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A Film Fic is a Fan Fic which is the plot of a film — usually romantic in nature — adapted to star the characters of another fandom. It sounds like a cheat - and when written badly, it is - but it's surprisingly difficult to remain faithful to both the film and the characters, especially in Slash Fic. Done badly, the plot alters the transplanted character's canon personality, leaving them with nothing more than a passing resemblance to their namesake and the plot being nothing more than Serial Numbers Filed Off. The laziest examples become copyright infringing transcripts of the target movie with the names changed.

The most common victims are Disney movies, although DreamWorks Animation, Pixar and sometimes Studio Ghibli are also popular. Even well-written examples of this genre have the unfortunate risk of being removed from FanFiction.Net for copyright infringement, but other fan fiction sites may still host them.

When done badly, it is sometimes referred to as a 'Rip-Fic', as in ripping off somebody else's plot.

A subtrope of the Fusion Fic and the Whole-Plot Reference. Compare Twice-Told Tale.