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Fanfic / Strawberry Meets Sonic The Hedgehog

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Strawberry meets Sonic the Hedgehog is a crossover fanfiction between Sonic the Hedgehog, Strawberry Shortcake and TRON: Legacy (the latter being introduced in the fourth chapter).

The story follows the adventures of three Mobian brothers, Sonic, Shadow and Silver in a place called Berry Bitty City, which the evil Dr. Eggman tries to conquer. When Sonic's new friend, Strawberry, manages to repair a weapon once used by Sonic's father, James the Hedgehog, everything changes. The Hedgehog borthers and their new friends gain access to a digital world called "the Grid". More threats to show up and a new quest is set: to find James and, later, to ensure the safety of both the Grid and the Earth.

Tropes found in the story

  • Alternate Universe: Amy isn't in love with Sonic, Strawberryland is a country and Berry Bitty City is located in it, Rinzler is Tron's reprogrammed copy, not Tron himself, and many other small details.
  • Disappeared Dad: The chapter "From father to son" presents the backstory of James' disappearance. Later in the same chapter, the main characters accidentally travel to the Grid and hope that they'll run into James. They also learn of his possible location from two of his friends who are also looking for him. Later, in the chapter Collision of worlds, James shows up and explains exactly why he had disappeared.
  • What the Fu Are You Doing?: In Tron's words, Huck is no fighter, he's just a poser. In the second part of Collision of worlds, Huck attempts to prove that he's no joke, but he ends up taking part in the most comical fight scene in the story, getting comically beaten by Sonic, Shadow and then Silver. Senya dubs this fight "The Loser trilogy".