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Fan Works / Sonic the Hedgehog

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This is an index for Fan Works for the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise.

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The Sonic fangaming community is one of the oldest and most thriving on the web - the fact that the community has a long-running dedicated website (alongside other hangouts like Sonic Retro) and a successful yearly/bi-yearly online expo (the Sonic Amateur Games Expo, or SAGE) is a testament to this. On top of this, fangame creators have gone on to become successful professionals, such as Before The Sequel creator LakeFeperd having gone on to create Spark the Electric Jester, and Freedom Planet initially being a Sonic fan-game itself before transitioning to an original indie game. And to top it all off, Sonic Mania was developed entirely by a team of fan-gaming alumini. Needless to say, the Sonic fan-gaming community is incredibly dedicated, to the point of creating a dedicated guide to perfectly recreating the physics of the Genesis/Mega Drive Sonic games. It's telling when even Sonic Team themselves have been impressed by the community's sheer dedication, to the point of viewing them as competition. This list is only a small taste of the sheer variety present, ranging from older games that play like more simpler platformers, to newer games that implement classic-style physics.

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