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Sonic Time Twisted is a Sonic the Hedgehog PC fan game developed over the course of 12 years in GameMaker Studio by Overbound and finally released in April 2017. Its What If? premise takes place after Sonic 3 and Knuckles, with Dr. Robotnik having been killed after Sonic destroyed his escape mech at the end of that game. Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles begin cleaning up the leftovers of the late doctor's robot armies, but they soon come across Metal Sonic, who wants to employ alien technologies, the Time Stones, and the Chaos Emeralds in a plan to resurrect his master...

Gameplay is based on Sonic CD, with each zone having a Past and a Future version with different gimmicks, enemies, and hazards. Time travel is more practical: you simply run past a time travel sign to warp and you remain on that time zone even in following levels until you hit another sign. Each time zone has a set of 7 Special Stages, which are a mix of the ones from Sonic CD and Knuckles' Chaotix: you race against Metal Sonic to the end of a 3D obstacle course, avoiding enemies and jumping over pits.


You can get the game on the developer's page.

Tropes twisted, or not, in this game include:

  • Anti-Frustration Features:
    • Dying in the first mini boss fight against Metal Sonic doesn't actually cost you any lives.
    • You can retry Special Stages in exchange for lives, which aren't too hard to get. Also, each Special Stage has a 1Up in it, allowing you to retry them over and over as long as you collect the item.
      • Collecting 100 rings in a Special Stage also gets you an extra life.
    • You can cancel Super Sonic at will after transforming, both saving you from running out of rings and allowing you to use the super mode in short bursts to bypass troublesome obstacles. Super Sonic also retains the air action of your current shield.
  • Astral Finale: See Space Zone below.
  • Background Music Override: Averted in the case of Super Sonic, who has no unique theme.
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  • Bloody Hilarious: The fate of the True Final Boss. After ramming on Galacnik's face a few times, IT GETS RIPPED OFF, with actual display of gore. Super Sonic then goes and bursts through him, tearing him to bloody pieces. And yet... his mustache stays attached to his desembodied nose. All of this happens in the blink of an eye and is followed by Sonic calmly flying alongside his friends back on Mobius as cheerful music plays.
  • Bonus Stage: The Special Stages for this game, as mentioned above, are 3D races against Metal Sonic. While staying ahead of him, you can also collect shields and an extra life. Watch out for pits and enemies — a single hit is pretty much all you can take before you're unable to catch back up with Metal.
  • Bonus Stage Collectables: Both the Time Stones and the Chaos Emeralds are present here, making for a total of 14 special stages. The Chaos Emeralds unlock Super Sonic, but the Time Stones are worthless on their own. You must collect all of them to fight the True Final Boss and reach the good ending.
  • Bookends: Sonic CD began with Palmtree Panic. The final level in this Sonic CD-inspired fan game is Planetary Panic.
  • Bottomless Pits:
    • Rather rare in normal gameplay, just like in Sonic CD, since you're expected to look up, down, and all around in search of goods.
    • Special Stages, however, take place in a track floating over a void.
  • Call-Back: In an early cutscene, Tails asks Sonic about what happened to Dr. Robotnik. Sonic's explanation shows the aftermath of Sonic 3 and Knuckles, with Robotnik apparently being unable to survive in space like Sonic does. The scene also shows the Chaos Emeralds scattering away from Sonic, justifying the Bag of Spilling.
  • Came Back Strong: Metal Sonic eventually gets his wish, and as a bonus the revived Robotnik inexplicably turns into the towering Galacnik.
  • The Cameo: Amy briefly appears after the true ending, watching Sonic and co. fixing the Little Planet.
  • Colony Drop: At the end of Sunken Saucer Zone, the spaceship crashes on Little Planet and splits it apart, setting the stage for the final level.
  • Darker and Edgier: The game is for the most part your usual colorful and light-hearted Sonic adventure, but there's some serious Mood Whiplash at times. To begin with, the plot involves the death of Dr. Robotnik. At the end, he's revived as a gigantic Galactus-esque version of his western design, scary evil eyes and all, and is eventually killed off for good by Super Sonic during the real ending. This is actually depicted in gory detail.
  • Dragon Their Feet: Dr. Robotnik might be dead, but not for long if Metal Sonic, who was absent from the incident on Angel Island, gets any say in that.
  • Foreshadowing: Throughout the game, there are a few hints, such as the appearance of characters from Sonic the Comic and Knuckles' cowboy hat, that this is based on the western Sonic continuity. Comes full circle once Metal Sonic succeeds in reviving his master, where he changes from his in-game Japanese-based "Eggman" design to the Western-based "Robotnik" redesign (in Galactus' body, no less).
  • Gag Nose: Galacnik's weak point is his huge purple nose. After the guy is torn to pieces, the scene is made Bloody Hilarious by the sight of his nose still drifting around in space.
  • Golden Super Mode: Super forms become available once you collect all Chaos Emeralds, and there's a secret final boss for them, too.
  • Green Hill Zone: Viridian Valley Zone looks like the usual Sonic grass level, but is the fourth stage in the game.
  • Guide Dang It!: The Special Stages are, like in Sonic 3 and Knuckles, accessed through hidden giant rings. The latter zones are increasingly large and genuinely maze-like, making finding all 14 special stages in your first attempt a very difficult task. It's worth remembering a hint from the developers: the big rings are always hidden close to where the time warps take you.
  • Hijacked by Ganon: Metal Sonic spends the game as the main antagonist, working towards reviving Dr. Robotnik. But after he does that, you find him all beaten up and missing a leg, pitifully begging you to not harm his creator. It is then that Robotnik, or rather, Galactic Robotnik, rises onto the screen as the final boss, shoving Metal out of the way.
  • Insistent Terminology: You might notice Dr. Robotnik isn't ever called by name in-game or in promotional material. This serves to make the connections to the western Sonic canon more surprising when they come up.
  • Invulnerable Attack: Sonic has the Insta-Shield as his default air action. It grants a little extra range and, if timed right, can phase through hazardous things like bullets and spiked enemies.
  • Killed Off for Real:
    • Can you believe Dr. Robotnik is freaking dead? According to Sonic, the cold vacuum of space shattered him to little pieces. note  He gets better thanks to Metal Sonic, but Sonic then kills him dead at the real ending.
    • Metal Sonic appears to break down for good after the true ending. note 
  • Last Note Nightmare: The credits theme fades to a eerie clock ticking if you got the bad ending. On the good ending, a more triumphant melody replaces it.
  • Levels Take Flight: Drifting Dynamo Zone is named for the airship that takes up part of act 1 and all of act 2 in the future. Subverted in that in the past, it's still under construction, and is relegated to the background as you play entirely in the surrounding desert.
  • Multiple Endings:
    • Bad ending: Galacnik keeps the ruined Little Planet in his grasp.
    • Good ending: Galacnik and Metal Sonic are flipping dead and Sonic fixes Little Planet with the power of the Time Stones before resuming his quest to rid Mobius of all robots.
  • Musical Nod: Raging Ruins Future theme contains a segment of the 8-bit Sonic the Hedgehog's Scrap Brain Zone theme.
    • The Special Stage Past theme is a remix of both the Japanese/European and American themes of Sonic the Hedgehog CD's Special Stages. Appropriate, seeing that you're finding the Sonic CD-exclusive Time Stones in these Special Stages.
  • No Fair Cheating: Clearing a special stage removes the big ring you used from that save file, so no playing the first stage over and over to get all 14 MacGuffins.
  • No-Nonsense Nemesis: We all know Sonic isn't above destroying Dr. Robotnik's escape pods and abandoning him to a grim fate, but the evil scientist always turns out alive later and everthing's all cartoonish enough for viewers to make light of it. Here, though? At the end of this story, Sonic flat-out kills the giantfied Robotnik and tears him to pieces.
  • Pinball Zone: Attraction Attack Zone, which is the first stage in the game. It has flippers, bumpers, and slot machines.
  • Recurring Boss: Metal Sonic is fought a few times throughout the game and is your rival for the Special Stages.
  • Single-Use Shield: The three shields from Sonic 3 are joined by an extra three exclusive to this game. Each one enables a different air action for Sonic.
    • Lightning: Immunity to electricity, Double Jump for Sonic.
    • Fire: Immunity to fire, air dash for Sonic.
    • Bubble: Infinite air while underwater, Ground Pound for Sonic.
    • Wind: Allows Sonic to fly around for a while. Very useful.
    • Ice: Sonic can perform a wider Insta-Shield that freezes badniks.
    • Rock: Grants immunity to spikes... for some reason? Sonic can throw up to two rocks at once that bounce on the ground. They regenerate after a while and, if he or the other two characters take damage, pop out as if you had thrown them.
  • Space Zone:
    • Downplayed with Planetary Panic Zone. You're on the Little Planet, but it's breaking apart into asteroid-like pieces after being crashed into by the Sunken Saucer.
    • Played straight with the extra level, Galacnik Gauntlet Zone.
  • True Final Boss: The aforementioned Galacnik Gauntlet Zone, which is unlocked after collecting all the Chaos Emeralds and Time Stones. It plays much like The Doomsday Zone, with you flying as Super Sonic and bashing the boss while avoiding asteroids and projectiles. Problem is, you actually take damage from the projectiles. Watch out for a glimpse of the next wave of rings and bullets everytime you slam the boss.


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