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Legacy of Blaze is a Sonic the Hedgehog fan-Sprite Comic by Some New Guy.

Taking place two years after the events of Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), the story centers on Blaze the Cat, now with the spirit of destruction, Iblis, sealed within her. The story opens with Blaze (and Iblis) stuck in the alternate dimension she sealed herself in at the end of Silver's story in 2006, but after a chain of events involving Eggman, Metal Sonic, Tikal and Chaos Control, she is back on Earth, only, thanks to the Reset Button Ending of 2006, her time of 2206 no longer exists, so she's essentially a fish out of temporal water. However, her return has not gone unnoticed, as several dark factions have decided they could use the power of Iblis for themselves...


The comic is hosted on The Duck and Smackjeeves. Find it here and here!

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