storyline serves as a Continuation of the DCAMU's universe, following the final film, Justice League Dark: Apokolips War. Following the events of the aforementioned movie, Barry Allen wakes up in a newly created timeline, only to discover that more things are different than any previous timeline his time travel has created up to this point. At first, he's willing to move on and accept the changes for the sake of being with his beloved - though that's when a certain mad scientist shows up and a certain intro sequence is brought into novelized form. Ever the superhero, Barry decides to get involved. He ultimately proves to have little idea of the rabbit hole he's falling down.


At the time of this being written, the fic is at it's twenty-first chapter, with a total of thirty being planned according to it's Archive of Our Own page. The fic is also available on other major fanfiction websites, but this page uses the Archive of Our Own chapter listing as that is the version linked.

Due to the nature of this fic continuing off of the final movie of a series, there are naturally unavoidable spoilers about said movie.

It can also be read here.



  • Adaptational Badass: Multiple examples of this trope exist:
    • Mephiles is shown to have more powerful time-related powers in that he can present visions of even the "erased" Apokolips War timeline, and it is implied he can theoretically travel to it as well. He also seems to have some type of control over shadows. By the time of Chapter 13, Mephiles' power upgrade reaches new heights when it's revealed He's one half of an amalgamation of Darkseid and Trigon.
    • Shadow is described as being more stronger than his typical gameplay-limited depiction as well, with his punches being compared in Chapter 5 to Superman's own; the full extent of his power continues to expand as the story goes on - even though it's arguably justified when the origins of his DNA donor are revealed. Not only is he about as durable and has as hard a punch as a kryptonian, but he can also absorb the energy from the omega beams - fueling his chaos blasts.
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    • Going off the specific Sonic game being crossed over with the DCAMU, Sonic gets a massive speed and power upgrade as well by comparison. He's roughly up to par with the likes of the other speedsters in this story and is fully capable of accomplishing feats just like them, though he is of course smaller in height to them. He later gains a connection to the speed force in Chapter 14, further cementing his power upgrade.
  • Adaptational Wimp: The Paradooms. In the film they appeared in, they were capable of killing most of the cast. By the time of Advent Solaris though, with their weakness for kryptonite exposed, they are reduced to literally crying in fear and agony as the heroes they once were able to slaughter make short work of them. Even the Changelings are easily able to tear through their ranks, the one who ripped Starfire in half being Eaten Alive while powerless to stop it's relentless devourers. Once Darkseid's trump card, they are reduced to little more than a joke when pit against even the Reach's larger warships which simply blast them out of the sky with lasers as if they are little more than mosquitos. It's highly implied that their weakness to kryptonite is why Mephiles considers them to be a failure and waste of time to produce. Simply put, they are given no respect.
  • Alpha Bitch: At least three clear cut examples.
    • The first is the sole new character created for the fic, Lady Mairghread "Mairie" of House Mcloch who solely appears in Chapter 6, introduced as Elise's aunt who has bullied her since she was a child - among various other acts of cruelty and corruption.
    • Later on in Chapter 13, we are introduced both to Komand'r and the Queen of Bialya, who both effectively try to out Alpha Bitch each other before their boss,Mephiles, interrupts them.
  • Alternate Timeline: The Sonic Universe is treated as an alternate timeline of the DCAMU in this fic, having been created due to the flashpoint necessitated at the end of Justice League Dark: Apokolips War.
  • All There in the Manual: With this being a continuation fic, obviously the events of the film(s) this follows are explained, in, well - those films. Same goes for the Sonic games that occurred prior to 06, though some of their events do get recounted in dialogue and/or have their aftermaths shown.
  • Anyone Can Die: True, there’s not as many deaths in this as there are in the movie it continues off of, but that doesn’t mean everyone is immune.
    • Lady Mairghread of House Mc Loch is built up for all of Chapter 6 as a personal villain for Elise only to be abruptly killed off at the end of the chapter.
    • Mighty the Armadillo is killed by Mad Harriet when he makes a sacrifice to save Charmy Bee’s life.
    • Many of the Soleanna Civilians and police alike are powerless when one of the anthro characters or robots decides to raise some hell - intentional or otherwise.
    • You’d think Kalibak and Grayven would be important in this considering who their daddy is, but they both get killed off in their debut chapter.
    • Apokolips War Lex Luthor, who made it pretty far into the film and was integral to its plot, is killed off in the cold opening of Chapter 17 in a very slow and painful fashion.
  • Bad Cop/Incompetent Cop: In Chapter 3, the Soleanna royal guard reprise a role they had in the original game - forcing Sonic and Barry to guess who their captain is. They do this just because they think it's funny. They also insult Barry for his job as a forensic scientist. In later chapters they have a key role in, they are shown getting either gunned down by robots or straight up beaten to hell by the likes of Silver and Blaze with total ease. Yet they still try to deny those trying to save the day entry to where they need to go.
  • Batman Gambit: Lady Shiva tries one in Chapter 18. At first we’re led to believe she made a heroic sacrifice in Chapter 17, only to find out that after learning Talia was the name of Bialya’s queen actually let herself get captured under the premise her majesty would want to finish her herself. To her credit, she was right - unfortunately she underestimated her enemy’s power level.
  • Big Bad Wannabe: Two prime examples:
    • Going along with the specific Sonic game crossed over with DC here, Eggman reprises his role as the first villain to formally arrive in the story until the real villain shows up in Chapter 3.
    • Lady Mairghread "Mairie" Mcloch in Chapter 6, who spends a good portion of the only chapter she's even in being revealed as an antagonist to Elise, even having one of Elise's ladies-in-waiting tortured just for standing up to her and musing about having her men assassinate lower class citizens. Thanks to Metal Sonic her "screen-time" gets cut rather short.
  • Broken Hero: It is apparent that Barry is not quite the same as he used to be following the events of Apokolips War, as he suffers from clear signs of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder as the memories still persist. Despite this, he still tries to act like his usual self the best he can.
  • Buried Alive: Jessica Cruz attempts to actually bury Lois Lane alive in the Metropolis cemetery, though yes Superman does naturally interrupt the procedure.
  • Canon Discontinuity: The entire fic itself is basically a rejection of the ending to Apokolips War and is itself written as a glorified Take That! against the film, considering it's combining it with one of the most disliked Sonic games and of course Chapter 16 completely undoes the bookend retcon at the end of the film and forces the old universe to continue.
    • In addition, literally any film made after Apokolips War is basically outright ignored in this fic, with any notion that they are the same universe being debunked in-fic during Chapters 17 & 18 which states they function as a separate but derivative universe instead.
  • Challenging the Chief: Barry takes it this way when Sonic mentions being the "Fastest thing Alive".
  • Crossover: The entire premise of the fic itself. Barry Allen finds himself waking up just in time to witness the opening of Sonic 06, and from then on proceeds to get involved in the plot going on around him.
  • Chest Burster: During his fight with the sons of Darkseid, Shadow does this to Grayven using chaos control to teleport inside him and literally tear him up from inside before bursting out.
  • Cosmic Retcon: The one at the end of Apokolips War is ultimately undone with use of another, villain-performed retcon when the old timeline from before Superman invaded Apokolips is restored.
  • Crossover Combo Villain: Let's just say that Mephiles' previously mentioned power boost gets a tad more serious later on. Turns out he (and by extension Iblis) is quite literally Darkseid and Trigon combined into one being. Repeat that: Darkseid and Trigon. As one being.
  • Darker and Edgier: By Sonic standards, certainly. By DCAMU standards, it's about on par with the movies. Things start out relatively light-hearted, until Mephiles shows up in Chapter 3. In Chapter 4 and 5, Barry's PTSD kicks in, resulting in vivid hallucinations. Of charred corpses of his lost loved ones and friends from the previous timeline, as well as the Iblis minion demons as the Paradooms. Chapter 13 meanwhile is basically in it's own league.
  • Deal with the Devil: Mephiles proposes one to Barry in Chapter 3, promising him the chance to go back and interrupt the events of Apokolips War to attempt in undoing the result of the war against Darkseid. Barry actually rejects the initial deal, but then is shown the fate that will befall this timeline, Mephiles having expected his reaction - however he still rejects to go back, instead however agreeing to let Mephiles help him get his powers back so he can "help" save the new timeline. While he's doing this because he doesn't want to intrude on the new lives of those he remembers as his friends, he has no idea who he's talking to at the moment. Mephiles also continuously tries to make one with Shadow, though the latter is not so easily deceived anymore.
  • Death Glare: After Shadow kills Kalibak and Grayven, he and Mephiles exchange these with one another.
  • Disney Villain Death: Averted, as Mephiles is quickly revealed to not be dead after his Palpatinian fall.
  • Electric Torture: In Chapter 4, Mephiles essentially does this to help Barry regain his powers.Rather than use an actual lightning bolt, Mephiles literally just has a chaos emerald shock Barry. Barry would have been left a charred, severely burned corpse if it wasn't for the fact he was a metahuman. Later on in Chapter 13, Mephiles does it to Shadow, Rouge, Omega, Big Barda, Oliver Queen and Jason Todd using his own hands - though thankfully for the anti-heroes they were spared when Raven re-enacts the ending of a certain movie.
  • Emerging from the Shadows: How Mephiles introduces himself to Barry in Chapter 3.
  • Evil Matriarch: Granny Goodness as to be expected of her; also the Queen of Bialya.
  • Fix Fic: Is an interesting example in that the story almost tricks you into thinking this was subverted back in Chapter 3, only for the antagonist to literally force it on all of the heroes in Chapter 16 ( by transporting them all to the part of the movie's timeline right before the invasion of Apokolips happened) whether he intended them to go through with it or not. The fact the story features Jason Todd as the Red Hood and the original Wally West also ignores the Word of God that the Robin identity went directly from Dick to Damian in the DCAMU and the Kid Flash in The Judas Contract was a young Barry.....that is until Chapter 23 reveals them to not actually be Wally and Jason.
    • Chapter 17 itself is a self-contained remake of the bulk of Apokolips War’s plot, except with added furry characters and barely any of the heroes being shown dying.
  • Hallucinations: Barry sees these in Chapter 4, and they reduce him to tears.Specifically, he begins hallucinating that the burned bodies of Crisis City's victims are the bodies of those who died in the Apokolips War timeline. He breaks when two of the hallucinations are of his nephews' corpses. He later sees hallucinations of the paradooms in Chapter 5, and initially runs away from them in fear - until he gets some motivation to do otherwise.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Barda in Chapter 13, though justified when she reveals her reasons behind the decision.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: The Raven of the new timeline qualifies for this. Already fatally wounded before but also electrocuted in the process of throwing Mephiles down, she succumbs to her wounds and melts in Shadow's arms, her action buying them enough time to prepare the scepter for their attempt in sealing him.
  • Hijacked by Ganon: Two examples, both from the first and second half of the story:
    • The first half example: As a result of the first half being a focused adaptation of Sonic 06, it was an inevitable conclusion that Mephiles was going to hijack the villain role from Eggman. He does it in the chapter immediately after Eggman's arrival no matter what site you're reading this on.
    • The second half of the storyline, which is more DC focused, sees Darkseid launch an attempt to hijack the villain role from Mephiles beginning in Chapter 21. We are currently waiting to see how it goes for him.
  • In Spite of a Nail: So the new timeline that was created has different names for it's months & oceans, completely different continent shapes, humans and anthropomorphic animals co-existing, said anthros being (allegedly) native to earth, and neither an Atlantis nor Themyscira (none that Barry could find, anyway). Yet somehow, Barry and Iris still exist, live in a city named "Central City" (albeit a different one), still retain the same jobs they normally do, and still have their immediate families barring the nephews & kids (who are just not born yet). It's even implied that Nora Allen is still dead in the same way she was originally. Seems like Speedsters might just be immune to the butterfly effect.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: Considering the DCAMU timeline from start to finish, Darkseid having created both Doomsday and the Paradooms, and then having the latter slaughter the friends and family of just about every hero; it's quite karmic to have a being that was essentially created to be the sequel to Doomsday literally kill both of his sons. While he (technically) watches.
  • Mind Manipulation: Mephiles seems to have taken several key DC characters from the old timeline and uses them as special soldiers of sorts, them being very effective at mentally effecting those who know them (just ask Barry). This process being referred to as enthrallment, they are left as essentially mindless, grayscale versions of themselves. The first to be freed was Wally West in Chapters 7-8, though he was joined by Oliver Queen in Chapter 11, and finally a certain Red Hood/Jason Todd at the tail end of Chapter 13. Miss Martian (M’gann M’orzz) is freed in Chapter 16.
  • Morton's Fork: It's a bit complicated to explain, but it is revealed within this fic courtesy of Barda that Darkseid was essentially going to invade Earth at one point regardless of whether the heroes attacked first or not - that said, he had made himself appear vulnerable on purpose as a trap (which was successful). However, given that Barda in Chapter 21 spilled the beans about radion it is possible the heroes would have stood a chance had Mephiles & Granny Goodness not intervened.
  • Neck Snap: How Aunt "Mairie" is removed from the mortal coil at the end of Chapter 6.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: Barry's third flashpoint has managed, apparently, to create the Sonic timeline, and - so far at least - outside of himself, Iris and their immediate families, none of the people he recognizes from the DC lineup exist in this new timeline at all. In addition to that, Mephiles reveals that just like the previous two timelines, this one is going to end in complete disaster too. Of course, Mephiles is not at all telling Barry the full truth here.
  • Offscreen Moment of Awesome: As Barry is the initial focus character and doesn't have his powers at first, the first few portions of Sonic, Shadow & Silver's arcs occur entirely "offscreen", and starting from Crisis City onwards Barry is tagging along with Shadow and co. - resulting in Sonic & Silver's arcs remaining mostly offscreen. Though while Sonic gets a recap in Chapter 6 and has 14-15 to himself, Silver only gets the end of his arc really put on display as it’s the focus of Chapter 19.
  • Orifice Invasion: The Changelings, or more likely their queen lay their eggs inside the corpses of their victims in the deep recesses of their hive. That's all that really needs to be said.
  • Pintsized Powerhouse: When you remember that most of the anthropomorphic characters are within the 4 foot range in regards to their height, it certainly is amazing what they can accomplish in comparison to the Justice League of the previous timeline.
    • The biggest example is Shadow, though granted he is the "ultimate lifeform" created using the DNA from an avatar of Mephiles, who is half Darkseid. Shadow is not only capable to take on the members of the female furies with relative ease but also later kills Kalibak & Grayven, sons of Darkseid.
  • Poison Is Evil: In Chapter 8 it's revealed that while Mephiles' method of getting Barry his power's back did work, it left him with a terminal illness that turn his body into a chaos energy generator, eventually overloading it with energy until every last part of it shuts down one by one. Given that Mephiles is the main villain, it's very safe to assume and even assumed by Barry himself that this was done to him intentionally. Chapter 9 also as a result of this is a focused Find the Cure! mission.
  • Scotireland: “Lochland” as it’s called, is mentioned during the Sonic Timeline chapters as the place that Elise’s maternal family comes from. We don’t visit it all but it can be assumed by the name alone that it basically is this trope, as well as by the fact it’s natives seem to all be redheads with a certain accent.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Lois Lane is given one by Jessica Cruz during the confrontation between the two in Chapter 22; she is blamed for her inaction in Apokolips War, sending entire teams of heroes to their deaths during the attacks on the reapers after waiting two entire years without doing much of anything - as well as being blamed (albeit without real justification) for what happened to Oa in the film. She is especially confronted about how her future self could just throw Conner away like that, though present day Lois asserts she views Conner as a family member (at least on Clark's side).
  • Shell-Shocked Veteran: It is apparent in Chapter 4 and especially Chapter 5 that Barry is suffering from some form of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder after the events of Justice League Dark: Apokolips War. Once he's transported to the future, the similarity of the environment to Apokolips gets to him and he begins to hallucinate. at first he hallucinates faceless bodies into being those of his friends and loved ones from the previous timeline, later he begins hallucinating Darkseid and his Paradooms.
  • Shout-Out: Has enough to warrant it's own sub-page.
  • Take That!:
    • The fic itself is a glorified take that to the Apokolips War film itself, drawing connections to it and one of the most poorly received video games within recent memory as well as dedicating one entire chapter to undoing it's ending and another to basically remaking it's entire plot. It's no secret that the author does not think highly of the film nor the films made sense.
    • Lady Mairghread and her cohorts Christina, Ernesto "Ernie" and Matteo "Matt" all take their first names from the writers & producers of Apokolips War. All of them get killed off - in fact, the ways in which they die mirrors ways certain characters in Apokolips War perished.
    • The Paradooms are also not treated with much respect at all, with the threat they served in the movies being thrown out the window the moment it's brought up that as they have kryptonian DNA, they would be weak to Kryptonite. Besides that, they are shown being barely able to take down the large Reach warships and struggling hard against the Changeling swarm. Besides that, even the faceless/nameless narrator describes them as undeserving of existence. Only when Chapter 21 has a segment that focuses on Darkseid are they complimented at all.
  • The Bus Came Back: This fic brings back several characters and concepts who either were left with ambiguous fates or mentioned yet never actually appeared during the course of the DCAMU films.
    • Komand'r, also known as Blackfire, appears in Chapter 13.
    • New Genesis is also mentioned in Chapter 13, the explanation for their absence in the old timeline being that they were at war with the Lantern corps for control over their rings - which allowed Darkseid to run rampant as shown in the movies. This in turn meant that emotions like fear (read: Sinestro) and rage (read: Atrocitus) received major boosts, with the red lanterns having at one point overpowered Metron, willingly giving the mobius chair to Darkseid. Which unintentionally led to a certain event in Apokolips War involving Batman. There is however no news on whether or not they exist or have an equivalent in the new timeline.
    • The Queen of Bialya who appears in Chapter 12 via flashback and in the flesh for 13 is revealed to be a surprise survival of a character from the old timeline. Namely Talia al Ghul. Considering she's queen of the Changelings though, it seems she's changed quite a lot since last we saw her.
  • The Chessmaster: Mephiles. When you consider he’s been likely planning this plot of his for millennia it really puts things into perspective. Mephiles is highly implied, if not stated, to have been secretly there during the films in order to ensure all events led directly towards his ultimate goal. It wasn’t until Barry decided to get involved that he had to break from tradition.
  • The Wrongful Heir to the Throne:
    • Had it not been for Eggman and Metal Sonic, Lady Mairghread would have been this considering she already had the sheer corruption and behind-the-scenes rule down pat, as if already being the regent wasn't enough.
    • How Kalibak and Grayven view Shadow, even though he himself isn't interested in the throne at all. They view him as stealing their rightful place in their father's inner circle and grand plans, generating within them an envious desire to kill him so as to "restore" their positions. This desire of theirs causes both of their downfalls though.
  • Time Travel: Seeing as how the fic is titled "Flashpoint 2" and specifically crossovers with Sonic 06 in particular, time travel is an integral part of the plot here with multiple examples to choose from:
    • The premise itself: Due to Barry's previous escapades involving travelling through time, he somehow created the Sonic "timeline", and is just about as confused about it as half the readers probably are.
    • The villain, Mephiles, can just like in his original appearance travel through time seemingly at will - even calling it more precise and not as "sloppy" as creating a flashpoint, as he can evidently travel through time without completely reshaping the entire universe.
    • Chapters 4,5 and 7 take place 200 years in the future from the present time, while Chapter 10 takes place 10 years in the past; both of these visits happen due to time travel. The travel to the future was involuntarily caused by the villains while the travel to the past was voluntary on part of Shadow & Silver.
    • Whereas Apokolips War ended with current year being 2020, the new timeline's current year is 2006. It is unknown if this is because of the new timeline simply using a different dating system or if Barry really did wake up at a point 14 years too early.
  • Too Dumb to Live: Lady Mairghread and her cohorts, considering they would have caused the end of the world if Elise ever cried - and she came quite close at times, but as if that wasn't bad enough Mairie ultimately cancels her alliance with Eggman just because the latter wanted a refund. She does this while Eggman has her boat surrounded by his armed and armored robots. It does not end well for her.
    • Clark Kent’s decision to invade Apokolips in the first place falls into this when the story shows that it was based on intel given out by Mephilles.
  • Watching the Sunset: Barry and Iris do this at the end of Chapter 1
  • We Hardly Knew Ye: A few noteworthy examples:
    • Lady Mairghread, one chapter one wonder.
    • Kalibak & Grayven, also one chapter wonders.
    • Cyber Doomsday, who dies literally 30 seconds after revealing himself to the heroes.
    • Grail, who appears in Chapter 21 yet dies in Chapter 23 with a total of only 2 major scenes in the entire fic.
  • The Worf Effect: Cyber Doomsday is easily destroyed by Shadow right after making his debut.
  • World of Weirdness: How Barry and the others such as Wally, Oliver and Jason view the new timeline, or at least after seeing the non-human co-inhabitants of earth in it for the first time. Those who are native the new timeline tend to see nothing out of the ordinary though.
  • You Can See That, Right?: Pretty much sums up Barry's reaction to seeing and later interacting with Sonic for the first time.
  • You Have GOT to Be Kidding Me!: Constantine voices what all the heroes who witness Shadow easily annihilating Cyber Doomsday are thinking.
    "You have got to be bloody fucking kidding me."